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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by can't wait! OK. I'm bumping this thread just because we we were on page 2! wow! We are always at the very top of the threads ladies! We gotta keep on posting! Also, wanted to know if anyone has gotten any email from Landy. I sent her an email exactly seven days ago and got nothing but her automated response. Do you happen to have Landy's email? I need to contact her and double check everything is still in order with my wedding (since I was dealing with Sandra and had NO idea she's in a new position)! Thanks
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Hi DT ladies, I have an idea I've been thinking about for a while that I want to throw out there. I was thinking of starting a new Dreams Tulum thread (if everyone agrees to let this one die and the new one will be the main one) and on the first page of the thread having all the most frequently asked questions. So often on here we have the brides asking the same questions over and over, which is quite reasonable considering our thread is over 80 pages long and it's hard to find the information, and the thread has existed for so long now (over 6 months!) and so many brides have come and gone and we can't expect the new ones to know all this stuff. Also there is a lot of little discussions that would be pretty boring for a new person to have to shift through to find the info (don't get me wrong, I love the little discussions, hellos, "thank yous", "you look beautiful" type comments, etc, but the most important information is getting lost in the midst of all that. So what do you think of the idea of starting a new thread where all the most FAQs are on the first page, as well as links to everone's reviews and pictures (i.e. we wouldn't have to have the seperate thread "list of Dreams Tulum brides") I will take responsibility for continually updating the first page as people ask new questions and answers in the thread. So the new thread would look exactly like this one (i.e. we can continue with all our semi-useless little discussions) but would have a super helpful and informative first page. So hopefully this would cut down on a lot of the repetitive questions. Let me know what you think. I don't want to see this thread die before reaching 100 pages though, and it will take a little while to compile all the info to start the new thread, so it could be done sometime in the next few weeks. Alternatively, if we don't like the idea of starting a new thread (it would be sad to see this one die, especially since it's probably the longest thread on BDW!!!!) I could just do a seperate thread called "Dreams Tulum FAQ" and we could refer new brides there, but they are much less likely to see it, as it will be way in the back of the forum. We'd have to keep re-posting the link in this thread. As much as I hate to see this thread die, I think it would be better to have everything all in one place. Let me know what you think! (oops, said that already, haha) Love that idea! Count my vote as a definite yes!!
  3. Does anyone know how much it is for someone to have a guest pass if they decide to stay at another hotel? Also, is the guest pass only for the wedding? Thanks!
  4. I was at Target tonight looking around for stationary to use for my STD's and came across the Hot Hues stationary line! www.thinkhothues.com has templates you can download and use for their stationary products (that are not expensive at all) and has wording ideas for invitations & STD's. Also, Target*:*Custom Stationery has printable templates to use, too. On the Hot Hues website, they have their samples and if you like them, it breaks down exactly what you need to buy & how to put everything together! So far, their ideas have been EXTREMELY helpful! Hope some of you find it helpful, too
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by becks See what you can do with these. There are 20 or so palm tree clip arts here. Any of the images can be taken apart, elements removed, colors changed and reassembled. Just find one you like, and right click, and select "ungroup" - it will say that it's a picture, but if you click yes (or okay) or whatever, and click ungroup until everything is ungrouped, all of the different segments will be available for editing. thank you for those, but of course I don't have enough points to open them!!! Your advice was extremely helpful, I will let you know how everything turns out!
  6. i am trying to get creative here and make my own monogram! so far, i have gotten some great advice from the forum, but can anyone recommend a good website to get some pictures of palm trees, etc? i have searched high and low and can not find any that scream my name! i love looking at everyone's logo's on here and i keep seeing the two palm trees slanting to the left--if anyone knows what i am talking about and knows where i can find those or something similar, please let me know!! thanks
  7. those look amazing! how did you do the magnets? and the stamp of the palm tree? i don't have enough points so i can't open the links yet! everything looks great though congrats
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Sarah Not exactly extra bored, but figured I make one for you girls anyway. Figured it would be easy since you both just wanted palm trees What font was used for these monograms? I love it!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jentwo Finally....my boarding passes are done! I must have looked at over ten versions of the boarding passes on this forum for ideas - thank you to everyone for sharing! A lot of the questions/solutions I had while creating my invites were sometimes tough to find so I'm going to try and paraphrase all of the details that crossed my mind! Tools: Paper cutter (bought add'l blade for perforator) - $38 + $10 blade = $48 (Office Depot) Doublesided tape (used for boarding pass envelope) - double package for $5.50 (Staples) X-acto knife - $5.50 (Staples) Corner cutter - $5 (Target) Paper for boarding pass - white card stock (provided by work where I had them made) Paper for boarding pass envelope - colored card stock from Staples (I ended up using orange and green because a multi-pack was available and then I didn't have to choose one color!) - $12 Raffia ribbon - Raffia Twisters - Pearlescent - Premier Packaging - $4.95 x 2 = $10 - I bought the Green and Citrus colors Mailing Envelopes - $7 for 50 and I need over 150 - $28 total - I bought the White Linen A10 envelopes at Office Max Stamps $0.58 for invite, $0.41 for each reply card - Total