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  1. hi, we are having a welcome beach bbq, catamaran sail for our guests only and a farewell brunch.....all at the renaissance = ) when are you getting married?? how many people??
  2. paulinaj

    RIU Palace Opens in Aruba

    what about about renaissance resort and casino, anyone get married there or go to a wedding there? paulina pjfit107@aol.com
  3. paulinaj

    Renaissance Aruba Info

    hi anyone get married here or been to a wedding here at the renaissance aruba any and all info would be greatly appreciated!!! pjfit107@aol.com
  4. hi where is the wedding you are going to next week?? we are getting married at the renaissance on the private island 5-31-08.....is it there?? paulina pjfit107@aol.com
  5. hi glitterburg, so you are getting married at the renaisance!!! so so happy to find someone else getting married there!!! what are you doing for music?? food?? how many guests how have oyu found the resort and wedding coordinator to deal with?? i personally am ont having much luck at all with getting return calls or emails....very frustrating considering the money we have invested already!!! what are you doing for flowers, centerpieces, cake?? what color are your bridesmaid dresses?? any and all info would be greatly apprecaited!! my name is pauline, i dont get much time on here but you can email me at pjfit107@aol.com and i look forward to hearing from you and talking further = ) have a great night!!!
  6. hey kristen, happy new year!!! how are you?? hows the plannig going?? time is going way too quick heeeheeeee all good though. WE are planning welcome bags just not sure yet because i can not find the bags for that cheap and wanted to put towels too but also rather expensive so up in the air right now but gotta decide soon. Will you ship your stuff there prior for welcome bags, we were thinking of doing that so far we have 40 booked....yikes did not expect so many to say yes but going to be perfect!!! we will have a butler style passed hor dorves for cocktial hour and decided on a buffet dinner. One of our friend got married in jamaica and we liked it so so much better than a sit down. I am working on going to aruba for a few days before the wedding to meet the wedding coordinator and go over all the details, flowers etc.... did you decide on a cake yet i think i want square, chocolate and cannolli filling. Talk soon, have a great day........PAULINE
  7. hey kristen, how are you yes, i find it a little difficult and frustrating with the arubans response time.....definitely not like us new yorkers = ) still trying to get a sample cd from the band and find a dj, what dj will you use i figure with the dj, i can have my ipod and a playlist of songs as a back up!!! What type of flowers are you going with?? sit down dinner or buffet?? what types of food When are you getting married?? How many people?? As far as the beach bbq, my travel agnet has been acting as a liasion between me and the resort so i will ask her for contact info. I am so so excited, yet so much to still do....going to go full force into it right after the new year......are you giving welcome baskets in your guests rooms?? what will you put in them talk soon.....share with me any and all of your ideas....much thanks and have a great weekend and wonderful holiday.......Paulina
  8. hey girls, long time no speak....hows the planning going?? still waiting to get a sample cd from the equator band, anyone decide on a dj flowers?? we are having a welcome beach bbq with a limbo show and steel pan band then renting a catamaran for our guests friday day = ) so so excited!!! time is going too quickly and so much to still do and decide!!! with the holidays and work....need more time in the days = ) what time is everyone's ceremony?? what is your wedding song??cant wait to be in the Aruba sunshine.......5 months and counting til i marry my best friend!!!
  9. hi, sorry have not had a chance to log on....yeah, i went on the equator band website, but want to hear more of what they play. what dj are you using?? what are you doing for music during your ceremony? who are you using for photographer/videographer.....when is your wedding?? talk soon..Paulina
  10. hi just entertainment......are you using a band or dj?? how many people are you having?? i am having a violinist play for the ceremony but not sure yet for the reception......heard the equator band are great....renaissance suggested party posse but they sent me a sample cd and did not liike at all!!! the music is so so important and want a good mix......any suggestions?? have a great day
  11. hi i am new to the board, my name is Pauline and i am gettting married in aruba at the renaissance resort and casino 5-31-08.....they have a private island that the wedding will be on........so so excited.......yet very nervous that i am not there for all the details and planning.......any and all info would be greatly greatly appreciated!!!!!!
  12. paulinaj

    new to the site

    hi my name is pauline and i am new to the site, i am getting married in aruba at the renaissance resort and casino on 5-31-08.......any and all info would be greatly appreciated = )