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  1. Well ladies.. I just got back last night from my DREAM wedding!!! I will post my review soon. :-) I will tell you that we had an AMAZING day and everyone said it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to!!! It didn't rain 2 out of the 8 days we were there and 1 of those 2 days was our wedding day! God is awesome! Sandra was our WC and she did and awesome job!!! It is true that once you are there, they make sure you have everything you ever wanted!!! :-) I will post my pics and review soon!!
  2. dislike (don't know how to play, probably a good thing!) Pickles?
  3. Dislike!!! (laser is worth it!!) Smores?
  4. Hello DPA brides!!!! I am SO sorry that I have been MIA. So much going on this summer! But I am back to stay!! I have 33 booked plus the bride and groom. )) Much more than we expected! I went with the Ultimate Wedding Package.. and havn't gotten any of the details done yet! So needless to say I am overwhelmed!!!! Glad to be back )) Now I have to go back and catch up!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Alliecat023 Sunandsand- We are undecided as of now. We thought we wanted to go with Dreams Punta Cana but I heard some reviews about their beach not being so great so now I am trying to research other resorts. Any info is appreciated =) Check out the other Dreams Resorts.. Dreams Riviera Maya, Dreams Puerto Aventuras.. etc. I have only heard good things about them
  6. I also replace my yoga day with a hot yoga class.. my office offers it free, so ya can't beat that!! Hot yoga feels great after giving your body such a beating with these work outs!
  7. I second that! You are very fortunate to do a site visit! Your feedback will be very helpful for brides to be!
  8. Hi Laura!! Congrats and happy planning!! I like the Dreams Resorts.. from what I have found in my research, they have the most options for weddings.. They do weddings all the time at there resorts and I wanted to go with a resort that was experienced.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mmontgo Hi...I recently started looking into Dreams La Romana due to the heightened security in Mexico I was thinking of switching from Dreams Tulum. I emailed the resot but like many of them they take forever to respond. Would someone mind emailing me the brochure mmontgo84@gmail.com I have had some of my guests ask me about the security in Mexico as well. I did some research and if you go to state.gov. There is a ton of information regarding traveling outside the US. If your resort is in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area, you should be fine. That area is 8+ hours away from where all the crime has been going on. Also, I am making sure all my guests are traveling to and from airport and resort during daytime hours. Hope this helps!
  10. Hi Lola! I'm new myself and I to have already found this super helpful! Congrats and happy planning!!!!
  11. Thank you for the TA advice. I had a pretty large crowd coming, some of whom are older folks, so I think I made a good decision by getting one. Thanks!!
  12. Thank you!!! Yes, I eat pretty much the same thing everyday. Im on a mission!!! I switch back and forth between fish and chicken and season it differetly as well. I also use different vegetables like spinach, asparagus and broccoli. I have been losing 2 lbs a week. I have been doing it for a month and am down 7 lbs. I have worked out since I was 18 and am toned, but have never been successful with losing weight. I used to work at a gym and had free access to PT's, but it I now know it is all about the diet. You really are what you eat!!!
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