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    ** Coupon + Discount Sharing Thread **

    luggageonline.com Code: RTI84A 15% off, expires 6/26. It works for Briggs & Riley!! I just saved myself over $49! Code: ACEYXL $10 off for purchases $50 and more, plus free shipping. Expires 6/2. Not valid on Travelpro, Samsonite, or Tumi.
  2. Coffee Addict

    Napa Valley Honeymoon?

    I would recommend the Gaige house in Sonoma: . : THOMPSON HOTELS : Hip luxury hotels in NYC, LA at the official Thompson Hotels site :. It's gorgeous!
  3. Coffee Addict

    ** Coupon + Discount Sharing Thread **

    I just got their email today, Jcrew.com code: PRIVATE 20% off for purchase $150 and more. It's 3 days only until 3/28. Have fun..! Quote: Originally Posted by nylalany Does anyone have any Jcrew coupon codes? I'm ordering a bunch of dresses from there for my bridesmaids, and it would certainly help a lot!
  4. Trisha, I got mine today and love them!! Thank you so much...!!! How much do I owe you for shipping..?
  5. Coffee Addict

    GRRRR... EX GF's. and GF's

    Yikes! Break up sucks. At least it took you 1 month to find out the relationship doesn't work, unlike someone in the past.. (--> 8 years!) Hang in there... !!!!
  6. Coffee Addict

    Help with French song..

    Thank you for the translation:) . It is an old song by Charles Trenet and it's often used for French cabaret performances. Quote: Originally Posted by JABride I made updates to Melissa's translation. See changes in her quote above... pretty sad song ... are you using it at your wedding ? I don't recognize the words, who sings it? Celine Dion? By the way, que "reste-t-il" is "What's left of ..." , "what's remaining .." ... other thant that, I made some little changes (my preferences) but Melissa did a great job.
  7. Coffee Addict

    Help with French song..

    Not for walking down the aisle, but I was originally thinking that this might be a nice first dance song , with some word-tweakings. Hmm, I don't know now, I agree.. it does seem like a very sad song..!! Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsTulumBride That is such a sad poem ! ! ! I hope you will not walk down the aisle to that !
  8. Coffee Addict

    Help with French song..

    Wow, I haven't been online for sometime so I didn't know if anyone replies. Thank you so much.., all of you, , are so kind to translate these for me. This is the French version of the song "I wish you love". I was so so in love with this song as well as with the voice of the singer but wanted to make sure that the wordings are wedding appropriate. Oh well.. It's the first song listed on this webpage (Que reste-t-il?): Mia Buchignani - International Vocalist
  9. How exciting! Yes, I'm okay with the increase and I've sent the payment. Thank you...!
  10. Wow! I'm sorry to hear about all this mess. Trisha and Carly, thank you so much for all you've done! Especially with your SOON coming W date, you must have enough stress already. Just let me know what you guys decide. Here's a somewhat related news: BBC NEWS | South Asia | Hundreds of Pashmina goats dead
  11. Would anyone be kind enough to help me translate this song? Ce soir le vent qui frappe à ma porte Me parle des amours mortes Devant le feu qui s' éteint Ce soir c'est une chanson d' automne Dans la maison qui frissonne Et je pense aux jours lointains {Refrain:} Que reste-t-il de nos amours Que reste-t-il de ces beaux jours Une photo, vieille photo De ma jeunesse Que reste-t-il des billets doux Des mois d' avril, des rendez-vous Un souvenir qui me poursuit Sans cesse Bonheur fané, cheveux au vent Baisers volés, rêves mouvants Que reste-t-il de tout cela Dites-le-moi Un petit village, un vieux clocher Un paysage si bien caché Et dans un nuage le cher visage De mon passé Les mots les mots tendres qu'on murmure Les caresses les plus pures Les serments au fond des bois Les fleurs qu'on retrouve dans un livre Dont le parfum vous enivre Se sont envolés pourquoi?
  12. Coffee Addict

    super tuesday my a**

    Hi Christine, sorry to hear you had a crummy morning. I am glad that you are feeling better now:)
  13. I heard many good things about netbride.com and I know it has Bill Levkoff dresses too. I'm not sure if they have your style number though, but it wouldn't hurt to check. Good luck!
  14. What is the difference between those terms? Can you tell the difference from seeing one picture versus another?