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  1. OK, I decided against the cards. Sorry!
  2. skilltroks

    Gatlinburg, TN

    We are going the first week of July. My fiance grew up in the Smokies. So, he knows a lot about it. He said it will be muggy.
  3. I am unsure if this forum is the correct place for this..Feel free to move in to the right area. Since my fiance and I are having a family only wedding, we're having a reception for family and friends a few months later. We would like to do this gig under $1,000. There are 150 people on the list. Because of this lovely budget the majority of it is DIY...food, set-up, beverages etc. SOO.... Problem 1: Plastic " silver ware" is OUT of the question. BUT! We have a very limited budget. Is there any discount site that offers cheap, yet classy silver ware? Problem 2: Plastic cups are so unclassy. Help?!? Thanks in advance!
  4. skilltroks

    Veil for sale!

    Anyone interested in this? I will consider dropping the price.
  5. I will take the 48 note cards. Svoorhorst@gmail.com. I will set up a paypal account.
  6. skilltroks

    Gatlinburg, TN

    Anyone been there? That's where we're heading for our honeymoon. It's in woods. Muhaha. We plan on hitting Dollywood and that's kind where we left off on planning..deciding to visit Dollywood.
  7. skilltroks

    Sand Ceremony Vase... So unique

    I have been looking at sand vases that were 54 bucks...and I didn't really like them. I really like Moon Glow Supplies. And I looove the plate.
  8. skilltroks

    Veil for sale!

    It's white with little pearls attached to it. It is slightly different then the picture shown. I will have pictures of the actual veil soon. I paid $75 asking $65 shipping included. Tags are still attached. I found a different style of veil that I like better.
  9. Did I already reply to this thread? If so, sorry! Andrew and I will be married outside on an island. I found a sand ceremony to be fitting. A candle will be blown out via wind. Alexis, Do you have a Michael's Craft Store near you? I went there a few days ago and saw that they had some nice/pretty vases.
  10. skilltroks

    JUNE 2009 BRIDES post

    Andrew and I are getting married June 28, 2009. Since the wedding is really small (immediate family only). I still have to... -pick out rings. -plan honeymoon. -move in to his house -make parent gift (probably write a meaningful letter) -attend showers (one this Sat. another first Sunday of May) Even though it's so little, it seems like a lot of work yet to be done!
  11. skilltroks

    Looking at new vehicles

    My advice: Don't get a new car. Buy used.
  12. skilltroks


    Hey all, Thanks for the congrats and support. Thanks TammyB for (possibly) asking your mom. I would like to note the Grand has salon services. However, it's $65 for a up-do. I really don't want to pay that much. Planning is right on target!
  13. skilltroks


    Hey all, My name is Sarah. I will be getting married at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, MI. The date is June 28, 2009 (89 more days!!!) Also, if anyone is familiar with the Mackinaw Island area... and knows of a good hair stylist that's open on Sunday...let me know.