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  1. We still haven't got our pictures back from Tomas, but here are a couple that our friends took.
  2. Pocho's is definitely a great spot to eat, even if it's just for a quick lunch or dinner while you're in Cabo. They are on the marina, a little past the Nowhere Bar. Here is their website: Pochos Bistro - Cabo San Lucas Restaurants Dante's Sport Bar - very casual sports bar with good food, large portions, and very reasonalbe prices. Great ribs! Located on Pescadora just before and across the street from the Hangman's Restaurant. I can't find a website for them, but it's definitely great food if you're on the San Jose side.
  3. Heather, I don't know if they would rent it out, sorry. I had the catering done by a local Cabo restaurant instead of a catering company. You may be able to find cheaper prices by contacting restaurants directly. Pochos is my favorite restaurant, so there was no doubt in my mind that's who we were going to beg to come out to the house. Good luck with all your planning!
  4. We all just got back from a wonderful wedding in Cabo. We didn't have a wedding coordinator or do anything through a hotel because my family owns a villa down there, so the ceremony took place on their private beach and the reception in their home. We did have family stay at timeshares though, so I can comment on those ... Portofino in Downtown Cabo B- My mom got this resort through RCI. It had a decent location if you wanted to be in downtown and party all night. It overlooked all of downtown, but if you looked to the left out of the master bedroom window, it was all ghetto. There were about 125 stairs to climb up each time you wanted to go to your room. A small pool, but it was very relaxing. The office staff were rude. It definitely isn't "resort" like, but I guess it could have been worst... Hacienda Del Mar A This was another timeshare. We got a room overlooking the parking lot, but you could see the ocean from it. It was such a beautiful resort. Gorgeous grounds! The pools were fabulous. At exactly 11, the waiters would come poolside and announce it was 2 x 1 happy hour! Room service food was excellent. We ate at Girasoles a couple times and tremendously enjoyed the breakfast. We ate at Tomatoes once and it was okay, wouldn't go back there. We also ate at Sirenas (I think that's the name) under the palapa by the pool and that was great snack food. The staff was nice, the place was beautiful, and I would definitely stay there again. Worldmark Coral Baja A+ Our friends stayed here, and although we had our own room, we definitely came over a lot! They have a great pool with a swim up bar and great happy hour deals. Our friends stayed in the 2 bedroom penthouse suite, so they had a huge room on the top floor and from their balcony, they had a spiral staircase leading up to the roof where they had a lounge area and their own private spa. This all overlooked the ocean, and it was gorgeous! The staff was great, food and drinks were great, and the location was awesome! Our friends didn't want to leave this place. Casa del Mar A+ Siblings stayed here at a condo that my parent's own. They absolutely loved it. They said the staff was great, the food was great and the pool wasn't too crowded. Welcome Dinner - Dante's in San Jose A We all got together for a nice casual dinner at Dantes in San Jose del Cabo. It was great food. A few of us got the ribs, and they were absolutely delicious! I will definitely eat there again! Not too expensive. There was karaoke, pool tables, etc. Fun environment. Rehearsal Dinner - Pochos on the Marina in Cabo A++++ I can't thank Pochos enough for all they did for us. This is my all-time favorite restaurant in Cabo! I've ate there everytime I've been down there for the last 8 years. When my fiance and I decided on Cabo, I knew we had to go to Pochos. They served us a meal fit for a king. Crab cakes and Ceasar salad made tableside for starters. Then, fish, shrimp, steak, rice, beans, etc. for dinner. And, Mexican coffees for dessert. Delicious!!! Everyone had so much food! It was absolutely amazing, and the staff there is awesome!!! Hair and Make up -Suzanne Morel A- Since it was only me getting my hair done, I had to travel to the salon. I asked Suzanne for directions and she just said to turn right before I got into Cabo and it was in the back of Office Max. Thankfully, I asked someone where that was, because I would have never found it. It's about a mile down after you make the right turn. Anywho, it was a very nice salon. Soft music playing, magazines, clean, etc. Adrianna did my hair and make-up and she was awesome. She didn't speak any English, so we didn't talk much, but she did a great job. The thing that was weird was that Suzanne and another girl would stand over her shoulder to make sure she was doing everything ok. She seemed very competent and