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  1. Can anyone offer any input on the dj from the hotel? We are not sure what to do about our music and whether we should: a) use the dj from the resort b ) hire an outside dj (and if so, does anyone have any recommendations of soemone they have used?) c) just plug an ipod into the sound system we are renting from the Now Amber Any advice would be greatly appreciated from brides or guests who have been to the Now Amber!
  2. So my finace and I were looking at the wedding contract sent to us by Fatima, and noticed on page 2, Event: Cocktail and Reception they put in a time from 5-8......what? That doesn't make sense ot me, because we were planning to have our reception go until 11pm. Then my fiance sugegsted that maybe the hotel was going to require us to pay extra for every hour after 8pm. Can anyone shed any light on this - are you only able to book a 3 hour cocktail/reception, and then you would have to pay extra? That seems ridiculous to me, but at the same time I'm starting to get used to all the hidden costs, and I'm wondering if this is in fact an extra cost that wasn't brought up previously.
  3. Would anybody be willing to share pics/ideas of head table decor? I've been googling for ideas, but am having trouble finding any good ideas, so any help would be appreciated
  4. I wouldn't- there would be too much variability in colour, and as a result it might not look very good in pics
  5. I went in without one, just looked at the cheapest dresses I could find at the shops that I liked, but then realized it was worth spending some money for a nice dress Lol, especially after my FMIL told me to stop being so cheap!
  6. Won't it get dirty if it's down during the ceremony (i.e. sand, gazebo, wood, etc)?
  7. never heard of this and I have been looking up a decent amount of wedding stuff on pinterest
  8. wow, I never thought about the possibility of them just renting for the DW - I am going to run this by my FI
  9. Dress - I was so excited and it was actually pretty easy to find
  10. I was wondering about this too - thanks for sharing everyone!
  11. ooh, good point, I never thought about the tan lines issue - I will have to consider this for when I'm packing
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