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  1. cattie your cake came out beautiful what hotel did you get married at? Did your hotel make the cake or did you use an outside vendor
  2. did someone take the straw bags or are they still for sale
  3. nikkidee1214

    FS: Post wedding sale

    i love your dress
  4. so excited im finally a jmember
  5. these bags are so cute
  6. nikkidee1214

    Junior Member?

    what does noob even stand for i'm over 150 posts and im still a noob i dont want to be a noob anymore lol
  7. nikkidee1214

    Las Caletas 2011 Help!

    congrats and happy planning
  8. nikkidee1214

    Happy Wedding Day ANG!!!!!!!

  9. wow everything looks beautiful congratulations
  10. nikkidee1214

    Reasonable Beach Towels....

    thanks for the website