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  1. The flowers that I chose were B2 and they were beautiful... just like in the picture!
  2. I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with Paola... we were just married there last month and had no problems at all. As a matter of fact, she seemed to go above and beyond for us (even providing us with sand and containers for the sand ceremony!) It is a shame your photographers were unfamilliar with the resort because the beach to the side of the resort was a beautiful place to take pictures! I am sure your pictures were great though, since the lighting would have been perfect at that time!
  3. I just wanted to clarify the room/area information... yes, the blue section is the Riviera Section but it is not considered the Royal Elite. Royal Elite Rooms are the timeshare/vacation club rooms... they are located throughout the resort in each section... Another thing they have is the Select Club... these rooms are also located throughout each section but they are simply rooms with upgraded perks... champage/wine/fruit welcome basket, robe & slippers, coffee maker in the room, iron in the room, admission to Select section of the beach and the Select Club lounges located in t
  4. I used bare minerals mineral veil over my usual makeup to keep the shine down... also brushed some on before the reception to freshen my face up... I also used a primer before my eyeshadow... also, I like shiny gloss but wanted to make sure it wasn't super sticky incase my hair blew in my face!
  5. I am not sure if we were only given the buffet for choices because of the kid or because we were over 30 people (we had a total of 34 including us). Either way, a couple of weeks before we left, we were given a choice of either the Mexican buffet or the Italian buffet. We chose the Mexican but when we got there, it was closed for low occupancy and we had to do the Italian... It was better though because the Italian has air conditioning and the Mexican doesn't. Also, the room is L shaped. We had two long tables set up on the short part of the L and it was almost like having our own room!
  6. You should check and see what time the sun sets in Feb... I think it was set around 8 while we were there... 5pm ceremony (guests arrive at wedding hut at 430) following ceremony - pictures (resort photog - Teo - he was awesome!) 630 dinner (we had it at the italian buffet b/c we had one child)
  7. Our ceremony time was 5pm and it was perfect! For most of the ceremony the sun is to your back and not beating down on you (don't get me wrong... it is still hot but you are not roasting) and the lighting for pictures after is amazing!
  8. Hey Ladies! We were married on June 26th at Sandos Playacar... and it was PERFECT!! I will be writing a full review when I get a chance (we didn't come back until the 2nd and then had our AHR on July 11th.. and I didn't take any time off work in between) I dealt with Paola and everything was great! She was very accomodating and helpful. I also used one of the resort photographers and he did an amazing job! The packages are very reasonable if you compare them to hiring an outside vendor and paying the guest fee. Anyway, like I said I will give a full review in a little bit. In the
  9. Ok ladies... We are getting ready to leave in just a few days. 5 to be exact! (I actually already packed!) Let me know if there is anything specific pictures you want of the place or any specific questions you want answered. I don't think I will on here later than sunday afternoon so get them in before then and I will try my best to deliver!
  10. Our ceremony is at 5pm... guests seated at 430pm... dinner at 630pm and then we plan to get changed and hang around at the bars and if we are still up go to the disco when it opens... you can rent the disco from after dinner until it normally opens but it is priced per hour.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by candiekiss I'm getting excited girls.....We are leaving in 8 days and the wedding is in 13!!! I'll try to post pics when I come back but I haven't been very good at doing that. Diana, that's interesting they say $6 per person extra for the toast and cake. It seems like they nickel and dime you to death on things. Yay! That IS very exciting! We are leaving in two weeks and I am excited so you must be SUPER excited! Good luck, I know it will be great! Yeah, I know. I had never heard that before now but there has also been three different wedding
  12. Here are some more random questions (FYI our ceremony time is 5pm): 1.What papers are needed for proof of his divorce? (I have never been married) For your fiance there is not any problem because he didn't change his name after his first marriage. For both I will only need passport, tourist card & a copy of your birth certificate. 2.Are we able to use one of our guests as a translator? Yes you can! We have had this case before and it is possible. 3.Do they offer acrylic nails at the salon there? Yes we do have acrylic nails. And I can recommend you a lot our beautiful
  13. I wanted to review/confirm some of the prices that we had talked about.... Here is the "corrected" information (it is slightly different than what she had sent before... "estimated" suddenly showed up and this is the first time I had heard about an additional $6.oo per person over 30 people for the toast and cake. Please find all the numbers corrected below: $220.00 per couple for blood test $ 77.00 per guest pass $ 70.00 judge transportation $ 40.00 translator (our wedding ceremonies are in Spanish) $270.00 to translate the marriage paperwork from Spanish to English
  14. Here is another email answering some random questions that I asked... My questions are followed by her answers... 1. what would the cost be to have the beach setup from the higher packages added to the sandos package? Can you please explain the set up that you would like to have please? The set up included in the wedding package is a nice decoration at the beach with white clothes (please see pictures attached), white clothes on the chairs with ribbons (we have different colors) You mean for a private reception, dinner or party with drinks? For private events these are the ne
  15. We are leaving on the 22nd and it is coming fast... I want to start posting some info incase I run out of time. [bThis is the most recent email that I got from Sandos talking about the documents we will need and any info that we have to send earlier. ..[/b] I would love to move forward to the next step with the legal requirements for your wedding. Please both of you bring your birth certificates, passports and tourist card in our first appointment. Also fill out the form attached and scan it for me, I need this information as in birth certificates, it is very important to have all
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