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  1. There was quite a bit of layers under the dresses. I tried about 10 dresses. I think I have the shape down, which is a good thing. But Priscilla's is going out of business and this weekend they have some dresses for $111, so will probably go tomorrow.
  2. Hello ladies - I'm back from the sample sale and more confused than ever. ALL dresses are heavy!!!! The problem is the lining on some are SATIN. Seriously.... A chiffon dress with a satin lining... Come on! I tried on some and at least I have a better idea as to what shapes I like. Sweetheart neckline, fit and flare. Or... Sweetheart, empire waist, chiffon with bling... Problem with the last was that it was a bridesmaid dress that I tried on but can be made in ivory.
  3. Exquiste02 - The dress looks perfect. Thank you so much for your review. I asked earlier if anyone had tried on dresses before they purchased online, but this is the first response and OMG... Amazing. I have opted to try on dresses (sample sale) and if I find the right one that is outside how much I want to spend, I will definitely be looking to get it online. Again.... The dress is amazing and it looks great on you. Cheers to you for knowing what you want and getting it done without outside influences deterring you from doing it your way.
  4. Cant wait! Sample sale Saturday and they actually sell the dress I've been looking at, but it's in organza, not chiffon. Can't wait!!!
  5. Ericka - Can you please email me at deeliight40@gmail.com
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. Sorry about the delay my FI thinks I spend too much time on the computer, but this site is so addicting. I'm going to a sample sale next Saturday. I have to try on dresses! I'm really excited to do that. Thanks again and I will let you know what I think.
  7. I'm just starting my search for the PERFECT wedding dress for a beach wedding, just before sunset. Chiffon, Lace, Organza, Satin? Ugh! Chiffon will give you that picturesque look with the breezes on the ocean, right? What are your thoughts? I haven't tried on dresses since the 90's, so help me out ladies.
  8. FranticBride - I agree. I can't wait. If anyone has the attachment, please send to me at deeliight40@gmail.com.
  9. Try this one: I found it at http://www.classybride.com/
  10. Wow! I was just looking at starfish necklaces and in between they had some for girls but I didn't remember the website. So I decided to google it again for you. You didn't give a budget, so I found two: http://www.starfish-project.com/girlscrystalstarfishnecklace.aspx#!prettyPhoto http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002E4UDSY/ref=asc_df_B002E4UDSY1734579?smid=A143G35J0C09PO&tag=dealtmp1-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395105&creativeASIN=B002E4UDSY I hope this helps. Everything I was looking for was for women. Sorry, I hope it helps.
  11. Great job.... I'm looking for ideas to ask my MOH and this is right up there as the best. Congrats and happy planning.
  12. Okay ladies.... I need some help. Did any of you try on the original dress or go dress shopping before ordering the knock off? I'm considering ordering a dress from iweddingdressshop.com but have not gone dress shopping yet. These are the two dresses i'm looking at..... http://www.iweddingdressesshop.com/wedding-dresses/strapless-chiffon-with-beading-wedding-gown-iwdb030.html http://www.iweddingdressesshop.com/wedding-dresses/strapless-bodice-with-shirred-panels-beaded-charmeuse-bands-at-neckline-empire-shirred-fly-away-panel-on-front-skirt-weddingdressesiwd8224.html Let me know what you think.
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