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  2. The W has a nice rooftop beach. I like the Sofia Hotel; downtown: The Sofia Hotel in San Diego, member of the National Trust Historic Hotels of America. Cafe Sevilla is so much fun for dancing. And great sangria! Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar in San Diego, Riverside and Long Beach
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    So excited to have found this site!!

    Welcome! As you may already know, your choices for a DW are endless!! My advice is to first start with a budget. It will dictate what you can and (more importantly) cant do. Happy planning!!!
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    Recently Engaged!!

    Happy Planning!
  5. Did you ever get Father Juvencio's email? I have it, just let me know.
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    Cabo Wedding

    happy planning!
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    Clueless in Cabo?

    Welcome! Just remember..that most of the Villas have noise ordinances. That is one of the reasons I opted not to have my wedding there. Have you been working with Cabo Villas? They should be able to provide you with catering and entertainment services.......Weddings in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico - Complete Luxury Vacations
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    Hello all..!

    Welcome. Love your screen name!!!!
  9. I included... -Itinerary of wedding events -Directions to all of the events -RSVP
  10. I think its important to let your guests know the stages of the ceremony. Even if your ceremony is quick, I think guests like to know what to expect during the ceremony. I love going to weddings and reading the programs. But, If your short on time (and money), I dont see why you couldn't skip these.
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