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  1. CARDIO is just boring me lately. I usually do kickboxing/turbo jam, but im just bored with it! I have to get out of that funk. next week
  2. THANKS! especially once I buckle down. lol I mean I have been pretty good but just lacking in the cardio department! You have done amazing
  3. Thats awesome ladies! congrats! im 4 lbs away from my goal for my friends wedding which is 160 Im 5"6-5'7" ish. And then for my wedding I would like to be 150 or less (preferably 140) lol But I dont know if Ill see that number as I think i would look aneroxic. But time will tell! so right now im 14 lbs away from MY wedding goal for January! WHICH is dooable. Right now im focusing on toning, and gaining muscle mass so the weightloss part is a bit slower, but i did lose a lb this week! yay I work alot at both jobs, so after next week I am no longer picking up hospital shifts, so that from August on I can focus on my workouts ( doing more cardio) I should easily be able to lose the last 10 lbs before my wedding, and the 4 lbs before my friends wedding August 24!
  4. There isnt many options. The only family that is going from my side is my Mom my dad, my aunt and uncle on my dads side.. and my brother. So ill have to sit my dad and his gf with my aunt and uncle. And then put my mom and brother with someone. The rest of the ppl coming are friends and my FI family lol . blah. Damn seperations lol
  5. That is so exciting. It will come fast! Mine is in January and once sept comes it will be so crazy!!! Sept -Our wedding social October- hopefully have everything orderd and arrived November- Bachlorette party December- xmas Jan- leave! summer has gone by so fast, and I want Jan to come even faster, but at the same time I am wanting it to slow down because before I know it it will be over !!!
  6. Your invites are gorgeous! love it! I totally forgot to post ours. We have two different ones. The fun ones we sent out to everyone and then the few formal ones we are sending to realtives in Jamaica. My deliemma with my parents now are dad bringing his friend/girlfriend. Mom has no significant other, My parents are seperated, but have never got divorced. And my issue is where do I sit them. I was going to put them all together, but thats not happening. lol Can never win
  7. OH DEFINATELY! and its fun!! ok well the first few are fun. then you are like why did I do this again. IM cutting costs everywehre. Im doing my own centerpieces bringing my own chair ties and table runners. candles.. etc. They are already killing me with their extra charges, they arent getting more
  8. I did my own invites. We got 100 free invite cards from our TA, I might have a pic somewhere and then we just added a insert into it that we made our selves We have to send out a few "formal" invites to Realtives in Jamaica, so I went and got those invite kits that are at michaels and it was 90% off ! so I got it for 4$ and we just have to put our little spiel on there and send it! I bet you can do the passport invites realitively cheap on your own(if you have the time) and either try cutting em your self with a razor or a crafting knife or take them. I bet it will still be cheaper!
  9. I AGREE thats totally insane! might as well pay for another relative to go and have them carry stuff lol thats ridiculous!!!!!
  10. me too! IM GONNA give each person something to bring lol. haha Like my parents and bridesmaids and the guys haha.. suckers
  11. How much is it for extra luggage thru your airline? with our group thru i think sunquest we dont even have the option to have extra luggage
  12. Im not sending them to the resort, but to realitives in Jamaica, My FI parents are originally from Jamaica, so they have lots of family still there, and some will be coming to the wedding. So ILl be sending them stuff in the mail to bring with them to the resort (if it comes down to me needing to bring anything extra)
  13. I got them off aliexpress. They dont have a lot of different realtouch flowers, but for my BM I wanted something simple. So the calla Lillies work perfect. Im going to get my bridal boquet and grooms boutineer or whatever its called ill get at the resort and possibly the flowers for our parents.(which I may add is turning into a debacle because my parents are seperated and my dad is bringing his gf and now all hell is breaking loose) For decore, Im ordering it all offline, and ill be bringing it with me, Or ill be shipping it to some of my FI relatives in Jamaica. Small things like the chair ties and the tulle I think i might put in my dress bag lol and then the other decor ill put in my suitcase or carry on. I have to dbl check that I get a carry on. The company we went with is kinda dumb with their baggage alotment(which was a issue with my FI parents) so I may have to send things to Jamaica prior. Or ask to stick things in ppls bags lol
  14. WOW! so sorry that happened to you. I have a aunt like that. (shes not invited to the wedding nor do I talk to her) Me and her had a falling out a few years ago( i never really liked her then either, but I was raised to respect my elders until she pulled the BS she did, and from that day on no respect is shown to her from me) ANYWAYS, ppl like that dont deserve to share in your special day, If she was invited to your legal ceremony and she didnt come, thats her own damn fault. Just because someone is "family" doesnt mean they are entitled to treat/speak to someon the way your aunt treated you, and thats the same motto I go for my bitch of aunt. some ppl are just not nice ppl at all You are going to have a beautiful wedding with the ppl that want to spend it with you. Put your miserable aunt out of your mind and enjoy the next few weeks before your wedding. All the best!
  15. Go with what Keisha is telling you, and make sure you keep the info. So when you are the resort you have what she wquoated you. I have heard that ppl say the price changes once they are there. If you have the emails and print them out, you can dispute it. also I have heard ppl neogitated different or lower prices. I tink im giong to wait until im actually there, as i have had issues with the resort already so Im just going to deal with them in person. Im getting Married in January, so Ill keep all my papers and ill pass on all the info I get
  16. Im not sure about that. I know its for sure 2 adults and 2 children per room, but not sure about 1 adult and four kids. Id ask your TA or KEISHA
  17. on a non related weight note. I ordered my Bridesmaids boquets! They are Real touch Calla LIllies in white. and for 4 boquets of 9 flowers each. 37bucks! AND free shipping! Cant beat that! I wanted something simple for my bridesmaids and the resort was going to charge more then that for ONE boquet for my bridesmaids! so I get 4 of them and Ill have extra flowers that I can use for the groomsmen! Once they arrive I will post pictures so you guys can see. I also ordered my corset that Im going to wear under my corset dress.. Double corset cant hurt right? lol Im using it more for my bridesmaid dress in august for my friends wedding But im gonna try it with my dress too EEEEK getting excited for all the stuff I get to start ordering soon! (center pieces table runners, chair ties etc) lol
  18. I guess in the end thats what matters right?. Long as it fits good and looks good. No one is gonna know our weight under the dress anyways. Its just a mental thing for us females that society screams at us! -shakes head- lol
  19. Nope. I havent seen any of the videos. I decided just to have family video record it for me. Unless i have some spare cash laying around lol
  20. Hate that feeling yet love it all at the same time! lol I gotta kick my ass a little more tonight Since I started my program Ive only lost about 2-3 lbs.. but lost inches and noticeable changes in my stomach area and arms are more defined
  21. I reserved mine thru the website also. They take your credit card info. but nothing was charged.
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