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  1. Sorry about that! Added an S somehow it is www.noblepack.com
  2. Great story! Congrats to you both! Enjoy planning the next few months!
  3. Congrats to you! You sound really happy!!
  4. I agree. And I have had the best luck on BDW. Glad to have found it!
  5. Congratulations!! Hope it was a wonderful day!
  6. I spent $18 per bag which covered 2 guests. I figured if they could pay to fly out, I can give them a little something extra. And while it was a big expense, I think it was worth it!
  7. Yes, these websites don't actually "purchase" the gifts your guests buy for you...they actual just total up the amount bought and send you the money for what your guest spent. It is up to you where you actually spend the money. Although I recommend choosing a website that keeps track of what people actually bought you so you can give them an appropriate thank you for the "sunset dinner"
  8. we used www.travelersjoy.com. The website was super easy to use and we have really liked it.
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