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  1. i love the shoes ladies. Shoes might be something Im going to have to take my time with
  2. I found a personal trainer/facility and it has gotten great reviews. im really excited
  3. How is your planning going?
  4. great tips. can you email them tome ecamposchamorro@gmail.com.. thanks
  5. im trying to loose 40 lbs what is the best diet plan out there. FYI WW didnot work for me
  6. can you email the attachment... please ecamposchamorro@gmail.com. thanks
  7. My fitness pal works great. free app or you can sign up online. nike training app also works great. they have videos on youtube as well
  8. love your invites. what kind of paperdid you use? love the big bold letters. can you email me the instructions on how you did the invitations with word. ecamposchamorro@gmail. thanks
  9. I'm getting married in September 2013. Does anyone have godd tips or vendors in Nicaragua?
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