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  1. I wore this incredible dress to my destination wedding this October. I have sent it in for an extensive cleaning (worth $250) so the dress is in perfect condition. It has been altered slightly (shortened) I am 5'7 and honestly I could have used for it to be shortened even more...I did not want to lose any of the train. it also has a French Bustle (which you can decide to use or not) added from Anna's Alterations (adding $75 in value) It was purchased at Anjolique Bridal (Charlotte-Huntersville) and retails for over $1300. It is V-neckline, sheath, 2 piece gown with charmeuse satin lining and lace applique overlay. Lace overlay is adorned with embroidery and crystals. I chose the ivory lace with the cafe satin lining. Label Size: 6 Bust: 36 Hips: 38 Label Size: 6 Waist: 25 Height w/shoes approx: 64 inches Photos with blocked out faces are the dress listed/ I've also included the manufacturer photo as well (1) .Paypal only. Email Sehausle@@gmail.com or P M me. PAYPAL only.
  2. Here is what we did : 10 AM - Breakfast with my family & the girls 11:30- Hair & Makeup ( I was VERY happy I booked early my hair was very detailed and took over 2 hours to do). 2:30- Family & ladies come to my hotel suite 3:00 Everyone minus brides parents left to do a photo shoot of bride & brides parents 3:45 Small Groom shoot at chapel 4pm ceremony 4:30 Photos at chapel 4:30-5:15 Couple Photos at beach 5:30 Group Photos at cocktail hour 6-9pm : Reception (the resort photographer did not go with us here). I was married in October was very happy I did not choose to get married on the beach or at the pool because they weren't private at all.... We had a party of 21 and did not hire a DJ however we hired an outside guitarist for the ceremony, the resort mariachi for our cocktail party, we used an ipod for our reception (we rented out the wine cellar -we paid for this), then they had a fire show and live music that night so it worked out perfectly. I thought all of the music I heard on the resort was very good - I wish I had splurged a little bit and just went with the musicians at the resort as it was hard to find anyone on my own.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by rootkl So it looks like we are going to have around 43/44 people which is very frustrating b/c I know the tables seat 10. Did anyone try to squeeze extra chairs at the tables or just had 8-9 people at each table in this type of situation? Also, do they provide a sweetheart table/guest book table etc? We had one big table so I can't help you with the seating...but they really packed us in. I'd talk to the wedding planner if you want a certain number of people at each table. They provided a guest book/favor/cake table and I assume they would provide a sweetheart table if you wanted that as well. They did not charge us extra for the side table.
  4. I started my review (part 1)...here is a link to my post http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-tulum-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/7770
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by NJBride2014 I really love this style....can't wait to start trying on dresses. I tried this one- ultimately I went with a different very similar allure 8800 but this one is simply beautiful I LOVE the train on it. You will look lovely I am sure : )
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by hezmshaw Good morning brides Sehausle - have an amazing wedding Can't wait to see your pictures and hear your review, I hope it all goes very smoothly and you have a great time! For those that are already married - did they let you do a "signature drink"? How long did it take for your makeup and hair to get done at the salon? I'm working on the "day of" schedule, I've alloted 2 hours, that should be good right? It's just me. Thank you! I've booked my apt. for 11:30 ..4pm reception.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by amanda2 What is a good makeup setting spray? Any recommendations? I have tried the Urban Decay up all night spray and I hated it- made my face look oily for some reason. I really want to wear my hair down and curled (it is very long).... would this look hold up in the humidity though? Suggestions? I just went to Ulta and I told the lady someone said the Urban Decay makes them look oily and she recommended the anti- oil slick version. Also, she said in a pinch some cheap White Rain Hair spray does wonders (she was a Makeup artist who works on brides quite a bit).
  8. Need advice about my biggest pet peeve: Two weeks before my big day one of my guests made a comment insinuating there was a possibility of her getting engaged during her stay at our destination wedding. While our wedding is not until Saturday, she is arriving Tuesday with her boyfriend, 2 days before most everyone else (including us) arrive. We have a small party of 21 including us and the majority know this guest so I know everyone would be at the very least congratulating her and what not. Am I a complete jerk that I don't want to share this trip with her? I am trying not to be bridezillaish but I was hurt when she threw how much she spent in my face and said that if she wanted to get engaged on her vacation that was up to her. Do you think I am in the wrong when I feel that this is just inappropriate?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by brownsugarbride Ditto---this really does sound absolutely wonderful! If you are going to Florence, I have a great wine and bike tour that I would highly recommend---and I don't even drink! I would love to hear your tips for an at-home reception. I am trying to cut down on costs and would really like to keep my budget fairly modest like the one you list above. What is the name of the tour? We are going to Spain, France, and Italy for our honeymoon and will be spending some time in Florence as well. Any restaurant reccomendations are appreciated too (I am a foodie). Thanks!
  10. I ended up printing my own on cardstock (got it for free from my dad as he works for a printing company). I made my own template with powerpoint and it was pretty easy to get the right size (just did a few practice runs first). Here are mine!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MariaMiyuki What a great welcome bag, so cute! Do you know for sure if we allowed to bring all of that past customs? I read this and got nervous about bringing snacks and things like advil for guests: http://www.cancun-airport.com/customs.htm The only real "snacks" are things like powdered ice tea packets & the gum which are both in packaging. I believe as long as it's in the original packaging (which it is) and it's not worth much in terms of value (they don't want you bringing in high retail value things if they think you're going to sell it) then I think I should be fine. I have brought medication in last time and I was fine. I am checking all of this with my bags not my carry-on. It also clearly states wedding survival kit and lots of other brides have brought similar things in - so I really don't forsee any problems. I will let you know though if I do- wow we leave next wed! Crazy!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennkn87 For the girls going the route of no wedding party- Have you thought about things like speeches? Will you still have anyone speak at your dinner? Who will bring the rings? I am still undecided if I want our family (brothers and sisters) to stand up or not. I want to save them money as well...so I'm thinking I wold purchase the attire for them since they are already paying for the trip. Any suggestions on this? I sort of just want to say oh well and just the two of us stand up front, no speeches, totally untraditional, which is fine by me!! My mom is standing up with me so she will carry my bouqet during the ceremony and my fiances dad is standing with him so he will carry the rings. As far as speeches, we asked our dads to give a speech at our cocktail hour during the champagne toast. Whoever else wants to say a few words can during our reception because it's one long table (we have a smaller group of 21) so it will be quite intimate. We wrote our parents really nice personal hand-written letters and bought them each a little thank you (for one we took them to a nice brunch and to an event in our home-town Charlotte for the other we are taking them on an Tulum Ruins excursion while we are in Mexico). The only other gifts were for the grooms sister who hosted our legal magistrate ceremony ( we bought her a $100 visa giftcard) and my friend who hosted my bachelorette (I bought her a $50 bottle of very nice wine). We ended up saving from not doing a traditional bridal party (though that is not the reason I decided not to have one). In the end we will have everything special we could want without spending an arm and a leg!
  13. I wore these beauties for my Ahr , I'm also selling them if anyone is interested size 8.5 $25 originally $75
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