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  1. Hi Jaya I am so sorry to hear about your disappointment with Tai Flora! That is a lot of money you spent on flowers! If i spent that much, i would be fuming if they cheaped out and gave me less than what we agreed on. Can you please please please post pictures of what they did provide? I am so curious to see what $10,000 buys you for flowers.
  2. personally i think 5 hours would be enough time, but this is coming from someone who is debating 3 hours vs 5 hours. I have seen their pics, and now i have to decide do i want just michael or olive for 3 hours, or should i get both associates for 5 hours? I would love to hear some reviews and/or see new pics of someone who has used the associates!
  3. I hope someone replies regarding their associates. Michael and Olive are currently available for my wedding, but the prices for their associates are closer to my budget. I have found most destination wedding photographers to be pricey.
  4. What did i say my budget was again?? Well, i ended up buying 2 dresses! Lordy, i first bought/put a 50% deposit on Mikaella 1661 (should be in by October), before alterations it is just under $1700 and it needs alterations. Then today i bought a sample Claire Pettibone Dew Drop. It is a sample size 8, fits me perfectly. It is practically brand new, i was told it was barely tried on, and i know why, it is an ombre pink fading to ivory, and i think most people dont want a wedding dress that colour. It is stunning on. I paid $1500 with tax and it doesnt need alterations and the regular price was $4079 plus tax. Now i don't know if i should write off the deposit i made on the Mikaella (just over $800) and wear the dew drop for wedding and reception, or complete the mikaella purchase and alterations for the wedding, and then change into dew drop for reception? It is going to be a small wedding, probably only 20 people. I actually like dew drop more than mikaella 1661, but dew drop isn't very "bridal". Advice please.
  5. Thank you everyone! Your responses have all been so helpful. I can't wait to get my foot in the door of a bridal shop.
  6. Sounds like many people got good deals and went under what they were planning to spend. I hope to be so lucky, but i am terrible at negotiating. I am going to be on the lookout for sample sales. Is it okay if i try on a dress and it fits me well to offer to buy the one off the rack as a sample, or is that not proper etiquette?
  7. Seriously, what exactly is a sample? I haven't actually went into any bridal stores yet. I keep reading about "sample sales" but what is it, how do you find out about it, and do samples come in all different sizes? I am guessing that samples are dresses they have in store that people have tried on and they want to sell them off? once you pick your dress (not during a sample sale), do they sell you the one you tried on (if it fit) or do they special order it for you and then do alterations if necessary?
  8. I have found a dress that i am in love with, Neiman Marcus has it for $1295, but i am waiting to hear from a local store that carries it. I dont know if i want to spend up to $1500 canadian on a dress when it is going to be a very small wedding and i will only wear it for a few hours..... I think the deciding factor will be if it makes me cry when i try it on and the reaction from my family when i try it on. btw, it's theia white 881018.
  9. Hello ladies What is the most you will spend on a dress for your destination wedding? If you have already bought it, what was your budget? I want to spend a little but still get a nice dress. By little i mean under $1000. sorry if there is a thread about this already, if so please let me know.
  10. Amazing! You look beautiful. I hope to have your luck getting my dream dress.
  11. Hi ladies, silly question but how did you book your wedding date and time? I am getting quotes from my agent for Feb 27, but how do i know they will be available for a wedding during my stay and preferred date? I sent an email to the address listed on Playacar Palaces website 3 days ago and have not heard back. Is this something my agent arranges or something i need to continue waiting for? If it's something i need to do, can someone share the email of someone who responds? Or am i being impatient? I just want to book the resort already.
  12. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and want to thank everyone for their posts, they have been so helpful! We are planning to get have a symbolic ceremony in March 2013 at Playacar Palace, and we will get legally married quietly at home beforehand. I hope this doesn't take away from the ceremony in mexico. It's just so much easier to do the legal stuff here and not need the waiting period and bloodwork and translations. I look forward to spending time on this forum.
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