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  1. Size 8, Browns Mariola shoes in Ivory I got married in Jamaica and my feet had swollen up from the heat that I never even wore them! I have the non-slip things (from Aldo) attached underneath as well... They are comfortable shoes, I hate heels and they are actually not so bad! Paid $150, asking $100 or best offer Customer pays for shipping costs
  2. ~Floor length, rhinestone all along the edging veil~ Ivory color, comb clip Looks amazing for destination wedding photos blowing in the wind! Customer pays shipping costs. I am in Markham, Ontario.
  3. Pronovias Fauna with belt - Size 10 (altered) The belt alone was over $200 US Built in corset and bra/cups. I am apporx. 140 and 5'5. The fit on this dress is spectacular! It is a one shoulder, I had the seamstress put fabric underneath the strap so that it is not itchy. It is a flattering mermaid style as it hits just beneath the hips, so it gives you the look but is very comfortable to walk in. I got it professionally cleaned and steamed. For those in Ontario Canada, I am in the Markham area.
  4. Anyone know of any good ministers in Ocho Rios/ St. Ann area? Better yet, would anyone know of any Orthodox ministers?
  5. HI Lisa, The best thing you can do if you find this overwhelming is to hire a wedding planner to help you with this... I had booked at Gran Bahia but we changed it to Beaches ( a Sandals resort) because GB took about a month to get back through emails to confirm us...apparently they are understaffed and this caused the delay (no excuse!) My friend is a wedding planner so shes helping me with this, she had to call Air Canada Vacations to inform them that the resort is not responding to any of our emails as well as voice mail messages. They had to call the manager of the resort and told them they NEED to respond asap. Don't want to scare you, but we switched and it was a few hundred dollars more but we get quick responses back and Sandals gives you an online tool that you can customize your wedding and it gives you the cost. I'm not saying don't go to GBP but just expect delays in their communication and if you feel overwhelmed hire someone to help you, it is well worth it.
  6. Hi, Has anyone used Michael Saab photography? If so, how was your experience and pictures? I realllllly like his style of photography. Thanks
  7. Hi, I wanted to ask you ladies where the best place to get pictures developed after the wedding? In New York or Toronto:) I love the coffee table book that has the magazine style glossy pages, but I wouldn't know where to take them to get them developed professionally. Thanks, M
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Maria. I am getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe in JA on Aug 28/2012. We're having approx. 18 people coming to the wedding. I'm trying to figure out if we should rent out the pisces (if its worth it) or try to set up reception in the gazebo after the ceremony. I would love to have cocktail hour set up on the beach while they are setting up the gazebo. Any ideas? or any pictures? Thanks, Maria
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