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    Dollerama Finds

    I too love dollarama...so far I've bought: -bandaids -hand sanitizer -luggage tags -post-its -martini glasses and plates to be used in centerpieces
  2. I had a similar situation...1 GM is in BC, 1 in Toronto, and 2 here...FI and I picked everything out, got their sizes and bought everything ourselves. I did this 6 months prior and so at some point the guys got to try everything on. We lucked out with the sizes and just had to have my mom hem their pants. Good luck, I hope it works out for you!
  3. I totally feel for you...love the t-shirt idea...might have to borrow it!!! Spring break is exactly how I don't want it to turn out like but with FI friends, that is what it is going to be! Good luck in whatever you chose to do...if any of it is in your hands
  4. WOW, those are amazing! I don't think they get better than that! Congrats
  5. I love the shoes and I love your dress, but IMHO I wouldn't pair the 2 together... However, it is YOUR day, and how much of the shoe will you really see? I say go for it and wear what you like and will make you happy
  6. silverangel

    long vent - hurt :(

    First off, sorry that you have to deal with this issue so close to your wedding... That would really hurt me as well, if my brother did that to me. I'm guessing that your brother really cares about you and is just being protective, which is sweet and all, but is going about it the wrong way. Maybe deep down he does have some concerns and just doesn't know how to bring it up with you in conversation, and is lashing out by going through your mom. I would sit down with him and ask him what it is that is really bothering him about your FI, and stress how important both him and your FI are to you as well as their future relationship with eachother. Good luck, I hope your countdown to your wedding only gets better
  7. No $16,000 is not normal...but friends of ours did. Prizes make somewhat of a difference, but even if you had the best prizes, it all depends on the amount of people that show up.
  8. silverangel

    Vampire Diaries

    And another re-run this week But I LOVE how they are straying from the books...it makes it more exciting not knowing exactly what's going to happen...like the twilight movies.
  9. silverangel

    Guest who invites other guests!?!

    Cbell you said it well...how obnoxious people can ruin your mood...I know OF the people he's invited (as in met a few times at random events) and they are not anywhere near the top of the list of people i would chose to spend a week (of my wedding) to hang with. And sad but true, he wouldn't have gotten the invite if we knew before hand that his wife couldn't come. There are so many different opinions on here...I agree with those that they should be entitled to bring who they want it is their vacation, but at the same time...isn't it My Wedding? I envisioned having the very closest of family and friends there. FI did call him and told him we felt awkward declining invites to our own friends when he is trying to bring whomever down...he seemed to understand and said he would only bring 1 roommate, but I emailed him and he hasn't responded so not sure if he is offended or not. I guess time will tell.
  10. silverangel

    Guest who invites other guests!?!

    Thanks for the input! It's just that we have other activities planned for the week so I feel I have to include his friends when we didn't include our own... I have to say I didn't get much sleep but I keep trying to remember that it will all work out
  11. silverangel

    Guest who invites other guests!?!

    Thanks for the input! It's just that we have other activities planned for the week so I feel I have to include his friends when we didn't include our own... I have to say I didn't get much sleep but I keep trying to remember that it will all work out
  12. Ok, so I thought I was the least stressed bride ever until I find out that one of our guests has started to invite other guests! I would like to hear others opinions on this... Backstory: FI and I only wanted a small, intimate wedding, we planned a DW with 10 close people in mind. As it turns out we have 30 coming. So bigger than we envisioned, even though we only invited immediate family and the only friends are in the wedding party. It has been hard to tell other close friends sorry we are just having family only. There is one couple (friends) that we invited that weren't in the wedding party but she was to be our photographer until her work refused her vacation time. SO now he is still coming but has planned on bringing some friends!!! I understand he needs a roommate now that his wife can't come but to invite more than 1 is completely rude, when he knows we didn't invite any of our other friends! Am I crazy? or is this inconsiderate I guess I needed to get that off my chest and feel bad even thinking this but I'm still in shock that someone would do that...I am now making FI call him and tell him that we would appreciate him not inviting others to our wedding, as we have had a hard time ourselves telling OUR friends that they aren't invited let alone HIS!
  13. My biggest stress has been uninvited guests! It amazes me how many people have tried to invite themselves. It has been hard explaining to people that it is just family and very close friends.
  14. silverangel

    BM not booked yet...

    We have the same Wedding Date! I too have a GM that has not booked. The only 1 left and he keeps saying he will or that he might wait last minute. For some reason it used to really bother me, and now as rude as it sounds, I don't really care! I know that with or without him, we will have an amazing time But if it were my BM, then I might feel a little differently.
  15. silverangel

    Any UFC fans???

    LOL...do you agree with the decision I wanted Couture to win, but I don't think it was anything to brag about FI and I are both having our stag/stagette this weekend and both ending them by going to catch the fights somewhere...can't wait! I have always been a Tito fan