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  1. this pocketfold template is EXACTLY what i was looking for!. thanks so much for posting this, ur invitations turned out beautiful !
  2. Oct 4 2012 my mom passed away suddenly.. Hardest 2 weeks of my life so far. Oct 4 2013 was our planned dw. Obviously now I am replanning. How do I honor my mom at my dw without making my other guests feel uncomfortable. If I had my way I wouLd bring her urn, photos, candles and probably be way over the top. Most of our guests are asking when are new tentative date is so they can start booking holidays at work. I have no idea what to do. Most my friends are so tired of hearing bout wedding planning, and I no they have no idea how I feel right now in regards to my mum. So I turn to u ladies for suggestions
  3. this is long winded cause ive never been a straight to the point kind of person lol So my FI and i have finally put a rough date in stone. it will be october 2013. now we want to give as much time to family to attend the wedding as possible. we talked to ama travel and they advised us to book / pay for trip 4 to 6 months in advance. my question is what do i do about dates ? its technically a renewal of vows ceramony since we will be signing the offical marriage license here in canada on the 3rd. so do i send out a save the date with the rough date of when we would like to travel since my actual wedding date wont be booked till 6 months before? obviously i dont care bout the actual resort date they have available for me. also i am making everything myself so its not a big money issue or anything. its more of a timing / stress problem lol. would it make sense to send out rsvp with the save the dates that way im not mailing out / making 100 invitations when probably only 5 ppl plan to come ? i had seen someone on here send out save the dates a year in advance with rsvp and then only mailed invitations to the ppl who sent the rsvps back? sounded like a good idea to me but i was jsut concerned as i dont really have a set date until 6 months before. we just are very sure of the 2 weeks we are going. any advise you lovely ladies can give me i would really apperciate as we had to post pone the wedding once before (do to family emergencies) i also should mention that i have 1 ppl on my side attending my best friend! and his guest list is at about 50 family members with the hopes of just maybe parents and his sister coming. (family isnt all that close)
  4. yea thats what i was thinking as well.. i ran it by my sister (my moh) and she literally flipped out.. which makes no sense since we always had different last names growing up and neither of us really converse with our parents..but what can u do.. cant always make everyone happy lol
  5. I hoping this is the right place to post this.. i looked around forums and didnt see this anywhere else. So i'm not very close with my side of the family, see them maybe once a year (and we only live a few hours apart) and that's only if i go to their house. Ever since i can remember i just been going by my first an middle name (moved out when i was 16) so i was woundering would it be rude for me not to put my last name on the wedding invitation and just have it as Kimberley Lisa almost everything i sign my name for and have my name posted for (ie:facebook) is signed kimberley lisa...and my parents aren't even attending the wedding.. looking for some suggesions or feedback of what u ladies think !
  6. are u looking for floor length or knee length ?? i found colored knee length ones on ebay http://www.ebay.ca/itm/180695510798?var=480031889568&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  7. Like - twlight series ! like or dislike duct tape
  8. never mind i did a search and found another forum that explains but i dunno how to delete this thread LOL
  9. so this is my 153 post and nothing is different .. no junior member status and i still cannot open attachments like templates... any ideas as to why ??
  10. Its at the point where i only answer her calls IF my hunny is home so i can pass the phone off lol. Maybe for xmas ill "regift" to her the rice cooker BAHAHAHA wish i had the balls to do that.
  11. im curious how your wedding went as well as i am trying to have a tight budget as well !
  12. omg u have no idea... i laugh now but at the time i wanted to cry lol now i just come to expect the most random things from his family.. last year his mom gave me (in my xmas stocking) a 20 doller off card from sears when u spend 75 or more that had expired the year before. starting to think that lady doesnt like me to much LOL.. *150th post right here * !!!
  13. i like this idea !! adding it to my long list of things to do ! lol
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