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  1. Did you sign your contract already? I refused to sign it without saying I could at least have a photographer for the day pass fee and it stated that but it did say beyond that (in writing) that no other outside vendors were allowed. BUT verbally, they told me that the on site wedding coordinator will work with brides so I am hoping if we decide to hire an outside DJ, they will be ok with that. We hired Gonzalo Nunez (outside) for our photographer and got to meet him when we were there too. He is SO sweet! Worst case scenario for DJ's, we have a friend that is willing to bring his Ipod filled with a variety of music and will even put together a playlist for us and all we will have to pay for is the sound system. DJ'ing is his calling and he is SUPER excited to do it! Glad you liked the pics! It is an AMAZING place!!! Becky
  2. I went to visit Cancun Palace the 1st week of November so I have ideas. We have to wait to see what our response from guests are before we decide on cocktail and reception like events. We just mailed out 37 save the dates yesterday! But I would like as much as possible on the beach but the infinity terrace is nice and also the space next to one of the round pools too. Our family suite is booked, our contract signed with our wedding date and time, our photographer is booked and that is as far as I have gotten. That alone was a lot of work!!! Working with Miami was a nightmare at first. I have my booking link and pricing info so now I feel better. Here are our tour pictures. Our tour was at 10am on a Saturday so somewhat busy depending on the location. Hope this helps! Becky Here is the Infinity Terrace View from Infinity Terrace from the Presidential Suite The gathering other area (more secluded) is to the left of the elevated circle pool. Setting up for a wedding during our visit This is as you walk out of the hotel to the Infinity Terrace and the pool. (Infinity Terrace to the right) The view of the beach wedding location from the Presidential Suite.
  3. I'm getting married at Cancun Palace July 20, 2012 and am curious as to the answers of the questions above too!
  4. I am getting married at Cancun Palace and I agree with the previous post. On our contract it states that only 20% of total guests staying at the hotel can attend from outside the resort. Which means we would have to have a total of 10 guests to even have 2 from outside come for the $90 daily fee. As for the outside vendor policy, I was verbally told that even though they say none, the on site wedding coordinator is flexible. With the off site guests, it is not a risk I am willing to take but if push comes to shove, how can they deny that really? They still make money for the daily pass! Good luck and let me know if you get any further official/unofficial info! Becky
  5. We are getting married at Cancun Palace July 20, 2012. No outside vendors only applies to photographers, DJ's, florists BUT what I was told was to ask the on site wedding coordinator and they are flexible. We had our photographer booked before the contract! July and August will be H O T but from the feedback I have gotten, it is nice in the shade with the breeze. I'm thinking that it won't be much hotter than our summer last year only we didn't have an ocean, pool or beach to go to!! Congrats! OH and for now, we are doing the complimentary wedding and will go from there! But I did see the new collections and they are nice! Becky
  6. Gonzalo Nunez has a variety of options but for now we chose 5 hours, 300 photos, and slideshow for $1500. HTH Becky
  7. Thank you all for your replies and 1st off I am also sorry to hear about the double booking at Le Blanc. We are going to be at Cancun Palace and JUST got our official confirmation today!! With the hassles I had up front I can't say it surprises me, sadly, that happened. I hope you are able to get what you want within your time. Did you have a confirmation and then found out or were you in the planning stages? About the weather, I guess since WE ARE CONFIRMED (YAY!) for July 20th, no turning back now. And I totally agree that I don't want anything INSIDE! It will be fabulous and I will be shopping for less fabric for my dress! Your responses helped ease my mind! Sure it will be hot but one thing I know when I travel in the winter is that it sure it nice to be in warm weather while we are on vacation but I find it DEPRESSING to come back to the cold! This way we will leave when it is hot and still return to enjoy our summers end and beginning of fall. Win-win!!! Congrats to you all!! Any other Cancun Palace brides past or present?? Becky
  8. 82turtles, when we were there for our friends wedding we moved to Eclipse and it was a BLAST! Just make sure they are going to open (even though the sign says they will be open) they weren't going to until we invaded the place! We had a great time!! Congrats and good luck. The wedding we went to was gorgeous!!
