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  1. Stacysorenson00- Here were our meal options: Beef Tenderloin wrapped in bacon with balsamic vinegar and red wine sauce, Accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and lobster, Accompanied by grilled vegetables and bell peppers We did two options because we had 70 people and wanted them to have a choice. I got the beef, and husband got the chicken, so I tasted both. They were both freaking delicious. If I had to pick just one, I would go with the chicken. However, the mashed potatoes were fantastic! Corina- I used a private photogr
  2. Octavio is FANTASTIC!! We were married January 28, 2012 (Almost a year ago, I can't believe it!) and he was our photographer. Octavio was on time, coming with two assistants. They took phenomenal getting ready pics, and then set up a GREAT first look scene. He was really able to capture the scenery/ocean in the background of our pictures. He broadcasted our wedding on a live stream so that friends and family back at home could watch. What a wonderful service!! Octavio also helped to move things along at a good pace as we didn't have a lot of time for pictures. I had a list of the pictures I wa
  3. Every woman who was invited to my shower was invited to my wedding. We sent out about 250 invites and had 66 at the wedding. I think it depends on what kind of wedding you are having and if you are having a reception back home.
  4. You will!!!! The quickest, and most unannoying way, is to ask questions! Start new topics! That way you learn from other brides, rather than just saying "Oh your dress/bouquet/oot bag looks great!' Lucy
  5. Can anyone please save this and re-post in a word or works document? I cannot open the ppt file and REALLY need this...wedding is less than three weeks away!! AHHH!
  6. I dont have linens, but do have organza table overlays in orange and hot pink...if you are interested in that let me know.
  7. YES! PLEASE can someone post an attachment of the little stick guys in various poses in a WORD document???
  8. It will be okay after alterations! Just think of it as prolonging the excitement of that one day you try it on and it is perfect!
  9. OMG thank you for that link VAV11238!!!!! I have been waiting to buy pepto and ibuprophen until i found a good deal and these prices are AWESOME!!
  10. Hi Everyone! I am Lucy and I am from Northern Wisconsin! We are getting married Jan 28, 2012 in Cancun. So excited, it is getting so close!
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