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  1. Thats awesome losing inches is the best thing weight always flucuates.. I did my first workout today *officially* Food wise breakfast was my protein shake, snack was a yogurt, lunch was whole wheat pasta with sauce , dinner was suppose to be stirfry but ended up being cereal and toast.. lol oh well
  2. Thats good though , could mean that you are building muscle but leaning out. I know we are so focused on the weight numbers, but look at the inches. if they are going down then yippeeeee!! My weight fluctuates anywhere between 5-7 lbs so its a lose lose battle with that for me. Long as i hover around the weight i posted then i am good lol
  3. Well its monday! and its my starting date.. UGH LOL These are my starting stats Height 5'6'' or 5'7'' Weight- 163-165 ( my last officialy weight watches weigh in last week was 163 So i generally go like that since my weight flucutautes so much during the week and Mondays arent my typical cweigh ins) Waist- 29.5 inches Belly button 32.5 inches R Thigh 23.5 inches Left thigh 23.5 inches R arm 12.5 inches Left arm 12 inches I forgot my hips but the last time I did my hips they were 38 inches My plan is. get home from work, change, do my workout Get it over and done with, then eat supper which will be chicken stirfy I have to eat perfect this week because this weekend is my Bachlorette party in Minneapolis which means Cheesecake factory and famous daves and alcohol. I have to be very careful!!!!! Have a great week everyone
  4. I beelieve they take care of the rest. I woudl email keisha the tracking information and let her know you sent it.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Yeah I meant to take them when I started but haven't yet. So I think I am going to take them this weekend... I also think I will do one in workout clothes and in a bathing suit! Ohh I am excited to see the results... I just went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of green veggies to make a green smoothie tomorrow morning! yuM! I hear a lot of ppl make those green smoothies.. I usually take frozen strawberries half a scoop of whey protein and some skim milk mixed with water for a smoothie in the morning.. thats generally my breakfast lol im excited too! operation beach body! lol
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by krisdaversa I totally hear ya! and tans a plus for sure! Diamonds work or I would take him cleaning for a week :-) LOL thankfully my FI is the clean freak, so i have no problems with that. Im sure he would be happy if i kept the house spotless for a week or picked up my clothes everyday. its hard working 2 jobs! lol
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by krisdaversa Love the idea of the budoir book, that has been something I have been playing around with in my head and I think I am going to do it. My FI is also into cars but corvettes we/he just bought one so I will have to get him something on the lines of that I mean i personally dont like to see myself in the items that you wear in these budoir books. lol but he likes my body so I guess to him its a good thing hahaa But I def need to get a tan before I do this. lol A tan always makes you feel more confident lol Spray tan for the win See we are so easy to buy for. Diamonds ALWAYS work jk
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Alright these are a little late, but here are my week 1 measurements: Oct 27, 13 Chest: 38 Waist: 30.5 Arm: 13.25 Thigh: 27.15 I have been working out this week, but haven't eaten the best so I am a little afraid for my measurements this weekend... BUT I went to Victoria Secret and found a bikini top I want... I am unsure if I should buy it now a size smaller then I currently need and use it as my motivation or if I should just remind myself I want it and then at the end of this program go and buy it in the size that fits at the end... I just hope it will still be there! But I also don't really want to buy it and I don't lose or it gets too big lol! Its so cute though! Awesome! Those arent even bad starting stats! I am officially starting monday I made that my start date in my mind, no more double shifts for me and im dedicating the time to do it 5 days aw eek and adding some weights in!!! im going to Minneapolis next weekend and i am going to lookin at bathing suits in at VS. Its really up to you, if you want it sitting in yoru closet until after the program, or if you want to buy it after you get amazing results! not going to lie. today is going to be a write off food wise, we have a "goodie day" at work, and me being the sleep deprived person i am from working last night, i forgot my wallet at home and have no lunch, so cookies are going to be my lunch today lol and im getting chinese food for later while i hand out candy ( fat day) hahah I bought a bathing suit last weekend. I like how it looks so far, despite my lack of a tan right now, but that is all about to change, got to get my tanning regimine going lol Make sure you take before and after pics (for yourself) so that you can see the difference I think i am going to take one in workout clothes and then one in the bathin suit I just bought
  9. Just incase anyone is interested... I will be bringing down my own decor for my wedding JAN 16/2014. Im bring chair ties, tulle for the gazebo, aisle runner, orchid center pieces, material for the head table etc) Color theme is Turquoise blue. I realllly dont wanna bring it all back with me and if anyone is interested in buying them off me when they are there they are more then welcome to ! Just seeing if there would be any interest
