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  1. cheflady

    So What do you do for a living?

    i work for the government
  2. cheflady

    Still a noob

    too funny!
  3. cheflady

    Still a noob

    working towards 150 too!
  4. cheflady

    Would you rather game...

    both are lose lose.
  5. cheflady

    Junior Member!!!!

    i know! it takes forever!
  6. cheflady

    Junior Member!!!!

    i'm slowly working my way there too!
  7. cheflady

    Junior Member!

    congrats! hoping to reach 150 soon!
  8. cheflady

    150th post!!

    I can't wait to get there and open attachments too!
  9. cheflady

    150th post!!

  10. cheflady

    This is it!! 150!!!

    so true!
  11. cheflady

    This is it!! 150!!!

    congrats! i'm almost there!
  12. cheflady

    Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred

    great info!
  13. cheflady

    2013 wedding shedding the pounds

    low carb, moderate fat, high protein works every time.
  14. cheflady

    My diet plan from the nutritionist

    i would stay away from fruit--a whole lot of sugar.