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  1. Thanks so much! I don't remember exactly how much I had to pay per invite for postage. They were just slightly over the standard letter weight limit so instead of 50 cents ea or so, It was more like $1.00-$1.20 I think. That is for within Canada, it was about twice as much internationally. Just looked at my budget sheet and it says I spent $113 on invitations postage and that was for about 70 invitations to various destinations. Hope that helps!
  2. Sorry I'm replying so late! If you're still looking for this damask print I can send it to you. I have it in vector format so it can be changed to any colour. Just shoot me a private message if you need it.
  3. I just had my wedding in Varadero and me and my girls got our hair done at Blau Varadero where we were staying. Yoanny the hairdresser was awesome! He did an amazing job. While we were taking pictures near our venue, I did notice a public hair salon though. Nothing fancy but it might be worth looking into. I don't remember exactly what street it is on but its somewhere between 35 and 45th street and it has Peluqueria written on the windows.
  4. It was amazing!!! We did all the planning ourselves and it was a lot of work!! The only way it happened was because we were there for a month before the wedding day. It was a lot of stress and I was always worried that vendors wouldn't show up (since Cuba operates solely on verbal agreements.. ie.. "yea man no problem, we'll be there") but everyone did show up and everything went perfect. We had a total of 150 guests and we just barely fit into the hall at El Kastillito. The table chart was a nightmare to figure out. If you're looking to do an off resort reception, unless you spe
  5. Saranver! We saw your wedding there on the 18th I think. There was another one as well? You had your reception in las adelfas right? We had a dinner reservation that night and came in when you were giving your speeches. Hope everything went well
  6. That's great you found other resorts you love at a more affordable price. For me it was more important to be able to have more of my family and friends there with us. And anyways my favourite part of going down is the beach and the beach is the same whether we're at a 5 star or a 1 star. (but we decided 4 star was compromise enough )
  7. I'm the same as Allie. I just didn't feel right asking people to spend too much money on a vacation to come to our wedding, especially my friends since I know a lot of them don't have much disposable income. In the end I chose a 4 star resort that had great reviews and was #2 on trip advisor for its location. It was only around $1050 for a week for those coming from Ontario/Quebec and like $1400 from BC. The people who couldn't come mostly said they couldn't take the time off, I don't think anyone complained about the price but I did have a few guests that kept trying to find better deals onli
  8. I'm going a January bride as well. What date are you ladies getting married? Our wedding will be off site but we'll be at the Blau with around 60 people as well from the 11th-18th.
  9. My favourite months to go down are at the beginning and end of winter. For me the summer is too hot and I prefer to enjoy it back home. But like you said you and your guests should be used to that kind of temperature in Nebraska, I don't think it will be much different than that. I find it those temperatures bearable as long as I'm close to some kind of body of water and am able to take a dip to cool down whenever needed. For that, resorts are perfect.
  10. Try photo paper. Mine doesn't have an option for cardstock either now that I think of it. The setting I use is called 'matte photo paper', but all photo paper is thick like cardstock so maybe that will do the trick.
  11. I have a little cheap all in one printer from canon. It has front feeding for normal paper, but it has a rear-feeding option that takes cardstock which passes it through flat. I've had a bunch of printers in my life and never had a problem printing on cardstock. When you print you should be changing the paper type to cardstock. Other than that, I guess the next option is to go to a printshop as others have said.
  12. Mine is chiffon. I tried on many different fabrics but the one I felt the best in and fell in love with was chiffon. Good luck with your search
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