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  1. These are great. I am going to get this program quote name="Thomasjsgirl" url="/t/25958/feedback-on-diy-invites#post_479343"]Hi ladies, I've recently discovered Adobe photoshop - wow what a program! These are my very first, and very ameurish, attempts at making our own invites. I would love some feedback re font, placement, background etc. Which one is your fave? SORRY LADIES! I HAD TO REDO MY POST BECAUSE THE PICS WEREN'T COMING OUT WELL, AND I MIXED UP THE ORDER! NO WORRIES THOUGH, I KNOW WHICH ONES YOU MEANT. THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK AND MY APOLOGIES FOR THE SIZE. I COULDN'T SHRINK THEM W
  2. I think you got it all uote name="EricaG" url="/t/26692/pocketfold-invite-question#post_495474"]We had these inserts: Prices - these were the prices we were quoted for booking as part of our wedding group. Booking Info - This had all the info for our TA, deposits and dates. Resort Map - A map of the resort we are going to the the area marked off we will be staying in. Please Reply - Info on how to RSVP Reception - This just stated that we will be having an AHR in March 2009. Here is a link to the pics of my invites I made: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20051
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