like she knew what she was doing and when they left, it seemed less tense. I don't know how she felt, but I know I wouldn't want to work with my boss standing over my shoulder. She made sure that I looked my best and I appreciated all her hard work. My hair has a mind of it's own and didn't last the whole night, but it looked good for the first few hours. DJ Fradal from Baja Pro Audio A+++ He showed up early and got everything set up. He had his laptop with every song possible on it. He made sure that everyone was dancing and played great songs! We didn't have him do any MC'ing, so I'm not sure how he would have done, but he was very personable, so I'm sure he would have done fine. He played requests as soon as we asked for them and lead us all to have a great time dancing. My husband and I even had our dad's out dancing, which is pretty much unheard of. It was a blast. His prices were extremely reasonable. He was supposed to leave at 10, but we were having too much fun and he agreed to stay an extra hour for us. He was the best!!! Hands down! Flowers - Florenta Designs A++ I worked with Lola and she was amazing! I sent her a picture of the flowers we wanted and the bouquet that showed up was perfect. The boutennieres were a little big and looked ridiculous on the guys, so they didn't wear them much, but they were still gorgeous flowers! Cake - Sweet Dreams Cabo A I worked with Deena. My emails weren't getting to her at first, so I had to email her a couple times and ask that she reply with whether she got them or not so I knew that she had. She didn't get a few of them which was a little frustrating because I wasn't sure if she was ignoring me or not getting them. We had some difficulty scheduling an appointment to meet while we were in Cabo too. It finally worked out and she was great in person. The cake showed up and it was GORGEOUS! We had cake for three days and never got tired of it. And, the white chocolate seashells were to die for! Photographer - Tomas Barron A+ Tomas was great. He kept us on schedule and got all the important pictures. He was extremely reasonably priced. Great attitude. Very flexible. Great imagination and ideas for cute pictures. I haven't got his photos back yet, but he showed me a few of them on his camera and they were super cute! I can't wait to get the DVD of all the pics! Reception Dinner - Pochos A+++ Again, being that Pochos is my favorite restaurant in Cabo, I begged them to cater our wedding. They sent out three guys and made the best tacos I've ever tasted. Everyone had at least four of them! It also included bartender service, so everyone got nice and liquored up. They stayed for a couple hours and cleaned up everything after themselves. They did such an awesome job. I would completely recommend them for any dining occasion!!! I think that's about it ... we had the ceremony on a private beach and my uncle did the officiating, so I can't really review on those two. We enjoyed Cabo more than anything and can't wait to go back for a relaxing vacation!
  5. I just got married in a private villa on Friday. It's actually my family's villa, so I'm not sure on how much they cost, but it was a great experience. I called Pocho's, which is a restaurant on the marina in Cabo, and they came out to the house with two servers and a bartender with the best tacos I've ever ate. It was very authentic. With dinner and drinks, the cost was about $50 per person. Our cake vendor, DJ, Photographer and Flowers all found the house just fine and the whole night cost us about $4000. It was a great time! Let me know if you need any vendor information ... all of our vendors were extremely reasonably priced and great!
  6. Hello! Everyone will need passports, but we got ours in less than three weeks. Everyone should have ample time to get them! My parents and grandparents used up all their timeshare weeks to get everyone free rooms, so I'm not sure about cost of rooms. The main costs were: Flights. They were $350 from CA and $640 for our guests from MN. The photographer was $1200. The cake was $365. Flowers $302. Dress $400. DJ $600. Rehearsal Dinner $50 per person. Caterer for wedding: food and beer: $1500. And, hair and make up $237. Food in Cabo can run anywhere from $3-$50 per meal depending on where you eat. All our rooms have kitchens in them, so we're able to save on breakfast and drinks... Cabo is a beautiful destination and the weather is always wonderful. This forum has great ideas on how to do a DW on a budget!
  7. Hello everybody! My name is Rachelle and my fiance and I are getting married in Cabo in one week! 3-6-9. We are going to have the ceremony at a private beach and the reception at my parent's house. I've been looking on this forum for everything and am very appreciative of all the posts from all of you! I'm hoping everything goes smoothly!!!
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