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  1. Update...(if anyone is still reading this) I finally sold the wine glasses on Craigslist (7 months later!) for $50! Woot.
  2. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I feel much better about the situation and have kind of just let it go. Our weddings have passed and we barely see each other these days. It is what it is and we still do have the wine glasses in our place trying to figure out what to do with them. Thanks again!
  3. That everyone here at BDW (moderators and members) are great! I've posted on TheKnot.com and those girls are vicious and just plain mean! I feel like everyone here is so friendly and genuinely willing to help or give constructive advice. The girls at TheKnot.com just want to make you feel bad about your choices! BRAVO BDW!
  4. Thanks! It was so much! We had a great time. I'd like to think that as well, but just from how she's been acting, it wouldn't surprise me if she got them at her shower and decided she didn't want them. But maybe you are right....I'll try to look on the bright side.
  5. Angel, Actually my husband looked it up and figured it out. It was a set of wine glasses and though they were nice we live in a small condo in the city and just don't have the room (we have a ton of wine glasses). So we were trying to find out how we could exchange them for something we could use. And that's how it happened.
  6. Little back story to help you understand....and it's long, so I'm sorry... My husband and his friend had made a pact about tell each other when they were going to propose so no one suffered the wrath of angry GF. My husband made sure to tell his friends that he was planning on proposing to me while on vacation in St. Thomas and was picking up the ring in a few weeks. His one friend said NOTHING to him. Then a week later, they are driving home from work and his friend says "I'm proposing tonight, I just got the ring this week and decided to do it." Husband is quite thrown off by this, but doesn't make a big deal about it. That couple had been dating for about 2.5 years less than me and my husband had, but I knew we were gonna get engaged eventually. But when I found out and had to go and celebrate their engagement, I was having an emotional day and got super pissed!!!! I got over it a few days later and then in a week or so we were going off on our vacation to St. Thomas and I couldn't wait To make a long story short, he proposed to me in St. Thomas and we decided to get married almost exactly a year later down there. I thought it was very romantic and symbolic. Well his friend's fiance got REALLY cold towards me once she found out that we were getting married before her. Mind you, it took them forever to pick a date...probably 2 months longer than us. I didn't do it out of spite or anything....it was just a date/time of year that was important to us. Throughout the entire year we were both planning a wedding, she would barely discuss anything about hers. It was like she was keeping it secret as if I would steal her ideas. Ummm...I'm getting married in paradise, and you are getting married in a city...not the same at all! As you can probably guess, they were invited, but didn't attend our DW because they ended up planning theirs exactly a month after ours. I'm not mad about that at all, because I can totally understand the stresses of being a bride. The thing that I'm most irritated with and so is my husband is the fact that the weekend before their wedding at our AHR they brought us a REGIFT. And you know how we know it's a regift? It's not available anywhere and we even called the company and it was discontinued about a year ago. Now you all might be saying "it's the thought that counts," which is totally true, but honestly? As a bride who is getting married a week later, you should know better. Needless to say, we didn't give them our typical cash gift and it wasn't something they registered for. I know it's petty of us, but I just can't believe they would do that. My husband and I were talking and we had said that we wouldn't have even thought anything of it if they had just showed up empty handed... Yeah, the gift is on Craigslist and I'm trying to sell it! Ha!
  7. Both very good points mandys. I couldn't agree more. Having just had a DW in February, 2011 (starting planning about 11 months before), I can tell you this: 1. For the most part your guests aren't as excited as you are about the DW/Vacation. Not saying that they aren't excited, but your wedding isn't the main priority in their life as it is in your life. 2. The majority of our guest started booking flights/hotels about 6 months out. Most people don't plan regular vacations a year + out. What I did to kind of push people along is I actually helped find cheap flights and condos for them to stay at. I did a lot of the leg work for the guests and it really helped them get excited and start booking. 3. When you chose to have a DW, you chose to alienate certain friends/family members. Not everyone can drop their lives and that much money for a wedding/vacation. We invited around 80 ppl and 45 were able to make it. Were some of the ones who couldn't make it really close friends? Yes. But I knew that was the situation when we decided to do a wedding in St. Thomas. My husband had a really hard time with this during the planning. He would get really mad and upset when friends would decline. I had to explain the above scenario to him many times and by the end he understood. It really sucks that you have bridesmaids who can't make it though, because they should have thought long and hard before saying yes. We decided that instead of having a big bridal party, we'd just have my sister and his brother and then our other friends will be there, but not feel forced into being there as attendants.
  8. Starrysim...here you go! I did one close up so you could see more detail, but the other one is clearer! I hope this helps. I love my rings
  9. I found this right hand ring before my wedding and I had the center diamond set into it. Not necessarily for my wedding, but I ended up wearing it on my big day! I just think it's beautiful and I get so many compliments on it! My photographer loved it as well and insisted on taking a picture of it! I got married on St. Thomas and they have a traditional "Hook Bracelet" that is sold all over the Virgin Islands and I also wore that on my wedding day.
  10. I got mine on Etsy just in case I didn't love the flowers that the hairstylists had. And wouldn't you know, I liked the fake ones better! The ones the stylist brought were just too small and I wanted a little more dramatic. http://www.etsy.com/shop/olinidesigns
  11. Morgan, I personally think the ring is cool and he is the one wearing it! And the picture makes it look way more green because if you think about it, the green on the inside won't be showing anyways. If you think it suits his personality, then I think you should let him get it!
  12. Schmizer, I am definitely more of a very simple ring kinda girl (my ering is a solitare round cut with a very thin platinum band), but your ring is so unique and beautiful! It is so ornate and I just really like it!
  13. Starrysim, the dress actually wasn't really that trashed. I was able to wash it in my washer at home and hang dry it and then donate it to a really great charity! The pictures are totally worth it!
  14. You can do whatever makes you happy! I was the co-MOH in a very traditional wedding state side wedding. It's not longer the norm to have one MOH and one Best Man....it's whatever works best for your scenario. I've been to weddings where there are 2 MOHs and only 1 best man or vice versa. My husband and I got lucky because he had a brother and I had a sister, so we just went with the two of them instead of making it complicated and asking half of our guests to be in the wedding party!
  15. Tara, I'm pretty sure it's REALLY HOT in July, but you should be able to ask Janelle and she'll be able to help you with that information. She lives there year round and know what HOT is
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