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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by csho I just finished my first week of T25 this morning! I have to say my weight hasn't budged all week, but I also wasn't watching was I was eating... my goal for next week is to make sure I eat better and continue to follow the program. I even got up at 530am this morning so I could do both workouts in a row since I know I won't be able to do one tonight! I am so proud of myself... just wish I'd seen a little movement on the scale. But I won't let that deter me since I have felt so great all week! Thats great! I Unoffocially started yesterday ( again) i did the cardio one. And ill do another today and over the weekend. My official start day is Nov 1, But its a thursday so May just push the actuall start date til the 4th and just do my other workouts on the first. I want to keep it mon-friday. My goal is to bang them out in the morning before work. which means a 530 start for me also. ( i am not a morning person) and then Ill do a weight set in the evening. as for the weight loss, i heard its more inhes you lose. so i would measure yoruself before starting the second week and then check your measurements the following week. my weight hasnt budged in over a yer. Been stuck at the same weight no matter what i do. so I am just going to be happy if i see some inhes dropping I want to make a t25 thread and have a offical start date and then each week we post our stats lol. If anyone is interested let me know and ill start it
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ironman Well, I'll keep you all posted with the gel bust cup question if I learn anything further. We're flying to NYC next week so maybe I will ask security at the airport. But I might just try to find some foam ones so I don't have to worry at all. Today marks 48 days until our departure to Mexico!! And in very un-operation-wedding-dress fashion, I bought two chocolate advent calendars and today we opened the first door! I was only going to buy one calendar and start counting down 24 days in advance, but when I was in the store I decided I was too excited and switched it to a 48 day countdown! I love the calander idea. I am so going to do this 24 days before we leave for Ja. a little chocolate doesnt hurt anyone lol
  3. I too am debating to wear a veil or not. I want to, adn then I dont. And then I do! Ugh.. so many decisions lol
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lorcas Hi girls! Didn't update all of you on my half marathon. As you can tell..I am alive, lol. I did it in 2:37, and my goal was under 3 hours, so yay!! I beat my goal. I had to take some time off from working out/running because my body was definitely mad at me for putting it through 13.1 miles of practically ALL HILLS. (Baltimore is one of the hilliest half marathons/marathons if anyone is wondering about doing it..) I planned on starting T25 this week, but I got in a little over my head with my halloween costume, and I've had to dedicate all of my extra time to sewing on lots of singular ivy leaves, haha. So hopefully I will start Saturday morning! Keep up the good work ladies! I GIVE YOU PROPS! I can barely jog out 2/5 miles nevermind 13.1 in a moutainy hilly terrain! I would of taken a year off! lol We should all start t-25 at the same time lol I decided to start it Nov 1 that gives me 3 months Good luck with the halloween costume
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jessica Correa omg ladiess!! I am so excited for you all. it is still more than a few days until I head to ROR and say I DO but at least I will get to hear back from all of you LOL Congrats~ and enjoy it! make sure you take it all in! Please let us know how everything goes and post some pics whenever you get off your newley married high
  6. lol Im sorry I find the gel cups hilarious. (just the conversation with airport security is making me laugh , not the fact of the cups, because I htink i need to get some for my self) smh.. I hope it works out. Id like to konw the answer too since I think ill be getting some sort of "implants " for myself haha
  7. SO PROUD of everyone ! keep up the great work! Update on me. So far I am still just sitting at my stuck weight.. 164-165 I am 5' 7'' (everyone keeps telling me im to skinny ) I am ok with that ( for now) I have been working so much and only been able to workout sometimes 3 times awek. I try and watch my food intake and continuing to eat "clean" except for my once in a while cheat meals. My new goal is 160 by my bachlorette party which is nov 8-11. ( im so excited!) we are going to Minneapolis for the weekend. I only have 2 more shifts at my second job (thats what i keep telling myself, but i like money too much , but i need to focus on my workouts now) so Nov 1 I am RESTARTING focus 25 and my weight training routine. and I HAVE to be consistent because its 3 months until Jamaica and I want to look great on the beach ( since ill be in a bikini for 2 weeks ) On a none weightloss working out note. I have to start on my DIY projects. I hfinally have most of the supplies i need and its getting cold here so i can huddle myself in my house and start doing these projects