invites 160 (postcard stamps couldn't be used for reply card because my paper wasn't within 3.5 x 5") Total cost per invite ~ $2 each (160 qty) I was fortunate enough to have my company print each boarding pass page for $0.10 a page (3 to a page) in color on white stock paper (the RSVP cards were $.20 because they were double sided). Very cheap compared to places like Kinkos! I also created a newsletter (in color) to send with the invitation and that was $0.067 per page. I started off using the Word templates from this website but grew way too frustrated with moving text and pictures around so switched to PowerPoint immediately. When ready for printing I had three passes per page and the last page (pass D) was double-sided so I could use it as a reply card. I perforated the left side by the website and then perforated the right side by the bar code. I printed the envelopes on my work computer / printer and the return address on the back of the envelope....saved some time/money. Key lessons learned! 1) Use PowerPoint for creating your template vs. Word (assuming you have access and knowledge of software!) 2) Do not use fonts that are not normally in the Microsoft Word / PowerPoint package. You'll eventually need your document in PDF and when asking others to PDF it, if you have these 'alternative' fonts, it becomes a big pain. It's easiest to have your invites in a PDF format to also ensure that the font and spacing doesn't get messed up and it's frozen exactly where you want it. If you were to send your Microsoft Word/PP document to an outside place, and they didn't have your font, your invite will not appear how you want it! 3) As I said above, if an outside place is printing your invite, make sure it's in PDF. When I tried to have my company duplicating center make mine (even with ok fonts) - the spacing was messed up unless I used PDF. Finding someone with the ability to 'write' PDF is not easy so start asking around early! 4) Be precise with your boarding pass reply card if that's the route you choose - check with the post office in person to ensure your card stock is thick enough and the size is ok. Somewhere along the process of changing my template and having the passes trimmed to get rid of black lines, my reply card became too small and I have to now pay $0.41 vs. $0.26 per card. 5) Do not buy stamps for invites until you're at the post office with your invitations. I bought the RSVP stamps in advance and thought, why not buy all of them. The first time the post office weighed my invite the $0.41 stamp was ok, but now they are saying it's $0.58!! Very frustrating. That's all I can think of now...hopefully this helps the new brides! Thank you for all this information! Is there any way you can email me the link you have at the end of your post? I still don't have enough points to open it Thanks so much!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Melba I am half-way done with assembling my invites, but took pics of the ones that were done. Thanks so much to all the brides that posted their templates and information, I couldn't of done with out you. I used colored staples to hold down the flap in the ticket jacket. And clear jeweled brads with flowers to attach all the sheets of the boarding passes. Some of my tips for assembling: -I used a three sided ruler to fold the crease in the ticket jackets, pressing down the sheet on the tip of the ruler -When using the corner cutter, to save my thumb, I put down a magazine on my kitchen table and pressed the corners using my palm instead. -I used those curved cuticle scissors to cut the quarter circle on the perforated piece, it almost perfectly fits that angle Your invites look amazing! I want to do the boarding pass idea for my invites but have NO idea where to even begin! Any advice (from everyone) would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks
  11. Just for a personal note to myself, if I decide to go with a different flower than the options that come with the package(s), is there a fee included? I don't think the flowers are horrible, but I too am looking for a different angle--will this cost more to do so? thanks
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsTulumBride NO, you can no longer do that ! ! ! That is why they are building a ball room next to the kids club ! ! Tourist were complaining that restaurants where closing every night ...Don't forget, there is about 1 to 3 wedding per day there ! Just imagine after your wedding that most restaurants are closed because of weddings...you wouldn't be happy ? !!!Groups over 20 or 25 will no longer be able to eat at the restaurants as of April 2008. The ball room is enormous... many rooms (you can have a weddding of 700, another of 200, another of 40 , etc... I did post the information about the new ball room building a few months ago (do a search a you will see the floor plan) Does this mean you have to have a private reception or is the ballroom included in the price of the package? And if we decide to have it on the beach, does that cost extra as well? Did anyone have it on the beach and have any complaints about it? I keep thinking the beach would be really different and unique--and goes along perfectly with our theme!
  13. Hi ladies, I just got the confirmation from Sandra and our wedding is May 9, 2009!! whoooo So far this forum has been great, but I was hoping everyone could point me in the direction of where to go next! Eventually, when we pick out our flowers, where we want the ceremony, etc. do I just email Sandra and let her know? Also, I keep reading about the private receptions--if we don't do that, does that mean it is in one of the restaurants and there could be guests from the resort there?! Also, in the Ultimate package, I know the bouquet and two boutonnières/corsages are included, and a center piece for our table and ceremonial table, but does anyone has the price list of what extra flowers will cost? Basically any advice and direction would be greatly appreciated right now! Thanks!!
  14. Well, I am thisclose to officially booking our wedding for May 9, 2009 at Dreams Tulum!! The communication with Sandra has been extremely stressful thus far and the latest is she keeps asking me for my flight information! You can not book flights more than a year in advance, but she keeps asking me for it anyway! Does this mean my date is not booked until I can get her this info or did some of you go through a similar situation, get her all of that at a later time, but was still able to book early? Thanks for the help & advice!
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