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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Awesome! Good luck with it!!! I made carrot-lentil soup over the weekend so that's what I will be eating this week for lunches with some veggies! And I've pretty much been eating cheerios and a banana in the morning... I love carbs, so I like eating them in the morning and then for dinner doing more of a protein and veggies and a salad. We've been pretty good with having some type of meat, a salad and veggies last week, so I am going to continue that! Also my goal is to cut out chocolate everyday this week... Friday I'll be going to my friends dessert restaurant so I'll have something there, but today til Thursday I am going chocolate free! gOOD JOB! i love carbs too. So I am trying to have good carbs like the yams. I love Cheerios too. Or shredded wheat, which is good also. Im really trying to clean up my diet, with xmas coming, and then the wedding.. eek!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by csho I am finished alpha phase!!! And I did my measurements this week. Down about 5 lbs - I really focused on eating well this week and it made a huge difference, so now I am really going to focus and make the effort to eat as healthy as possible up until the wedding!(well and hopefully in the future as well!). To get to my ideal weight for the wedding I'll need to drop about 2 lbs per week until April... I am not sure if that will be possible, I will do my best, but I think with Christmas and my birthday in the mix it may not be quite that much. Oh well as long as my dress fits that's what will matter the most! Good job girl! I finished week 1 this weekend. I am up in weight, but its also because I weigh myself everyday ( i do not recommend, it has become a obsession. But it keeps me accountable. FYI my weight flucutates between 3-6 lbs during the week-right now on the higher end : ) This week I am focusing on food as well. I meal prepped last night. This is basically what im eating this week: Breakfast- Strawberries and protein poweder ( shake) Snack- Boiled Egg, no yolk Lunch- 3 oz chicken ( baked with mrs dash) Brocolli, and Yam potato Snack- Apple and Egg white (boiled) Dinner- Chicken 3 oz, brocolli, Yam Snack- 6 almonds and a green pepper. (this is basically what im eating all week, and then off to fargo this weekend for some black friday shopping, im gonna focus on salads with chicken and one night i might hav ea steak dinner:) My workout today is : T25 Arms And my Weight lifting workout
  3. looks awesome! congrats girla nd enjoy the honey moon!! had another fitting this weekend. My dress can not go any tighter!! It is now too big for me But ill have to make due! less then 2 months to go My workout regimen is crazy now
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by csho I have three days left in the first phase! I am so excited to be moving on... as I always say lol! but I really am and I am just so thrilled with my fitness improvements! I have been eating really well this week so far and have actually seen the scale move yay! I can't wait to measure on Saturday! I am definitely more motivated now to start really watching what I am eating! And I am trying to incorporate more veggies into my meals! It also helped that I made slow cooker chili on Sunday and have been eating that for lunch all week... its delicious and so filling! I think this sunday I am going to make lentil soup... I usually find soup not as filling, but since lentils have so much protein I find it actually keeps me quite full. Last night I did the Ab workout and I cannot believe how much I have improved my core strength in the past 4 weeks! Its so awesome... I also did about a 15 minute run on my treadmill afterwards just to get a little extra workout. Tonight I am doing the Total Body Circuit and then playing volleyball. Also going to make quesadillas for dinner tonight yum! SO excited! I tried my wedding dress on over the weekend and it still doesn't zip at the chest... so I think that really put me into gear finally after all this time. I am really looking forward to the next 5 weeks to see where I'll be at... I also took "before" photos in a swimsuit this past week... decided it might be more motivating to take the photos and it would be nice to see the improvement! THATS AWESOME! congrats I am almost done week 1. As I said. I do have to do a double tonight to make up for yesterday. but not a big deal lol I totally recommend before and after pics. Im gonna take pics again in 2 weeks and see if i notice a difference. I am not looking forward to the abs one. I hate that one.. blah Im sure after th enext phase u will lose inches in your chest so that it zips up I get my dress back this weekend I actually could gain weight and it onot be a problem. But who wants that lol like ive stated before im ok where my weight is. its the excess skin if i wasnt planning to have kids id have a tummy tuck lol
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Ywilliams315 Th Thank you Hun!! Protein shake for breakfast Soup or ham salad for lunch Protein & vegetables/salad Apple & sugar free jelly for a snack. Basically no Carbs, no sweets, no cakes, biscuits etc just protein, veg, salad, fruit, lots of green tea & water xx that sounds pretty good! Thats basically what I am doing.. Today its Protein shake for breakfast, and 45 cal hot chocolate lol ( its cold out here) lunch is 1 whole wheat bread folded in half and a boiled egg with some mayo ( just a dtad- egg salad sandwich) lol Boiled eg white for snack Dinner will prob be eggs also and a grapefruit I missed my workout yesterday. I fell asleep at 830 and slept until 6 this morning! So if we dont go to this comedy show tonight i have about 2 hours of working out ahead of me! my workout from yesterday plus todays 25 mins and then my weighttraining. Not down on the scale But I also have my lovely monthly friend so my weight is usually up and this month i am SUPER bloated and crampy and back hurts.. Have a good day everyone!
  6. I keep going back and forth between cleanses to do. I once did the cabbage soup one which was actually manageable and I wasnt hungry, just the cravings kill you. I may try that again I just need to rid my body of all the crap lol
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Ywilliams315 So today was weigh day for me. I also decided I would measure myself fortnightly. So after a week of T25, detoxing & no carbs I lost 9lbs....chuffed with that. Just need to keep it up. Hope everyone else has done well xx wow! thats awesome ! good job! what did you do for a detox and what were your meals like?? keep up the good work!
