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  1. AWW MAN! i wish i would have seen this thread earlier!! Totally would have joined Keep up the good work ladies!
  2. For centre pieces I was planning on just bringing some Freeze dried flowers( also using for the aisle) and sprinkling them on the table with some tea light candles in some decrotaive small vases, and Maybe a table runner in my colours. Something Simple and nice and easy to pack and budget friendly.
  3. Oh that's pretty good ! From TO its generally cheaper. We just got our quotes a week or so ago. And good for 30 days so we have to make a decision soon I think ours was just for garden suites. Is have to look at the quote again. When are you going for again?
  4. Thanks. Yeah I think we will go for the 3pm slot for the same reason haven't booked anything as of yet because hearing from another agent if we can get a lower price we were quoted 1720 from winnipeg. How are your guys group rates ? h
  5. Anyone have a idea of what time they want their ceremony at? IM playing back and forth between 3pm and 5pm. I emailed Fernanda and she said sunset is at about 530. So i was thinking of going with a 3pm ceremony, that way it leaves time for pictures after while there is still some sunlight and then do dinner around 5-6. What are Your thoughts on ceremony times?
  6. OH THANKS! I havent booked any photographers yet. Im thinking of just taking the free pics that come with the package, and then doing a photo shoot off the resort, Def going to do a TTD session thats what I really want pics of And then have some pics done from the onsite photographer just for whatever is free. I have a friend who is pretty good with a camera so im sure she can do some pics. When are you getting married there?
  7. Hello all, I have read every single page in this forum and it has been such a great help! This hotel is one of my options for my DW that I am planning for Jan 2014! My Fiance backround is Jamaican, His parents are from there, so I am laughing when you guys say they run on their own time.. THAT they definately do! I have to deal with it here at home! So Im sure if I pick any resrot in Jamaica I will be able to SOMEWHAT deal with "Jamaican time" as we call it lol. Though Im sure it will still drive me a little bit crazy (it does now!) I think the biggest advice I will take from this is KEEP every email! Sounds like they change their prices a bit, So I will keep a eye on that! I meet with my TA tomorrow to see what they can offer and do, and hopefully have a decision made on what resort we are going to pic! Everyones pics look great. For outside photographers did you just pay for them for the night so that way they are a "guest " and not a vendor?Or can you just get them the day pass for the resort in stead if you are not wanting pics of you getting ready? Im sure I will have more questions to ask later!!
  8. Hi everyone, Im not sure if there currently is a thread on any upcoming weddings at this resort! I am hoping to book something for Jan 2014! Has anyone recently been married here within the last year or months and would like to share any info? How did you find the resort? Were there a lot of weddings during the week or days? I have heard that its a wedding factory at this resort. If this is the case, was the wedding and ceremony good, or did it feel rushed? Was there a semi private location for dinner? i am thinking about 20 ppl will be attneding our wedding, so not a big group but big enough. I have MANY questions.. lol Any information would be great!!!
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