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  1. Hi Chendy, Would you happen to have a list of prices for the bottles? I'm going to email my wedding coordinator now, however, it usually takes her a really long time to respond. I think buying bottles for me is a better option because not everyone in my group even drinks. Congrats on your wedding.
  2. For brides who have already been married at the Majestic and had the free dinner at the steakhouse, did you tell the WC ahead of time how many people would need chicken/pasta plates because they don't eat fish/steak or do you just let them know once you get to the restaurant? How did you go about getting this information from your guests? Right now, I have 70 people booked.
  3. Hi Lilrebel. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us. They are amazing. You were a beautiful bride. Congratulations and best of luck to you in your marriage. I still have a few months to go. I just want the day to arrive already!
  4. Wow lilrebel you're pictures are amazing! I am extremely happy that I booked HDC for my wedding in July. If you don't mind me asking where was the picture by the waterfall taken? Congrats on your wedding!
  5. it is the parrot bar. I think it holds about 35 people. Make sure you book it with your wedding coordinator. Good luck.
  6. Hi Natalie, I just saw your posts today which is why I didn't reply sooner. What we ended up doing was telling guests about the Winter Discount GoGo tours was promoting at the Majestic. I believe this ended Nov. 30, 2010. 66 guests took advantage of the offer and booked their hotel. My travel agent told us to hold off on purchasing flights because before Dec. airlines don't have discounts and you pay full rack price. She recommended we purchase after January. Right now she's monitoring the fares and will let me know when the best time to book air travel. We are most likely going to fly JetBlue. How many guests are you expecting? What's your setup? We are having a catholic ceremony at the chapel, dinner at the steakhouse, and reception at the Wetbar.
  7. Hi Mel, I haven't heard back from the WC yet. Another bride stated that it includes the white chair covers and tablecloths. Good luck with planning!
  8. Hi Ladies! I am getting married July 30, 2011. I asked my WC about the $500 per hour open bar option at the Wet Bar and she said it includes renting the area, basic set-up, sound system, and national open bar. Do you guys know what the basic set-up includes? I think it might include white chair covers and tablecloths and then I can bring my own chair sashes and table runners. Not sure. Thanks!
  9. Congrats on your wedding Lisa! I checked out your HDC video and I really liked it. We are also having them photograph and videograph our wedding. I wanted to ask you how you transported your guests to the Punta Cana church? Did your hotel help you find transportation? How much did you have to pay to get your guests to and from the Punta Cana church? Also, how long was Father LaCaille's ceremony? We are scheduled to get married at the Majestic Colonial Chapel. However, we may have to consider the Punta Cana church because our group is so large (75 guests). Thanks!
  10. I am also going with the starfish wine stopper. It goes nicely with the tropical/beach wedding theme.
  11. lol! Good for you! You must be ecstatic. I honestly can't wait:0)
  12. Deciding on a resort has probably been the hardest thing for me. I kept going back between two hotels. In the end, I chose the Majestic and am extremely happy with my choice. So far all the reviews have been positive and the most important thing for me is that they have many activities for adults and children. We're having a large group 60-80 people, so it's important for the hotel to have lots of entertainment.
  13. loved reading this thread. thanks for all the great advice!
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