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  1. I voted to get rid of them too!! After the behavior they showed on "I'm a Celebrity" they don't deserve to be getting paid for all these appearences if they can't give anything back to charity.
  2. Check this out: Should E! Be a Speidi-Free Zone? You Make the Call - E! Online
  3. i'm sorry jac! at least you found out about it and cody will be ok!!
  4. WOW girl they are all great!!! Can't wait til you get all of em back.
  5. Great review Jac! I can't see the pics at work so I will have to look again tonight from home.
  6. I was just there last month actually. We didn't do anything besides drive around the Smokies and do a little shopping. We were only there 2 days but that was enough time to see it. What month are you going?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon To Be Mrs. Gomez I would like to read an autobiography on someone famous just because I'm curious. Soes anyone suggest any good ones. I recently read Tori Spelling's book sTori Telling and thought it was pretty good. Alot of details about her life growing up in Hollywood.
  8. How exciting for you guys!! If you decide on Dallas let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by STACEY I would LOVE to move to Texas Kristen!!! I guess its just the whole trying to find a job thing feels so scarry right now. Are there winerys in Texas?!?!?! You should totally move to Texas!! I agree it is hard to move without a job, but it is possible. When I moved out of state from NJ to CA I just saved up a bunch of money to basically cover my living expenses for 3-4 months and then figured I had better find a job in that amount of time. There are wineries in Grapevine TX that I know of and I am sure your hubby could email his resume to them
  10. Would you ever consider moving to Texas? I have relocated twice after growing up in NJ... first moved to San Diego and now I live outside of Dallas. There is a good job market here and home prices haven't tanked as much around here either. If you want to buy a home too this is a great place to start. Houses are SO much cheaper than in California. We were able to buy a house here that is the size of one we could never have afforded in CA. I am sure you could find jobs too. The scenery around here can't come close to Napa but we do have some vineyards too if your hubby wanted to try
  11. jacqueline, your mom may want to go to an endodonist. i had a similar ongoing problem with a root canal (though not as bad as your moms sounds) and had to get the root canal retreated by the endodonist after numerous failed attempts by my dentist. the endodonist fixed it in one visit too. i'll email you tomorrow with more details. hope your mom is doing better now, tooth aches suck!!
  12. I don't think there is anything your vet can do. My cats eat too fast and throw up piles of food too and I told my vet about it and he said it was normal- unfortunetly. This happens at least 1-2 times a week with my 2 cats. I just feed them smaller portions and deal with cleaning up the cat puke cause I love my cats way too much to get mad at them. Also you might want to consider switching their food and see if that helps at all.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 Hey everyone. I was just going to throw this out there. Ryan (DH) and I are going to Hyenas Comedy Club in Fort Worth this weekend. I got a bunch of free tickets. If anyone wants to join us let me know. If not that is fine too! Sounds like fun!! I am going out of town this weekend so I wouldn't be able to meet up but I hope you guys have a great time!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by budgetjamaicabride What does everyone think about April 4th? March is getting away from me and filling fast. I am fairly new to the area and up in McKinney. It seems many people are northeast of Dallas... shall we shoot for the Frisco area? Anyone want to suggest a place to gather? April 4th would work for me. Anywhere in Frisco would be fine, but we might want to consider Dallas or even Addison for more options depending on what everyone wanted to do. Oh and welcome to the North Dallas area... I am semi new here as well, been living in TX about 3 year
  15. Congrats!! I used Tomas B. as well, he is great! You will be very happy with his work.
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