  10. I will be going saturday to this lady here in Winnipeg for lashes. Iam trialing them before january! So Hope it looks great. Ill take beofre and after pictures of r my lashes ( they are already long to begin with but want a little more)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe My dress was 3 sizes too big. The seamstress worked magic on it. If you have the right seamstress she can take it in for you and it will look fantastic! Congratulations on the inches lost Danielle! Thanks! I mean I AM happy where I am. Ppl are telling me IM too thin lol cause my collar bone STicks out. but its just my stomach area.. maybe i should focus just on crucnhes haha.. but we all know abs are made in the kitchen. I have noticed by eating "clean" that my stomach has gone down .. so it really does work lol
  12. THANK YOU im excited. 2 more months! And I havent even started my DIY stuff.. i better get my butt in gear on that! tmrw is my last hospital shift so I will have more time to do all my projects.. lol
  13. i FINALLY came up with a good idea to get my FI. I am going to make a budoir book *( my friend is into photography and said she will take some shots for me when we go for my bachlorette party) and my FI is into formula 1 racing. So it CLICKED when he wa watching F1 this sunday twhat I would get him. I am giong to buy him a weekend pass to F1 racing in MTL or somewhere in the states. ( i originally was going to purchase the ticket, but then decided to make him a 'coucher" so that way he can pick where he wants to sit and which one he wants to go to. ) So I will make him a legit looking ticket for it and then i am going to get him a F1 model for his desk at work and for him to have soemthing to open when we get married. I was going to get a watch, but he has so many already
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by ironman That is incredible, great work! You look amazing and your dress fits fabulously!! AW why thank you! We really are our own worst critcis. all i do is pick it apart lol but i really appreciate the wonderful comments 2 more months !! eek
  15. AWESOME thanks. im gonna do that with my T25 laso:) Im still starting nov 4 Too busy working my second job this week. i have no time to do a workout and not getting up at 4 to do it lol So Monday it is!
  16. AWW well thank you! I can notice the back part for sure.. Now if i could only get some boobs my problems would be fixed lol Just want to tone a little of my arms tho. lol i feel like they are flabby but probably because the lack of a tan lol I always feel better when i got some color
  17. Ok so there isnt THAT much of a difference now that i put the pics like this, But i DEF need to work on my arms.. lol Sorry for the difference in colors. I cut my face out cause the lack of a tan and no make up makes me look like a zombie from walking dead lol
  18. I ship everything to the boarder there and pick it up when i go down to the states for the weekend SAVES SOOOOOOOO MUCH yay! On another note. I did my dress fitting this weekend. and I cant lose any more weight or my dress is going to be too big! its already a little loose and its a corset and pulled as tight as it can go!!! So apparently my weight isnt movin on the scale but i lost some inches!!! so my goal right now is 3 more blbs so I get to 160 and then just to maintain and tone for the wedding. Otherwise i will not have a dress to get married in !!! :X Ill post pics later
  19. Im not going to use the shakeology, (mainy because I cant afford it right now unles I can find it online for cheap. ) But I will be using whey isolate protein for shakes in the morning. I usually use half a scoop with a splash of skim milk and strawberries. And I think there is a diet that goes with it, but i havent been able to find it online yet ( so if anyone has that and wants to share ) Otherwise I am going to just have a clean diet with one cheat meal
  20. I have Unoffocially started this week too. But i am just going to restart it NOv 4, that way I can dedicate the aloted time from that day on . I keep starting and stopping so I want something to keep me motivated and accountable to I was going to start NOV 1 but thats a friday and would just throw everything off so NOV 4 it is Look forward to seeing and sharing everyones results LETS KICK THIS THINGS ASS!
  21. OK I made a focus t25 group. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/87738/focus-t25-weightloss-group-start-november-4-2013
  22. Hello Ladies! I decided to create a thread/group for those of us wanting a commitment and something to be accountable to! For those that are interested please read the info below: START DATE: MONDAY NOV 4/2013 How this will work is: Monday is DAY 1 On Monday November 4th we will post our starting stats which can include the following: Height: Weight: (optional I know some ppl dont want to post their weight, understandable) Waist: In inches Hips: In inches Right Thigh: In inches Left Thigh: In inches Right Arm: In inches Left Arm: In inches MONDAYS WILL BE CHECK IN /STAT POSTING DAY ^^ the above measurements are optional if you want to post them. But if we post them once a week A it will keep us motivated and accountable B we will be able to see our progress in inches and not just in the scale wise We can also post a before pic if we want Ill leave that up to you guys. How focus T 25 works is its mon-fri 25 mins a day of intense working out (from my research it burns about 250 calories) Friday has a double work out. Saturday is a rest day and sunday is a "stretch" day But you can use it as a rest day also. Please post below if you would like join and REMEMBER to post your starting stats on MONDAY NOV 4/2013!
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