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  1. Initially I was planning on either making the bridesmaid's bouquets (since mine was included) or buying them from an outside vendor when we were down there. In the end, we just had too much to do and didn't want to spend any of our precious vacation time running around looking at flowers so we just got them thru the Riu. We were very happy with all the flowers and the prices weren't too bad. We got the middle package too and were happy with that.They decorated the gazebo for us as that was included in the package. To tell you the truth, I didn't really notice that until I looked at the pics though b/c there's just so much else going thru your head the day of.
  2. Yeah, we were in the same boat. We booked our trip to the Riu Palace Rivieria Maya through a TA with Sunquest as a group about 7 months before our departure date. About a month before leaving we found our exact trip online for about $400/person cheaper than we had paid. With the help of some angry guests, our TA finally ended up getting us the same rate through Sunquest. But it wasn't an easy battle!
  3. We all just walked right past the time share people too. Just walk with a purpose and talk to each other and it's fine. Also, as a side note my FI got the dreaded red light and it was fine. I had images of them tearing the luggage apart and having to repack in the middle of the Cancun airport. All they did was open up the suitcases and poke through a bit. It was absolutely nothing to stress about.
  4. Thanks ladies! I got them done yesterday. Oh I had forgotten how much I love gels. My MOH is bringing nail glue and I figure if one breaks I could just go to the salon in Mexico to fix it. Well I'm off! Talk to you all when I get back!!!!
  5. Thanks Paula - the top one was a link to the posts I'd seen before. I think my seamstress told me to fold it inside out now that I think about it.
  6. Well it's been a while since I've had them, but I recall them looking decent for a couple weeks. It'll be six days from the time I get them done to my wedding too and I've been assured by several friends that have gels that they'll still look great. I can always let you know how it worked out when I get back if that helps.
  7. Yeah I can see how buying 8 BM dresses would be a lot! For me it was only 2, and they weren't too pricey. I picked the designer (so the pink accents on their dress would match the pink on my dress) and then they picked whatever dresses they wanted. I like that they're in different dresses b/c now I know they really do love them. Plus, being more casual dresses I think they'll wear them again.
  8. I knew what was going on for my shower so that may have helped. My shower wasn't a surprise. My bachelorette was though and for that they wouldn't let me do or know anything. I'd just ask them and then you should be able to feel out whether or not you can provide the favour.
  9. I didn't do that, and I've never been to a shower where there were any so I don't think any one expects it. I did however make some extra wedding favors that I'm going to give to some people who couldn't afford to attend our wedding. I'm just going to give them the favor when we get back with a thank you card for their gift.
  10. I really strugged with this too b/c he's also one of those guys who just buys something when he wants it. The only thing he really wants but doesn't have is a big fancy T.V. which I can't afford right now. I didn't really think BD pics were me (maybe b/c I didn't lose those last 5 pounds, I don't know) so I decided to go with tickets to see his favorite football team.
  11. Yeah, I had the same issue with my shower. My MOH is a super organized planner. I wanted guests to fill out guest book pages that I made but was scared that might be stepping on her toes since she planned the event. I just talked to her about it. She was very cool with it, loved the pages and actually took charge of it in that she got the guests to fill them all out. So my suggestion is to just bring this up with your MOH or BMs and I'm sure it won't be a problem. By the way - very cute idea!
  12. Thanks Annie! And I am keeping my dress with me at all times too. Sorry, I should've clarified when I said suitcase that I mean one of those rolly carry-on suitcases that will never leave my side. There's no way I'm risking losing the dress!
  13. I agree you don't need one. Personally I love flowers and can't imagine getting married without one. But that's just me. If flowers aren't you then I say dont' worry about it. That being said, I'd have the same concerns as others - if I didn't carry a bouquet I don't know what I'd do with my hands. However, if both your parents are walking you down the aisle then I guess it's not a concern. I also love flowers for the pictures. Just things to think about. I think you'll be happy as long as you do whatever feels right for you.
  14. I remember some time ago seeing someone posting the proper way to pack your wedding gown if you are going to put it in a travel suitcase rather than carry it in the garment bag. I seem to recall it saying you put the dress inside out, but I can't remember much more. Can anyone provide any help? Also, do any past brides have any recommendations/thoughts on carrying the dress in a garment bag versus a carry on? I'm still undecided (even though we leave in 2 days)
  15. the image of bags tied around my hands just made me spit water out. good thing nobody is around my office right now. they must wonder what i laugh about all by myself in here...
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