  9. I am so glad I could help! Like I said before, these are the opinions I look for too! As a guest, it was everything beautiful and from the bride, in her words, it was beyond perfect! I think I can speak for everyone that was there that a good time was had by all!! Congrats on your wedding at the Now Sapphire! Becky
  10. I was just at Now Sapphire Saturday for my friends wedding and it was so intimate and fun! We didn't stay here but only because we had purchased a deal in Cancun. From booking ours, to deciding we were going to make our weekend in Cancun include the wedding, we also got engaged. So our trip was 3 fold and I can say seeing the resorts sure beats pictures on the internet! We were very impressed by the resort of Now Sapphire. It was very open with beautiful greenery and large pool area. Since we arrived at noon for the 4:00 wedding (guesstimation of travel time was way off depend who we asked) but we had the opportunity to get a feel for the resort, eat and drink there too. Again, the resort itself is beautiful! The beach isn't as wide as it is in Cancun but the sand is powder! The water was a very dark, dull blue. We heard it wasn't turquoise because Rina effected some reefs. Our friends said that the 1st day they were there, there was a ton of seaweed but it wasn't bad the following days. We watched the tractor clean the beach roughly 5 times in the time we were there so they are very conscious of making sure their beach is kept up. The wedding set up on the beach was GORGEOUS! From touring the resort we lour holding our wedding, the Now Sapphire was very intimate and set up off a large deck and one of the restaurants. The bride came down the steps to the beach area and all of us left our shoes on the deck also. One huge annoyance I had was the inconsiderate people who walked behind them during the ceremony! One couple walked behind only to stand at that side of the resort and turn around to walk by again. I understand it is a private beach but note to spectators, it is one thing to stand in the background behind the guests but another to walk behind the bride and groom knowing they are a distraction and in pictures with swimsuits on! (Sorry, this really bothered me!) This goes without saying that it will happen in any ceremony anywhere regardless of how intimate or public. I did find most of the resort guests to be respectful and very excited for our friends. They had a cocktail hour afterwards that took place while they had pictures taken. The staff walked around with appetizers and were right there bringing more drinks every time we turned around. We then went into the restaurant where they had 3 long tables set up in the corner (pretty private) away from others who were eating. The food was good. I am pretty open when it comes to food and it was really good! The guests then proceeded to Eclipse to dance the night away! It was an AMAZING time and given that I have my own expectations of our upcoming wedding, there was not much to complain about at Now Sapphire! If the water was turquoise and it wasn't disrespectful to have our wedding at the same resort, I would in a heartbeat! Ok, this got long and winded but these are the details I am looking for when I am reading up on a resort to choose for our wedding!! I would say you can't go wrong here!
  11. I replied and it didn't go through so if it comes through twice, sorry! Our ceremony is scheduled for 6pm so I am not all that worried about the ceremony itself but am more concerned about our guests enjoying themselves or if it will be too hot. We live in Nebraska where it gets over 100 degrees and high humidity so maybe it will be a non issue. Just wondering if past summer brides had any issues with guests and heat.
  12. Have you researched Gonzalo Nunez? He was referred to me by a past bride who wishes they would have gone with him not because she didn't LOVE her pictures but because Gonzalo's pictures are equally amazing at a fraction of the cost! We met with him while we were in Cancun this week and he is SO sweet too!! He is very quick on e-mail correspondence too which is a huge plus!!
  13. Our wedding is scheduled for 6pm so it isn't necessarily the wedding ceremony itself that I am worried about. I want people who go to enjoy themselves and not be stuck inside during their vacation because its too hot. We are from Nebraska tho where is gets to over 100 degrees with very high humidity so maybe it won't make much difference....?
  14. We just returned from our trip to Cancun for my friends wedding and to tour Cancun Palace for our wedding on July 20th. It was AMAZING! BUT every time we told a local our date they gave us 'that look' and said it is VERY HOT in July. Now we are worried and are wondering if we should change our date but the only other time we could do it would be the 1st week of June. PLEASE let me know any and all thoughts/opinions!!
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