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  1. I'll be back early September, I will be sure to update you with the experience when I return. Fingers crossed for fun, sun, and no illness!
  2. Awesome! I'm getting married in two weeks, August 29 @ the Majestic Colonial. When is your wedding? Are you doing the TTD with Julia as well? I can't wait
  3. JUNE 2011 islandbride8- Majestic Elegance June 29, 2011 JULY 2011 jrod07-Majestic Colonial July 30, 2011 Natalie & Brian- Majestic Elegance July 16, 2011 AUGUST 2011 Line and Andre- Majestic Elegance August 2, 2011 Lori & Aaron - Majestic Colonial August 29, 2011 NOVEMBER 2011 Melissa & Bruce ~ Majestic Colonial - November 5, 2011 futuremrsmerz-Majestic Colonial November 26, 2011 DECEMBER 2011 Robyn & Ky - Majestic Colonial December 2, 2011 Michele & Michel- Majestic Colonial December 7, 2011 January 2012 Sarah & Jas
  4. Which resort are you staying at Bella2140? I'm at the Majestic Colonial getting married on the 29th.
  5. I was wondering where you got your cake topper? It is beautiful! Just what I'm looking for.
  6. I have a question about your programs. Did you purchase paper that was shaped like that or did you have to cut out all the pieces? I want programs similar to those and I have no diy ability. Great job with all your wedding planning. It's all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing where you got your wedding jewellery, I really like the pieces you've chosen.
  7. Thanks for replying! Yes, I could return it, but it's such a hassle, lol. Sounds like the colour is more pink than red which I will be happy with! Thanks again.
  8. I'm looking to purchase my bridesmaid dresses from VS in the colour Strawberry Surprise. The problem is it looks very pink on my monitor, which I love, but according to VS it is actually a red colour. Has anyone seen this colour in person? There are no VS stores in my part of the world so I can't see it in person. If anyone happens to be walking by a store and notices the Stawberry Surprise colour could you let me know what it looks like. I'm wondering if maybe it is a Fuschia colour and that is why they are describing it as red! HELP!
  9. I like that little note you've added! Great way to encourage green actions during your wedding week.
  10. I like the idea of having them in one bright colour but allow them to wear different styles. I think if you go with all the different colours and then the guys have different colours they won't stand out as being your bridal party in any group shots. Since it's a tropical setting many of your guests may be wearing your variety of colours. If you don't mind that possibility I say go for it and have the skittle effect!
  11. My brother in law has a black wedding band. It is awesome! Looks great and totally suits his personality and style.
  12. Enjoy your extended engagement. I wish I had found this site well in advance of my wedding rather than just a few months out. 2 years will fly by!
  13. Beth, would you mind sharing how you made this. It is perfect but I'm getting married in Punta Cana so I would need to take out "Cancun."
  14. I didn't even think about using discountmugs for the beach bags. Thanks for reminding me that they have lots of other things besides the mugs!
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