  8. Yay its a new week! no problem I restarted mine yesturday lol too much stuff was coming up and i just didnt have time. BUT i have now made my committment! I started yesterday day 1, today is day two and I am about to do my workout! its 2 months til the wedding so this is the beginning of my two month routine! Workout, eat right, Tan, repeat lol GTL haha minus the laundry Well off to get day two done have a great week ladies
  9. i do try and limit my carbs, unless its whole wheat. I have made the switch over to that ( i use to hate brown rice, bread etc) but now I like it) and i have cut out booze for a while, though on my bachlorette i had a few drinks. You only live once right lol. I am only up about 4 lbs from that weekend, and thats easy for me to get off, I just have to stick to protein veggies and do a little cleanse for a few days and ill be back to normal
  10. i think its only a week. And tell me about it I couldnt do it for more than a week. Ill try and make it half way so at least 4 days lol But if i feel weak or hungry or tired then ill probably just stop. I just want a little bit of a cleanse to get the toxins out and start fresh . 2 months to go ! .. I am probably going to eat broccoli too..
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by smithandsweet what would be considered water based veggies?? cucumber, cabbage, beans, squash, bamboo shoots,turnips, lettuce, celery I would probably add in some peppers just because I like green peppers. But thats basically the list I could find
  12. Well I have two options. My sister in law told me about one offered by her chiropractor, that they are pills you take to help remove the toxins and stuff from your body, but still eat healthy. And then my other friend told me about this other one she is doing. Which is a grapefruit in the Am then you can drink mint, cucumber, lemon and water thrugouht the day, with water based veggies (through out the day) and boiled protein (eggs, chicken, etc)
  13. Crap! this means we really have to try now! lol I already have my game plan. Cleanse and starting over week 1 sunday now im exccited because i ACTUALLY have time!!!!!
  14. Sounds excellent. Thank you for posting! i am 2 months out exactly! I too am bringing my own deco and things like that. I never thought of bringing keisha a small gift but thank you for posting that, I def will get her a little something from Bath and body look forward to seeing the pics
  15. WOW LADIES! our thread is featured in the thread scroll bar! go us!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Do it! Your wedding is sooo soon! And honestly once you get into a routine of doing it you'll really want to do it and will find the time to do it! Or maybe you won't haha but I definitely want to now! I know this is what i keep telling myself. This week has been catching up on sleep . So sunday I will start AGAIN now its go time! lol.
  17. awesome job! I have to restart all over again UGH lol I might start mine on sunday just so i can force myself lol
  18. LOL OH i am forsure just regular tanning. I got a spray tan for this past weekend and its already worn off and that was regular water lol.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Hello! I am a pretty pale person, who tends to burn quite easily in the sun. I typically go to a tanning bed before I head down south to get a base tan so I don't bur. However, I am now maturing and realizing that it really does make you age faster and damage the skin much more quickly. So I am toying with the idea of getting a spray tan before I leave. I just did a trial one over the weekend and I was really impressed with how natural it looked and how great I felt! My only concern is will it last long enough? We get married 4 days into our trip, but I love the ocean and the beach and I am worried it might streak or wear off more quickly if I go in the ocean. Anyone have any experience with this? Did you get a spray tan and how long/well did it last? hey you! lol I got a spray tan before i went to mexico and i found it faded off pretty quick in the water. Something about the salt just washes it off faster. The typically last 7 days, but i did notice it faded faster, however once im i n the sun i tan pretty fast so i didnt notice at much. I am tanning about 2 months before the wedding, I just cant go there as pale as i am right now lol. But i know what you mean about maturing antd it aging faster. I use to tan alt he time, but signiificantly stopped now. Ill only tan if there i a event or going somewhere, in the summer tho i like to be in the sun. damn skin cancer:( lol
  20. Dont feel bad. I havent done anymore then the one I did on monday. SMH this week is a write off lol starting fresh monday. Bachlorette party will be over and then i can focus ! lol
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Fun! Have so much fun this weekend! I only have one more day left in week 3!! I worked out last night and got up before work this morning to do todays workout! I am also planning on going to spin class this Saturday with a friend for a little extra workout this weekend! I am actually pretty pumped to go! aww thanks! well I didnt get to work out last night.. (fail) my nails took longer then we planned, then went to look at suits for my FI, and didnt get home until 9, i had a bowl of ceral (bad) but it was cheerioss and then i went to bed. Tonight I have to dye my hair, clean my car and pack, if i have left over time ill have to get my workouts in tonight. ill try and hit the gym at the hotel in the AM for 20 mins just dto make up for it but we will see how i feel. I guess monday next week will be my new start date. my weight is maintaining so thats good
  22. AWESOME GUYS.! I mean life gets in the way but long as we try thats all tha tmatters I am off to get my nails done for my bachlorette this weekend and then double work out. booo and then packing
  23. I was given the option of having mine at the same time but at the lagoon gazebo. Because they double booked the beach gazebo. I ended up changing my time
  24. I personally think the dress look s amazing on you, and looking at the photos before reading I didnt see anything wrong with, nor do i see it now. Like the other girls said, Does it feel comfortable on you ? do you think you will be comfortable wearing it all night. ? And I agree 10 lbs in two weeks is 1. not healthy and you will only be losing water weight and lean muscle and 2. is just stupid for her to even say I say keep doing what you are doing and if it has to be let out then no big deal you are still going to look amazing either way
  25. That does sound awesome! Well I didnt get to do my work out yesterday, My dad had surgery so I was there wi th him late, so I will have to do a double workout tonight to make up for yesterday, and tomorrow ill have to do a double to make up for Friday! lol Hope everyone elses workouts are going good
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