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    Thank you for your thoughts!
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    We are supposto leave on Saturday (the 5th) to the 12th
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    I am really worried, below is a email from my WC in Cabo. Our wedding is scheduled for 9/9/9, but now it looks like it will be a storm the entire time we are down there, IF, we get down there, flights may be delayed....F&%K! Sorry, stressing out.... Hello everyone, "For those of you who haven’t heard, Los Cabos is in the path of a category 4 hurricane. Sometime between tonight and tomorrow, we’ll feel the affects. Not sure if the eye will hit us straight on or veer off….but at a minimum, we’ll definitely have some stormy weather. Based on the nature of our small town, the loss of power and electricity is very likely. Of course I normally try to reply to emails/voicemails within a few hours, but they’ll probably be delayed by a couple days. So, please be patient in waiting for my reply. Please keep us in your thoughts as Hurricane Jimena heads our way"
  4. I love them!!!! Can you email me the templates, and the wording for the "welcome" kholmes_7@yahoo.ca You did such a fab job!!!
  5. Hello all! I am wondering if any of you can help me with a welcome letter? Does anyone have any examples, or templates? Mucho appreciated! 2 weeks till our wedding. Kristy
  6. Hello fellow brides; I need some ideas for my signage, My FI and I are having needing two different signs for our reception. One for the guest book which is going to be a whiteboard/photo guest book, and the other is for the favors which double as the seating cards. Any creative ideas? Thank you so much for your help!!!! Kristy
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    DREAMS Cabo Wedding Brochure!!!

    I hope this works! I have been having trouble posting! All the best, Kristy Wedding brochure - PDF.pdf Wedding brochure - PDF2.pdf
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    OOT bags, white vacation dresses, etc FS

    Do you still have the dress? I will buy it!
  9. soontobeMrs.L

    FS: Brand New Shoes- Never Worn Size 8

    I'll buy them! They are my colors!!!!
  10. We had our professionally done, and it turned out great! Just over a month till our wedding, getting very excited!!! Kristy
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    Roll Call: Where my Canadian peeps at?!

    Hi! My name is Kristy; I was born in Coquitlam, BC worked on a cruise line for the past 5 years traveling the world, and now live with my fiance in Port Moody BC Getting married so soon, yeaaa!!!!!
  12. How did you find the night club there? Congrats again!
  13. Hi Ana, did you do a pre-wedding brochure?