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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Patourn Swong AWESOME pictures!!! How much extra did they charge for the 70 pictures?? And when does the photographer show up...at the wedding site? They are not there to take pictures before hand correct? Thanks! You can purchase a photo package for $560, the photographer will following you the whole day and will give you back 36 pictures, after that is $15 per picture. I didn't book for a photo package, the photographer was waiting for me at the very beginning of the talking path (where the guests couldn't see you yet), had a few pictures done there, then more along the ceremony. My package comes with 10 free pictures, then it's optional to buy the rest of them Scarlett
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by waybuloo You look amazing!! Did you use the resort photographer? Love the writing in the sand!! Thanks!! Our package included 10 free picture and I ended up buying all 70 pictures!!!
  3. Hi Swankster!! I'm glad your wedding turned out well, and guess what? we are both a married woman now! Isn't that strange? ha! I didn't really "use" Arrecife, he just happened to be the resort photographer, our package included 10 free pictures and I ended up purchasing ALL of the pictures from him, how could you resist such nice pictures? He was amazing anyway, very professional and fun!! Please post some of your pictures, can't wait!!
  4. Oh one more, I did this specially for all of you!! It doesn't look too clear in this picture, it said " Good luck to all GBP brides"!!
  5. Hi there, here's a little teaser, I'll post more with my review later on!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by swankster77 I'm back!! The whole week and wedding was unbelievable... but can I just stress to you ladies getting married during the summer months to be prepared for the heat! WHOAH! It was insanely hot! I'll be writing a full review and be happy to answer any questions... will post some pics soon! Congrats and welcome back swankster!! I think I saw you and your wedding party at the pool!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jjohnson30 i am trying to figure out if we should have a pool side reception with a DJ. has anyone had a bad experince with this. did people find that alot of people danced at the recption with the DJ. for the people who did not have a pool side reception what did you guys do after dinner. It kind of depends how many people you have at your party. It's better if you have a larger group like 35 or more, that'll give you a better odds of people dancing and be able to utilize the DJ and the atmosphere better. My group only have 24 people and I decided not to do a poolside reception, ( trust me it's not an easy decision!!). We ended up doing our first dance at Daiquiri Bar and danced there for another 2 hours with mainly our party and some other resort guest, it was absolutely FUN!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by waybuloo Hi Ladies, did any of you have a welcome dinner or a wedding rehearsal dinner? If so how did you go about this? & what day did you have the wedding rehearsal dinner on? Thanks Lisa Hi Waybuloo, How would you like to do your welcome/rehearsal dinner? You can always ask your WC to reserve a section at one of the buffet so everyone can sit close together. It's a bit more work to do an a la cart, I think you can still try and coordinate with your WC, but it's definitely easier to do it at the buffet Scarlett
  9. Sorry, forgot about the price, I got them for $5 each and sell them for $3 plus shipping, thanks!
  10. For those of you who like to give away smaller beach totes for your OOT items! It is about 8"X10"X 3", it's well enough to carry a pair of flip flops and other usual OOT bags items such as medications, hand sanitizer, etc. I have 20 of them, please let me know if you have any questions Scarlett
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