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  1. I was wondering the same thing with the wind? I am definately packing a pashmina!
  2. I was a Maggie Bride 7 years ago, can't remember the name...pitiful. But I tried mine on in a salon and ordered it online with RK Bridal. Saved me about $1000. Came just as promised no problems, needed minimal alterations. Not sure how they are now, but was worth it to me then. Gotta go look at my paperwork for the name. It is such a classic dress would be still exquisite today.
  3. I am hosting a Bridal shower and definately doing a candy bar. I am getting all of the candy from Sam's club. Very cheap! I have about 9 jars and priced the candy at about $75. Will post pics.
  4. I'm hosting a tropical themed shower and giving them flip flop luggage tags and tropical scented candles.
  5. I am hosting a shower for my BFF and she gave me list with her people and his people...a staggering 75 total. Even not even a quarter of these people are going to the wedding in Punta Cana. I have to invite everyone....ouch!
  6. My BFF is getting married in June and I'm giving the shower in May.
  7. My best friends mother has a ton of those mugs for OOT bags, maybe I should direct her to this site for advice. She probably doesn't have a clue.
  8. I'm a Bridal party member for a wedding in June and I just booked ours this morning. Alot of money! I was too afraid the resort would be sold out or Air would skyrocket. Still paid a mint though.
  9. Wow congrats, we are going there for a wedding in June can't wait... by the way how was Costa Rica? I went in February and had a blast.
  10. Wish I was there...still a lurker;( sounds so creepy. congrats though!
  11. Wow, I just booked mine for my friends wedding in June and we paid about 900 a piece for air..dag nabbit!
  12. I am a Bridal party member for a wedding in June and I just booked ours for ....a staggering $2600 for DH and I. Flabbergasted! She is lucky I love her. Prices are ridiculous. My first time going to DR about 4 years ago,I paid $500, all inclusive and air.
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