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  1. I am shopping around for wedding packages for a Riviera Maya resort, so I thought I would put this out here in case anyone knows of something that fits what I am looking for so I can shorten my search. Our main request is that a ceremony on the beach with sparkling wine for toasting after. We are not picky about having our reception at the restaurant or on the beach, or if we get a cocktail hour since we thought we could just go to one of the bars. We have kids travelling with us so resort must be kid friendly. I am making and bringing my own centerpieces. Our budget is around $2000 CA
  2. HI Danielle, I know Iberostar Paraiso Maya, Barceló Maya, Bluebay Grand Esmeralda and Ocean Coral & Turquesa all offer beach receptions depending on what package you get.
  3. I am trying to get more recent information on this resort. I am planning my wedding for either May or June 2018 at BBGE, any 2017 or 2018 brides here? Or anyone with more recent information? Thanks ladies!
  4. HI there, First thing to do is get package quotes from different resorts. After you review them see what are your must haves and compare between all of them. I made a spreadsheet with this and filled it out with the various packages and the prices. Make sure to pay attention to the amount of people included in the package and the extra person fee if you go over that amount. Also, make sure to ask about hidden costs, such as outside vendor fees (if you don't use the resort DJ or photographer for example). Another big thing to watch out for is décor, most packages include only white linens
  5. HI there, Great job on asking questions!!! I too find it a bit disgusting how some resorts charge for every little thing. I ended up making a spreadsheet of my must haves and started filling it out with the various packages I obtained from different resorts. I ended up deciding on Bluebay Grand Esmeralda because their package includes everything in my must haves and their outside vendor fee is only $200, which was a requirement for me since we would like to hire an outside photographer.
  6. HI foreveryoung, Congratulations on your engagement!! The main things to ask is for hidden fees. A lot of the packages charge extra if you don't use their suggested vendors. For example if you want to bring your own photographer or DJ or make up artist they will charge you a fee (can range from $200 and up). Also, with décor items, ask what is included in the package and how much it is for extras. Usually coloured chair sashes are additional cost as well as flower decorations. Make sure you read your package inclusions well including all the fine print before you agree to sign
  7. Hi anikakoko, Congrats on your engagement!!! I have travelled to Mexico a few times and am currently planning my second wedding there. I don't know the answer to all your questions but I will do my best with what I know: 1. If cost is too much for private transport and you decide to go with cabs then yes it's safe to use cabs there. Go with the hotel ones since they are for sure licensed and safe. You can ask your coordinator/ hotel staff to get you a quote or contact info for the cab company so you can compare with private transport. 3. There is a walmart but sometimes they don't
  8. Hey ladies, So I really need some advice. I was here a couple years ago planning my wedding for November 2014. Sadly things went sour and our marriage ended a few months later. The wedding itself was my dream wedding but my partner and I had been going through a lot of issues that we attributed to being nervous for the wedding and neither one was able to bring them up beforehand. I guess part of it was that we felt like it was too late to back out considering so many people had already paid for their trips. We tried counselling for a couple months and it didn't work out. We were able to re
  9. I got free flight upgrades for groom/bride and also every 11th person was free to a maximum of 3. With the number of guests that we have it wouldn't have made a big difference if we tried to put it towards our guests so we decided to use it towards a second week in Mexico. I loved the fact that I had different options as to what to do with my credit. I used Brandy MacDonald from Uniglobe GeoTravel in Edmonton. She has been great, answers all my questions promptly and has gone above and beyond to ensure I am happy. Our flights are direct Edmonton to Cancun and she has even booked a
  10. I never thought of getting cups sewn in!! That's a great idea!!! Thanks!! & yes I guess sunblock will be my best friend. I tan really easily though so it may be a big challenge
  11. I had the straps adjusted to make them a bit longer, had the top of my bum adjusted so it closes better (dress is backless) & she is adding a strap to hold the train. Cost is $85 for all this.
  12. Hi there, I went to Maggie's Tailor on the south side. It is a very small place but I had great recommendations from a friend that has been using her since elementary. She is currently working on my wedding dress and she is very honest and offers creative solutions to any issues. Here is the link: http://www.tailoringedmonton.ca/
  13. I finally decided on my wedding dress and it is a beautiful backless mermaid dress. It took me forever to decide on my dress and when I tried this on I just absolutely loved it! Probelm is I did not think about the bra part and when I tried on the dress I wore a regular bra. I am on the smaller chested side and after 1 kid I WILL NEED some sort of push up. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what to wear? My friend suggested the stick on bras but I am not sure if those have push up. Second problem, we arrive to Mexico on a Sunday and wedding is on Thursday. It never occurred to
  14. I would be careful if you are buying them outside the resort, make sure you double check that there are no penalties. I get charged a $300 penalty from my resort if I decide to use an outside flower shop. So I am basically forced to order from their ridiculously expensive flowers. Just something to keep in mind
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