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  1. Silverangel....are you still looking for suggestions!? I just got back from getting married down there...and have been going down there a couple times a year for the last 5 years and know a lot of good places that you might wanna look at!? Also have pictures of most resorts if you wanna see the area too! Holler if you'd like to chat more on this! :-) I LOVE Mazatlan!
  2. Hi there! Welcome a little late and Congrats!!! I just returned from my destination wedding in Mazatlan!!! We have vacationed there for many years now and my parents live there, so it was the perfect place for us to go! Would love to chat w/ya more if you're still thinkin about Mazatlan...I have lots of info for ya I'd love to share...it was hard cuz during the plannin I was the only one of the board at the time to get married there...and we ended up doing most all of it by ourselves except for the resort we had the ceremony and dinner at. Congrats again!!! Amy Schultz
  3. First off...Congratulations!!! El Cid would be a beautiful setting for your wedding. We were originally going to have ours at The Torres...until the owners had a squabble and put a 10 ft high fence down the center of it! We are now going to be getting married at the Mayan Palace which we own as a timeshare. They have been wonderful with us. I know El Cid is pretty set on what their 'packages' consist of...but if you want a recommendation on a florist and a bakery, let me know...we went to the locals and asked them where they would buy from and that's who we have doing our wedding.
  4. I need to check in! We're getting married March 14th 2009 in Mazatlan! I've been pretty good at stayin calm....until now! hahahaha In my head I feel like I still have 6 months to get everything done....and....I don't!!! WAH!
  5. Ohhh good for you! Great find, and nice they have quite a few different colors!!!
  6. They turned out really nice! I love Vistaprint!!! Love the picture on the back too with the starfish...gorgeous!
  7. Wow! I didn't even know Reader's Digest had an outlet!!! I'm wishing I lived near one now!!! I'll check online and see if they have a website maybe! Thanks for sharing!
  8. They are gorgeous!!! Good job!!! I'm having a hard enough time finding just one necklace for the girls...I couldn't imagine having to actually pick out more than one kind right now! hahahaha
  9. Congrats and Welcome!!! Have fun planning!
  10. Aimless911


    Congrats and Welcome!!! Have fun planning!
  11. WOW! Everything looks amazing!!! Woohoo!!! You are ready to go!!!
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