  8. Thats so exciting! 3 months today I will be a MRS lol its coming so fast
  9. I ve done the t25 I didnt follow the program just did workouts in the morning. and the workouts are pretty good. gets your HR up and you sweat. I will probably try to follow the actual program once I have more time to dedicate it . probably in November
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kay2015 Thank thank you soo much.... All this helps everyone says squats lol but do they really work? Maybe I just wanna see results in a week lol even though its not gonna happen. Any advice for doing squats from your home?? Thanks NO PROBLEM! Squats work the back of your thinghs and your butt.. so they definately work. you can easily do squats at home If you dont have different weights you can grab two ten lb weights and start with that. I squat heavy when im using dumbells or a barebll i use about 50lbs.. if im at the gym with the squat machine about 80-100.. but thats pushing the weights where if you do them at home you will have the weights in your hand or on your shoulder/back. and be going to the floor with them so I use a bit less when I am doing those. If you are concerned with the front of your thighs. then you would need to do leg extensions at the gym I mean squats will help a bit with those but not as much. I havent found any good at home ones for the front of your legs. You can also do sumo squats ( i love those) My body is so stuck it always levels back at this weight ugh.. oh well lol Spanx and corset will hide any stomach i have left less then 4 months!!! eek.. A guy at work is going to take me to this MMa training bootcamp thing with him. god im gonna be dead lol
  11. Hey I had emailed my resort contact in regards to this. ( I am getting married at theRiu Ocho Rios ) in Jamaica and they said my short form would be fine.. long as i have a notorized copy of that and my passport. I told her my dads name isnt on ther eand they said its fine. This is from the email she sent me :: "We require notorized copies of birt cert ( short or long) notorized copies of passport picture page"
  12. for stomach and abs area I would recommend like planks, ab exercises. crunches bicycle crunches basically anything core. For but. squats squtats and more squats.. lunges ( use heavy weights. I squat with about 50 lbs even tho i know i can do more) jump squats( without weights) Sumo squats( with weights) you can do floor exercises for your butt where you put a light weight behind your knee and push your leg up the the sky If you google butt exercises there are many good luck.
  13. NICE.. Yeah its defiantely hard to train my mind that eating "MORE" is goign to thelp. I have been eating more nuts and stuff and avacados trying to up my protein, and I have been drinkin protein shakes but still around 1000 calories Im going to sit down this sunday and try and pre plan all my meals so i get at least 1300 calories. (godo ones) and see what happens. Im back in my gym mode. twice a week with a trainer(tho i doubt his stuff is going to help) and then the other 3 days on my won I have to go for my dress fitting by next month. I have no issue with how it fits now just want it to be more loose so i have to take it in heheh i will be in my 150's by my wedding
  14. So yesterday was day two at shapes ( with the trainer-sighs- its not what i expected. But its better than what I have been doing lol Basically we did 1 minute cardio then some weights and repeat I mean I heard thats the most effective way to burn fat, but I just feel to advanced for this class. Everyone else is older or have a lot to lose. Im going to continue going since I paid for it, But i went up the to trainer and asked him what I could do on the days we arent with him. His response. " uh, legs.. uh weights .. " Im sure he didnt give me a direct answer cause he wants me to pay him some more, but Im just going to do what I have been doing which is cardio and some weights plsu the 2 days with him. HOpefully after the 8 weeks I see some results. According to the fitnes thing they gave us I should be eating about 1300-1800 calories, and im BARELY making 1000. its not that IM starving myself its just that Im not hungry so I dont eat. So I have to try and add more calories in that are whole calories and good. Ex oatmeal, more protein, veggies etc. I must say tho It feels good to be back in the gym and im ready to kill a workout tonight and this weekend
