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  1. I have extra bags too. I will sell for $1 each plus shipping. Heres what i have left please private message me if you are interested. 2 red 7 pink 13 yellow 12 green Alyson
  2. I have a ton of information since my wedding is there in just under 3 weeks. If you private message me your email address i will forward you some attachments with prices.
  3. Not sure if these are available to be shipped to Canada, but here is where im going to order from. http://www.shadesoffun.com/01/001.html I think they are the best deal i could find. Hope that helps.
  4. I think i got mine in March this year. I would say try and wait cause the bags are great, but have a backup plan, like maybe oriental trading. Their shipping was pretty fast.
  5. Im not doing an at home reception so i cant respond about that. But on the room situation we also were kinda annoyed they would only do 20 junior suites for room block but in the end we had a lot of people book ocean view suites, they were acutually getting booked faster than the junior suites.
  6. Are there still some left? I would be interested in 50. Let me know when you get a chance.
  7. Hi Kim, It is definitely not a fun process so i understand your frustration. I did a group contract for everyone i invited. I tried to estimate at most how many rooms i would need and signed for that amount. In our contract we had several deadlines for times and penalties for releasing rooms. I basically told all my guests they had to book by our first deadline which allowed us to release any number of rooms for no penalty. I think it was around 120 days out. At that point i released all rooms that werent booked. Hope that helps.
  8. So i just found out that hydrangeas are not in season in cancun area in December. I totally had envisioned nothing but hydrangeas so im a little bummed. Now i need to come up with a new plan. I like very simple/claasic looks and im pretty sure we want to do all white centerpieces. Anyone have any ideas for a hydrangea substitute. Any help would be awesome!
  9. I am pretty sure they offer fitness classes in the spa area. Also the spa is absolutely AMAZING! One of the best massages I have ever had. Any spa treatment you get comes with a special water treatment called aqua viva which was very fun and cool. Its an hour treatment you do before your massage or facial or whatever you are doing and they take you throguh this very cool water circuit with whirpools/showers/steams/etc. i dont think my explanation is doing it justice but i thought it was great. You can also do this aqua viva as a stand alone therapy for i think a very reasonable price, although i cant remember what it was. They also have a discount on spa treatments if you book before you arrive as well as daily discount for specific therapies once you are down there. I highly recommend the spa.
  10. Congratulations! Im getting married there december 8th so not that far away from you. I have been to the hotel and you will not be dissapointed. Plus all the brides who have gotten married there already rave about it. Looks like you made a fabulous choice!
  11. So glad to hear it was all amazing! When you get pictures will you please share. Also did you do the rehearsal dinner as the beach bonfire, and if so how was it? What food choices did you go with and were you happy with thise choices? Congratulations!!!
  12. This may be a stupid question, but how do you make the survival kit/oh shit kit topers? I know there are lots of templates out there but im curious how you actually create them, how and on what you print them on, and how you attach them and what you attach them to? Any guidance would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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