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  1. Hey Everyone, Just back today from my wedding at the Sensatori and it was Wonderful! I am not going to get into too many details but I just wanted to re-assure all of you going there to get married, that this hotel is a great choice. They executed my wedding dreams perfectly and I had a wonderful day. I had 32 guests and they also all had a great time. My only suggestion for people is to book the Premium Honeymoon suite if it is available. The services given to the premium customers (like a pool butler, free internet in the room, and a dedicated concerige) make it worth the cost! Plus the balcony is AMAZING! I will post again when I start receiving pictures from my family and friends. Rest assured girls, this place was great and you have nothing to worry about!
  2. amysteele444: I know that you are busy and tired but do you mind answering one question for me? How many people did you have at your wedding. I am asking because I have 31 including myself and the groom and I wanted to have the same locations that you chose (Garden Gazebo) and (Courtyard). Fabio mentioned to me that I am a few too many people for the Garden and it is up to Carolina if she decides to let me have it there. And also I am too few people for the Courtyard so the space may be way too big. Can you let me know so I can try to figure it all out. Thanks. Your wedding was beautiful by the way!
  3. amysteele444: Welcome Back. Hope that you had an amazing time. Can't wait to see your photos. 34 Days until I leave for my wedding! :-)
  4. Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I have almost finalised all my wedding plans with Fabio and found out something you might be interested in. The chavari charis are available for $15 however this is only for the Wedding Ceremony not the Reception. I guess that no one had asked for them for both before so Fabio is looking into it for me but I would assume that if they allow me to use them for both, they will probably charge me more. Also, I know that some of you have had issues with the Karisma planners but I have to tell you that I think Fabio has been great. I am still 38 days away from leaving for my trip and I know most, if not all of my details and have the updated detail sheets from him with all the pricing for my specific requirements. So now its just a matter of hitting the gym and writing my vows. :-) Good Luck to all of you planning for your big day! ~Beecher2Be~
  5. Jennrenn23 You mentioned in another post that you had a photo of the Garden gazebo done up for a wedding. Can you send it to me directly. saragilson@hotmail.com Also, thanks for the fantastic reviews. I am getting married at the Sensatori in January and your information is helping me to get really excited!
  6. Hey Guys, I met with my TA today and she shared the following video with me from last week. Azul Sensatori Enjoy!
  7. I spoke with Fabio a few weeks ago as I had the same worries. He said the quotes we were provided package wise at deposit time are the prices we will pay. Are you sure that this is the case? I booked my wedding with Karisma back in July and the pricing for the dinner was 59$ and now its $70 something. I just assumed that the pricing had gone up and that we would have to pay the new costs. Can you share with us the e-mail that Fabio sent you confirming the pricing from then? Thanks.
  8. Hey Guys, I have a photo of the Garden Gazebo to share with you all. I did a sight tour in june so the hotel is not finished in the photo but the gazebo is. I have tried to upload the file three times and no luck. Does anyone know if there is a trick to it?
  9. Hey Guys, Somehow my date fell off the wedding list. Beecher2Be - January 2nd 2009 Thanks.
  10. Please Share.....I love seeing the photos.
  11. Thanks for the review.... Do you know when you might get a chance to post the photos? Thanks.
  12. Okay I just wanted to say that I am so glad that everyone is posting their ideas online. I am less than two months from leaving for my wedding and because of the delay in the hotel opening, I haven't planned anything. I have been saving for over a year now for this wedding and have absolutely no idea if I have saved enough money to cover the costs. I want to have a beautiful reception and have tried to estimate what that might total, but I am also a Canadian and just in the last two weeks our dollar has dropped so much, my wedding just keeps getting more and more expensive. I know that I am rambling on her I just wanted to encourage everyone to post anything they know from Karisma about the reception and costing, as there are a lot of people on here who are very much in the dark. I am a super organized person and have been purchasing items for the wedding for a year now. I have color paper lanterns, seashells, tea lights, wedding favors, but still don't know where my location is..... Anyway, thanks again for everyone who has taken the time to post their info on here. It has been SO helpful! P.s. I went to a wedding at the Azul Beach and they used those flameless candles. Does anyone know if Karimsa will allow real candles?
  13. I also wanted to mention that Chivary chairs are $14 each, and could be used for both ceremony and reception. OMG Amy...that's so exciting!!! Everything is going to turn out fabulous!!! Where did you find out about the Chairs? - Its seems like all the information is just trickeling in from the Wedding Planners at Karisma.
  14. Mrs.Steph, I am using the Wedding Holiday as well and they told me that if I book the Honeymoon suite I get the basic wedding for free. So I upgraded my room for $1000 ($500 each) and it is still less then if you have to purchase the Wedding Package. Also, I looked into it and the dates for my wedding trip departing December 28th, 2008 from Toronto are sold out. Geez for a place that hasn't even opened yet it is pretty popular!
  15. Mitchell.johanna - When did Fabio send this to you? I agree that this space is MUCH larger then I thought from the other photos. Almost too big for my reception. I really want to make sure that I get the private reception that I dreamed of and I have been asking Fabio for info on the locations for months. I have a question for everyone. Does anyone know if you can use your reception dinner for the Welcome Dinner the night before the wedding, if you are paying for a private reception? 1/2 my guests are arriving the night before the wedding and I wanted to have a group dinner but I will not pay another 75$ per person for it so I am hoping that they let me use my free dinner.