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenny2014 We got a Boxer Wow!!!!! So close!!!!! Good for you, getting the runs in! Yeah, since getting the puppy, it has been even worse haha. I haven't done anything in over a week now, and we ate like complete crap all last week and even last night. So today, that ends. Only good food today, and maybe I will do some kind of work out at home today, since puppy can't walk very far and hates his leash still haha. You can do it! Make a difference in 8 weeks! omg.. puppy is so cute! love it! As for him walking with the leash. Put his collar and leash on when hes in the house and let him just walk around with it, he will get use to it that way. Just keep a eye on him cause if hes like my dog he will chew his way out lol. Tonight is Day 1. Im excited. I need soemthing to push me. Plus it brings up to my bachlorette party so something to work hard towards so i hcan have a delish weekend away and not dwell on the calories!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenny2014 Great job ladies! Sounds like most of us are doing so well, and showing some serious results! I fell off the work out wagon I was so good for so many weeks, and then last week it started to peter out, and this week, I did nothing at all AND I ate pasta on Wednesday. (which I haven't had in nearly 8 weeks!... however, it was a major, major craving and I felt sooo much better haha). So that stops now! We pick up our puppy tonight, so no more excuses to be lazy and not go out and do anything! Walks multiple times a day now, and spending every last moment outside while this weather stays decent! (you wouldn't know it today... had to break out my leather jacket because it's only 11 degrees out! celius, to my american friends ) Dont worry, you aren't the only one that fell off the working out wagon. I have too. But now that baseball is done, and my social is done i have way more time. I joined shapes yesterday for this 8 week weightloss program. two workouts a week and they take before and after pictures and weigh you and stuff. I plan on going in to the gym more then the 2 times per week. My bacholrette party is in november sand thats when this 8 weeks end so hopefully I can look hot for the party
  17. WOW.. GOOD D JOB GIRL!!! I am almojst 4 months out. and i REALLY need to start kicking my ass. No more slacking. No more excuses lol Clean eating and gym mode for me! Summer is over time to kick it up a notch!
  18. 0O0O Maybe i should download that one too! my FI is going to be like " another workout video?" haha I know ! its super close and my social is next Saturday! eek exciteeeeed!
  19. oh.. ! well hurryup thursday! lol well I like it for the cardio thats for sure. Had my friends wedding this weekend. I didnt get to the weight I wanted to 4 lbs off. and now 7 lbs off.. damn you wedding food and wine, but i know ill be back to 4 lbs away by the weekend( i hope) lol. New goal is 4 lbs by my social.... next saturday I dont think thats doable tho! I cant beleive how fast everything is going. its only 5 months until my wedding! EEK i better step this workout up hhaa
  20. yay! i like the focus 25.. makes me sweat in 25 mins and its quick! I dont like the ab one tho I generally skip that. I did my t25 last night and omg it was so hot out even with a fan i was drenched in sweat. It was disgusting but awesome at teh same time!! lol Also had a double baseball game last night, but didnt exert too much energy in that! How are you liking t25? I never follow the program the way they lay it out. Maybe I should try haha
  21. Im not sure. I dont recall seeing any. I know the nails were expensive. Like 100bucks . I have to figure out what im gonna do for my nails. lol because Ill be getting there on a monday and wedding isnt until thursday. So I have to try and find someone tht is open sunday here so I can get my nails done just before i leave! eek! lol
  22. Right now Im leaning towards having the resort do my hair and make up. for both its about 160, But im srue because my hair is long they are gonna try and charge me even more. If thats the case, i will only do the make up thru them and do my own hair. If anyone has any off resort suggestions please let us know! lol
  23. Well Last night I did my cardio PLUS a bit more! i did my Focus 25 of 25 mins cardio, and then i did 20 mins of my Turbo Jam fat burner And then this MORN i got up at 530 and killed another focus 25, and When I get home tonight I may just do another session and add some weights in ! Happy friday!
  24. THATS AWESOME! i couldnt get up this morning. lol I kept hitting snoozze, so my workout will be done tonight after we meet with the DJ for our social ( which I still cannot find a dress for UGH) . I had every intention of working out yesterday after my running around, but by the time I got home at * then cooke supper it was 930, and I was ready for bed lol so now I have to do a workout tonight because I coudlnt get up this morning!!! I think I will alternate days of 530 am workouts because I cant do everyday, NOt yet anyways! haha
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