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  1. We had the mahi mahi at our wedding dinner, it was so overcooked i didnt even eat it. But, the steak was cooked perfectly and was delicious...however the night before at out rehersal/weclome dinner we had the steak, which was so overcooked it was gross, and we had fish, salmon, i think, that was cooked perfectly. I think it is a crap-shoot. I ordered every steak i got on property ordered to be RARE, since i knew it would come out more like medium.
  2. The kids will LOVE it...as well as the adults...The one thing Beaches does very very well is they have something for anybody of any age!!!! Our youngest was two, oldest in their 60's......everyone LOVED it!!!!
  3. Thanks! It's a brooch bouquet, made of all different kinds of brooches and jewelery, Loved it!!
  4. Hey girls, So Beaches sent us home with 2 notorized wedding certificates....they mail you the original in 8-12 weeks. Just wanted to let you girls know i changed my name on my license and at social security with these, no problem. Thought i would just throw this out there because we were wondering about this after we got them. Especially since the SS website says they don't take notorized certificates, only originals, but like i said no problem at all!
  5. I also wanted to say something about out OTT bags----- We got nice big beach bags, which everyone used! They were a big hit...as far as what was in them, I did do a Wedding Weekend Survival Kit, the hits were definitly Tums, Gold Bond, and Sunscreen...Do not even bother with Aloe, Shampoo, Conditioner, or Lotion, as each room comes with a nice size bottle of these.... We also did Essie Turquoise and Caicos Nail polish, with a nail file, nail clipper, and nail polish remover pad....Everyone loved these!! Yes, the polish is pricey (got mine on amazon) but they were a huge hit!!! Everyone had turquoise nails on the wedding day, it was a super fun, cute favor! And lastly in the bags we put bags of mixed chocolate candy, and snacks, like goldfish, granola bars, trail mix, and cookies, which everyone was snacking on.....Since there is no room service is was great to have some snacks in the room, and people were also bringing them down to the beach to snack on. Oh, and also in the kids bags i put beach toys that i found at the dollar store, this was a huge hit for my almost 3 yr old nephew, We didnt go nuts with the bags, nothing personalized, no koozies or pens and paper, no room key holders ect..and everyone loved them! So I just wanted to let you guys know sometimes less is more, my guests loved the bags, were super grateful Let me know if you have any qustions, I'd love to help.
  6. Thanks girls! I do floral/event design, so my boss made the boquet for me, all the brooches/jewels are from Forever 21, I loved it!!!
  7. Hey girls, just got back....save your $$$$$ on the room.....We were barely in ours for the 10 days!!!! I wrote a review in the Beaches TC thread!
  8. Back from Turks!!! Had an amazing time Congrats everyone!!
  9. Hey girls....Just got back from ten days at Beaches Turks, so here is what I have to say.... -The resort is beautiful, clean, friendly staff. It is big, but not as big as i thought it would be. Don't get me wrong it is big, but it is easy to navigate because it is broken up into villages. We booked a basic Caribbean Village room, and i have to admit I was dissapointed in the LOCATION of our room when compared to our other guests. We were room 206, second floor, first room up the stairwell. Our view was of trees, a concrete wall, and a playground. Meanwhile, my maid of honor and other friend were on the same floor as us in room 215 and 228, which had much nicer views of the garden and the ocean. My sister in law was on the 3rd floor with a complete ocean view. I was dissapointed because we booked a year in advance, for ten days, and we got the worst room out of the whole group of 10 room. The room itself though is perfect for what it is.....sleeping and changing, and showering. Honestly, you don't need to pay for a room with a mini bar when there are bars everywhere on the resort. The Caribbean Village is where its at!!!! DO NOT go French, way to far from the beach and by the stage where the Sesame shows are....And while the Italian Village is nice.....I would NOT ever pay for it, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE KIDS DO NOT GO ITALIAN....it is seriously crowded with kids/families all the time. Carribean has Turtles bar, where we hung out alot, and the best pool/bar to hang out at....(except for Benji at Arizonas swim up bar---he will get you drunk!!) What was crazy is the beach was never packed....cause EVERYONE is at Italian pool.....trust me on this girls, go Caribean!!!!!!!! Sidenote----I did complain to my TA, and on our 5th or 6th night we were upgraded to an Parrot Cay Suite, first floor walk out, which was very nice....We enjoyed it very much, more spacious ect...but again, I dont think i would pay for it, since you are NEVER in your room!!!!!!! -We had 10 rooms booked, so we got a free 'rehersal/ welcome dinner'.....It was nice. We had originally planned it to be at Marios, but when we got there they said we couldnt do this do to the size of our party, so we ended up having it on the deck to the left by the enterance to the beach in the Carobean Village. It was private, we had two round tables, it was very nice. We picked a menu with the WC a couple days before when we met with her. The beef was cooked into submission,but the salmon was good. Also, it was very slow, but the whole island is, wish it was quicker, everyone was getting ansy. FYI-also had