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  1. We are brining our own photographer from home. So unfortunately, he doesn't know the area as a local photographer would.
  2. Hey ladies! Our photographer includes a second day photo shoot so we want to go somewhere off resort. Anyone done this or heard of others doing it? We are so clueless where to go!
  3. I actually recently received an invitation just like you are describing. My friends situation is very similar to yours and she just used her first and middle name. I actually didn't even notice for quite a while because that's what she goes by.
  4. There's a pinterest app you can download. Works good on my iphone.
  5. I think that fact that your bridal party is coming to a destination wedding is huge and deserves a huge thank you. Honestly, the only thing I expect my bridal party to do is show up and I will be happy. If others offer help or do special things than thats wonderful but I think they all deserver a huge thank you regardless. You chose these people for a reason and they are going to be there for you standing beside you supporting you on your big day, which is what you asked them to do. So thats what I would thank them all for.
  6. I'm picking up my dress next month so I'm definitely going to ask about that. You could probably go back to the store and ask for your certificate, especially if you are going to selll it you probably want it.
  7. I have no problem finding the Majestic Colonial Page on FB. I love that page, so helpful. Andrea, I can email you the price list.
  8. JUNE 2011 islandbride8- Majestic Elegance June 29, 2011 JULY 2011 jrod07-Majestic Colonial July 30, 2011 Natalie & Brian- Majestic Elegance July 16, 2011 AUGUST 2011 Line and Andre- Majestic Elegance August 2, 2011 Lori & Aaron - Majestic Colonial August 29, 2011 NOVEMBER 2011 Melissa & Bruce ~ Majestic Colonial - November 5, 2011 Denise & Dominic - Majestic Elegance - November 21, 2011 futuremrsmerz-Majestic Colonial November 26, 2011 DECEMBER 2011 Robyn & Ky - Majestic Colonial December 2, 2011 Michele & Michel- Majestic Colonial December 7, 2011 January 2012 Sarah & Jason- Majestic Colonial Jan. 3rd, 2012 February 2012 Tori & Patrick - Majestic Colonial - February 4th 2012 March 2012 Jen & Tom - Majestic Colonial - March 26, 2012 Jenna & David - Majestic Colonial - March 29, 2012
  9. I agree with PP. I think you're fine to do it that weekend. I don't think guests would be too upset about it.
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