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  1. Thats understandable, and a responsible thing to do.. and Not everyone wants kids! My friend loves kids, loves her neices and nephews, but doesnt want any of her own. She likes her lifestyle too much to want to change it for a baby lol. Everyone has their own wants and needs right.. nothing wrong or weird with that!
  2. i like it because its only 25 mins and it makes me sweat. it def gets my heart rate up. We will see what results it gives me next week weight wise since I plan on doing it everyday haha Well kids is basically the next thing after getting married( which we basically are already lol) been together 8 years. Lived together for the last 3 built a house together, so next marriage, and then baby in teh baby carriage haha lame.
  3. Thats so amazing girl ! congrats! I have been on BC about the same amount of time.Im planing to go off in November/december ish ( we are gonna be trying to have a babY) lol, but I dont want to get pregnant TOO close to the wedding because then I would be showing So I figure about a month or 2 before shouldnt be too bad if I do get pregnant, and maybe it will happen on the honey moon I would like to be 150 by my wedding, or about 145ish, but that may be pushing it. IM 5'7 so For me it will be dependant on how my body looks. If im happy at 150 then I will stay there we def have enough time to get to our goals. and you seem WELL on your way.. congrats!!! Lets kill our workouts ladies!!! Today I got up at 5 and did my FOCUS25. I hve every intention of doing another round tonight and my weights but I hav esome running around for my social to do tonight, as well as try and find a damn dress :/ Have a great day girls!
  4. OH thats exciting! congrats! Im in Ocho Rios Jamaica
  5. I think mine is upper body today too.. My legs have been killing me from my jog a few days ago. Which makes no sense because I play basebal so i run in that. But i guess it was different? lol All I know is my legs hurt haha Gotta work on my triceps some more haha dont want flabby tris in a dress
  6. Good job girl! I couldnt get up this morning. so ill have to do my cardio and weights tonight. lol I just couldnt force myself out of bed this morning.
  7. Thats awesome on the running for a marathon! I dont think I could ever do that ! lol But maybe one day! I got up at 530 this morning to do my cardio.. its only 915, and I am ready for a nap! SO TIRED! Im gonna try and continue to do it though for the next 2 weeks! And also to do another round of cardio afterwork with my weights! I have totally been slacking and I have 2 weeks til my friends wedding! and I gained the 4 lbs i lost!!! #fail. OH well. Back on the grind. lol
  8. I am going thru UniGlobe. Thats how me and Gaylene are. We email eachother back and forth like "how was your weekened" blah blah blah.. lol shes pretty awesome
  9. It was hard! my body is still sore. But for some reason im Up 4 lbs today.. blah I could throw my scale sometimes. I weigh myself at 6 am and its always higher than if i weigh at 9 am which would be 2 lbs less.. Ill see what tomorrow shows lol AND the bear is pretty cute. If i had a cabin Id totally put it there lol
  10. I wont this decorative bear in a stump.. Its totally something you would put at a cottage. Im having a Wedding social(fundraiser) so im going to use it as one fo the prizes because My FI wouldnt let me put it up at our house. I think you can use it for flowers and what not
  11. HEY ladiessss! Well I went to bootcamp at shapes last night.. and OMG!!!!! death! DEATH! it was hard, but I pushed through it! Started with bench jumps. We were in pairs. While one person is doing their 10 bench jumps the other is doing jump squats. So there is no stopping. So you think " oh .. 10 isnt bad...." Well Then you do 9 and so on and so on til 1. then you run laps... then the next move.. omg.. I was so dead But it worked.. HOpefully. ! lol HOpe you all are having a good week! Oh and I just found out I won something at work.. YAY!
  12. THANKS GUYS! still didnt get the time thing sorted out.. But Im over that. The wedding will be at 1. Very happy the passes got sorted out!!! Time is sure flying!
  13. 10.50 IS the price just for the dinner.. If its 25.50 including open bar thats pretty good..
  14. GREAT news for me! everything has been sorted out! I am back to being stress free about this! lol Biggest tip: get a good travel agent.. Mines the best!
  15. I know right! AND its not like they are going to be going to all the resturants. we are renting the Plantation out so they will be in the BIG ass room thats there so whats the difference???? Its absolutly stupid!
