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  1. @@itswrightsc we ended up having 34 people (including ourselves) ... Congratulations to all of you @@DANIELLE03, @@itswrightsc and @@cocoluv !! Enjoy your day!! @@DANIELLE03 I posted pics in my album ... go to my page. I only posted pics that were taken by my guests and my sister ... could not post my professional pics that the photographer took ... they are high resolution (too big) and could not upload them. I am going to try to upload them to our album in our wedding website ... LydiaAndAllan.OurWedding.com
  2. Photos of the property, before the ceremony, the ceremony and dinner reception. Also photos taken by other guest at the resort from their balcony ... aerial view of the set up at the Gazebo lagoon (garden)
  3. We just had our wedding on October 12th at RIU Ocho Rios. Michael did our photos. He was wonderful. We were so wrapped up in our wedding and our guest that we missed our appointments with Michael and we finally realized we had forgotten it was 9pm (we had set up our appointment for 6pm) We ran over to the Photo office and he had left us a note on the door and came back for us. Before the wedding photos, ceremony, dinner reception and sunset pics are amazing. And let me add that he has such a great personality and was so much fun. I read something somewhere but also read that it
  4. Our wedding was on October 12th, 2013 - 30 days ago and I just had not had time to write ... here goes. CHECK IN - FRONT DESK We arrived on the 8th, 4 days before our wedding day, and the front desk staff were amazing .. Alicia was awesome. My husband's great-aunt traveled with us and he had physical limitations (she could not walk to far) so Alicia moved their room to the 1st floor (2nd door) from the entrance (by the japanese restaurant) so she would not have a long walk to the pool, beach ... her furtherest walk was to the buffet and even that was okay. They did rent wheel chairs by
  5. please email them to me I cannot open them on this website my email address is Lidi719@aol.com
  6. I found some on Amazon has them ... you can purchase them in groups... they have 4 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack ....
  7. I just ordered the 2.25 labels for my 16 oz tumblers ... crossing my fingers that they do the trick Thank you both so much for the assist!!
  8. Thank you for the tip!!! We just ordered our Coozies and they look fabulous! Cannot wait to get them!!
  9. Our wedding is in October this year 2013 and I am curious to see what the upper level semi private dinner reception looks like. I did hear from Keisha (who has been very helpful) and she has informed me the the table is set up in a T and that i will need 5 centerpieces that go down the middle but I would love to see some pic.
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