a priviate bar there for us. Ill get to the food on the resort later. It was really nice, we had a great time, and after we all went out to Turtles. -The wedding day was great. Calm, serene, no pressure, perfect. We woke up, had breakfast together, went to the beach, had cocktails and lunch, I went and got my make up done, then went back to my room and hung with FI while my MOH and I did my hair, threw on my dress, then we went and took some pics with my good friend since she has a good camera. We went back to the room, then at 3:30,my FI headed down to the lobby to meet the guests to be walked over to the ceremony, and me, my MOH, and Flower girl hung out in the room until she came and got us at 3:50 ish. For me, less people in the room was awesome, it was really just me, my FI, MOH, unitl he left. Even my mom just came up at the last minute to see me, no people around is so calming and less stressful, and i think it is what made it so great. Also, loved my makeup! I got a free mani/pedi beacause of the ten rooms booked, and didnt want it beacuse i had that done before I left, so they let me sub it for make-up...Also my groom got a free massage that he gave to me no problem. -The ceremony was literally 10 minutes, which was awesome. Then we signed our papers, and were done!! We loved it!!!! The minister was very sweet, even a little funny, it was perfect. -Our cermony was at 4, with Cocktail Hour starting at 5:30...We did not get pictures done with Beaches, so this was way to much time in between...We were hanging at the bar, but everyone was ready to go and we had to wait. We had the 3 hour reception ($60 pp with ten or more rooms booked) We did not get live music, just played music from our battery operated ipod dock we brought with us. Here is my advice...If you are not doing a dj or band, do not do the 3 hour reception, it was way to long for us. The service is slow, and even when i asked our WC to speed it up, they didnt. There was alot of time inbetween courses. We were getting bored and ansy. Reception was at the Adult Jaccuzi, mainly beacuse it was the only spot left for a party our size. It was private, and very nice, food was okay, but we are kinda foodies, so we knew what to expect. The beef was amazing, when the night before it was not, and the mahi mahi was so well done I didnt even eat it. Crabcakes were great, tomato salad was served cold,not my thing, and baked pineapple alaska is a dessert for two, and was not my thing but FI really liked it which is wierd because he is a chocoholic....Oh yeah, there was a hot/cold buffet during cocktail hour that was really really good!! Spring rolls, shrimp, very very good, I could have ate that stuff all night!!! PS...my boss (we are floral designers) picked flowers from the resorts and made arrangements for the tables, it was perfect -The food on the resort on a scale of 1-10 was a solid 7. We went to every restaurant, except habachi, and here are the highlights...Sushi is amazing, we ate there twice. Arizona for lunch is fab...all sorts of big grill buffets with jerk pork and chicken and steak, salad stuff inside...we ate there alot. Pizza by Caribean Village bar is great to order and take on the beach. Lamb at Marios is great at dinner (order all meat rarer than you normally would...i ordered my stuff rare, but consistantly gor medium rare to meduim) Sapodillas was okay, i got lobster, small portions so we went and had sushi after French adult place is nice at night, kinda loud since it is right by the stage...I could go on and on...heres the deal we went for 10 days and i think you really need at least 7 days to feel like you experiance it and got your $$ worth. My guests that came for 5 days had to do 2 private dinners, so they only got to do 3 restaurants at night, do you know what i mean...where 10 days we got to do it all. -On Friday we took a Heart of the Islands tour with Big Blue Unlimited...it was awesome...look it up online!!!!! We went to an amazing seculed beach on Middle Caicos, pure heaven. -All in all, we had an amazimg time.....being with 25 of your closest friends and family on an amazing beach is the best experiance i have ever had....The wedding itself was so calming and peaceful, nothing like i could have ever imagined....Destination wedding is the way to go...you girls will love Beaches, it really is an amazing experiace...words cannot even describe.. I have a million pics (literally took 675 pics in ten days) on Facebook, friend me with a message that your from BDW and you can see them all if you want!!!!
  10. Hey girls! I've been MIA lately mainly because i have had NOTHING to contribute....like seriosly nothing. I get married next month and still dont really even have a dress, no shoes, NOTHING!! Haha, but its all good...but i am starting our OTT bags and I wanted to share two things with you... First is our 'Turquoise and Caicos' Nail polish favors that will be in the bag,,,,,, In it is one essie nail polis, a remover wipe, nail file, and nail clipper...super cute. got the nail polish off of amazon.com. And next is our Find the couple itinerary, which is still a work in progress, (hence things hand written in My stationary girl is making me all sorts of favor tags for the bags and favors, will post them when i get them....That's all!!!
  11. Thanks Brandy My TA had mentioned to me that our witnesses needed to be there for 36 (?) hours, which kinda sucks since our BM isnt flying in until the day before due to airline schedule change. Im gonna email her now and see what she says, but if any other past brides know anything let me know!!
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