  16. I know! I mean 10 ppl shouldnt make a big issue, but nope they are like if its at capacity too bad. So our travel agent is trying to work her magic, and basically will tell them.. listen you are gonna lose out on the money so I mean come on im paying for the private reception lol
  17. Well there has been more than one lol But I let the first one go. But now its a issue with realtives coming from the usa or directly in Jamaica. And we wont know if they can come on the resort or not until day of wedding and if the resort is full or not. so now some guests may not come Because they dont know for sure if they can get in for the wedding.. Understandable I wouldnt want to pay if I cant come for sure. And the reason they arnt staying at the resort is because they want to stay with family in Jamaica as thats home for them. .. so thinking about moving off resort to ensure that everyone can come.. its a nightmare and annoying.. and this isnt even MY aunt. Its his. and I have to take all the flack.. -sighs-
  18. My budget is going to depend on if we have to move our wedding off site or not. We are trying to keep it around 10k, but If I have to it will be around 12k. We have about 60 ppl coming. My ways to cut costs are to do a lot of DIY . I got my bridesmaids boquets for 35$ total. My dress was 150.00 total with shipping ( I got a replica dress, the original was 1400), Im ordering my deocrations offline including tulle chair ties, center pieces ( again DIY) I was originally going to do OOT packages, HOWEVER I decided I probably won't because A. PPl probably wont even use half the crap I put in there. anything i would put in there they probably have already brought. In stead they will get a welcome letter and lay out of the week and how things will unfold on wedding day, and If i see something price friendly I may throw it in or a pack of cards or something like that. The OOT bags are nice, but budget wise its the first to be cut lol. I will however be having gifts for my bridesmaids, so i can put a little more into theirs then I had originally anticipated as well as small gifts for our parents, and my gift for my soon to be husband. I will have a better idea budget wise once I know whether or not we are going to stay on the resort or go off..
  19. THATS AWESOME! yay! We didnt have a engagment party ( fiance thinks its lame, and what not.. ) and I think our wedding social (fundraiser) is kinda like a engagement party. The province I live in is the only that that allows us to have wedding socials. Basically its a big party, you rent a hall, have prizes , sell booze and have fun.You sell tickets to it which is 10.00 so right now we should have 400 sold so thats 4000 right there. But then you have to minus the expense of the hall and what not. You make money off the prizes and the drinks. Basically its a fundraiser and I guess in canada ( Manitoba where I live) thats our form of a engagment party! lol Im sure Ill probably have a bridal shower and get stuff ( not sure what because we dont need anything ) but it will all be fun! Hope you have a great trip in oct! I m going to Minneapolis for my bacholorette party in NOvember 5 months away! eek!
  20. UGh, Well depending on what information my Travel Agent comes back with in regards to some issues we are having, we now may be having our wedding off resort. SMh
  21. Thankfully transportation to and from the hotel is included in our price. However for our second week in negril. Since we probably will not be staying at the Riu there, We have to find our way to there.. lol
  22. I have been lifetime since decemeber I thinkAhh I cant remember. My FI is the same way. He thought it was a joke, How can you eat so many pts and lose weight, But i did lose 90 so it had to work. haha And ive kept it off. Hes skinny so he doesnt understand Good job yourself! and congrats! you should be proud
  23. So far, my only issues with the resort, was they messed up my time for my wedding. Whcih caused a big inconvience for me. And the fact that they didnt offer us anything for their screw up kinda annoyed us. We were going to stay at the RIU negril for the second week, but because of the mess on the time, we decided to go elsewhere in negril for the 2nd week
  24. Well for me personally, I am 4 lbs away from my UGW that i set out for weight watchers when I first started and my NEW UGW will be another 10 after that before my wedding ( id like a nother 20 but i wont be gready, and I may look to skinny if I got that low) All you can do is jump back into it. Today is a new day
  25. Well you are in the right place. we like to talk about everything in here, but we do always go back to how we are doing for the wek(weight loss wise) Im sure if you cut the booze (empty calories) and the deserts you will prob easily lose that. since I started losing weight like 2 years ago I cut out booze completely and ate better etc, (followed weight watchers) and lost 90 lbs total so far. My goal is another 4 before my friends wedding in august, and then another 10 by my wedding. hard work and determination. You can do it
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