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  1. I did my first three days before we left for the wedding. I had no problems at all, probably could have waited til the day before since I had no redness or ingrown hairs.
  2. I don't think there was anything that I asked of Jimmy or Odette (our coordinator) that they weren't able to get for me at a reasonable price! We chose to have Mariachi's for our cocktail hour along with different flavors of Margaritas and passed appetizers (there is a picture of one on a blue plate). I had pashminas as one of our favors on every other chair for the female guests (almost every single person did use them) we also had maracas made to match our calla lily theme. We took photos on the beach during cocktail hour and right up until sunset. When it was time Odette came and got us and gathered the bridal party for our grand entrance. After that we all were seated and dinner was served we chose a plated dinner not buffet. It was truly amazing!! My husband has food allergies which they accommodated for and his food was also Delicious. During dinner we had fire dancers perform towards the end (definitely a nice surprise for our guests) Odette kept us on schedule for the cake cutting, first dances, garter toss, bouquet toss. Our guests raved about the service. The waiters were friendly and prompt. I don't think anyone had an empty glass all night. The waiters brought everyone their drinks instead of going up to a bar to get drinks. As our first dance ended we had fireworks go off. I was the only one who know this would be happening. Many people saw them being set up and caught on but it was still a great touch. We also had a late night taco stand brought out. The tacos were great and everyone was happy to get some more food. I truly had the wedding of my dreams. Every second was wonderful and I wish I could relive the day again. Odette made everything run smoothly. She came to my hotel two days before the wedding when I had my hair trial and supervised that (she even helped me vocalize what I didn't like about my hair when I couldn't put it into words) and also picked up everything I brought with me that would be used at the reception. As my items from home such as champagne glasses, cake and knife cutter, extra maracas, etc she packed everything back in the bag I gave her. At the end of the night all I had to do was grab the bag and I was ready to go. I sent Odette a picture of everything I wanted my wedding reception to be and see was able to send me prices and options for everything very quickly. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I don't get back on here much anymore but I will try and respond. I really can't think of anything that we weren't happy with or would not do again. We were choosing between Martoca and Las Caletas and I am soo happy I chose Martoca. I did go visit las caletas when we were there so we I do know what it looks like in person.
  3. Sorry for the large pics! Our guests were greeted with Margaritas as we walked in...also had our Mariachi band playing as they open the gates to let us in. It was breath taking
  4. I loved, loved, loved Martoca. My breath was taken away when I walked into my wedding! and I am not easily impressed!! The staff and coordinator were great! The food was great and all vendors exceeded my expectations. It was private so no on lookers like at a resort. Any questions just let me know. Not one of my guests could come up with a complaint about the wedding. I was choosing between Martoca and Las Caletas and I went to Las Caletas with my group as a group excursion and I am soo glad I chose Martoca over Las Caletas!
  5. I have been terrified for my Brazilian wax. I leave for my wedding on Saturday so I went last night for waxing. It was not awkward or uncomfortable as I thought and I did not have to get in any crazy positions. I would say it only really hurt maybe 3 times and the rest was not bad at all. I went to Bliss spa and it was great!! I had her leave a little as I did not want it all gone. Future hubby would never have asked me to do it so I hope he likes and is surprised wedding night!!
  6. Yes, Martoca is also a private venue no one will be crashing your wedding. It is a garden right on the beach so you get the best of both worlds. For me it is was the sit down dinner that I could have at Martoca that won me over and not having to take a boat to get there (some of my guests were terrified at the thought of having to take a boat to get there). Good luck with your site visits!
  7. Have you looked at her webiste there are lots of photos from weddings she has done on there?
  8. Does anyone know if its OK to do rose petals along the pews in the church. This is what I am planning on doing and some gladiolas on every other pew. I just am not sure if the church allows the petals along the aisle. If anyone knows I would appreciate the info. Thanks.
  9. We are having a rehearsal the day before the wedding. I was told we can choose readings at the rehersal with the priest. Did anyone have their readings picked before then? I would like to make programs.
  10. In case anyone else needs to know, I did confirm with the church that a singer is not required. We hired a string quartet to play for our ceremony.
  11. Kat, I aksed my wedding coordinator if she had any photos of a ceremony in the garden and she sent me these.
  12. Here is a video the owner of this venue has created. It shows some great photos of how your wedding could look here. Martoca Beach Garden Weddings and Special Events http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XSXJpn1FlE&feature=feedu
  13. I am not using but he was highly recommended by my wedding coordinator. He is on facebook if you search for him. He seems to do hair and make-up for tons of events. You can find a lot of photos on his facebook page to look at his work. He was just a little too expensive for me or I would have used him.
  14. I am getting married in a catholic church and only having my reception there, but I am pretty sure they have done both on the grass and on the sand.
  15. Here are a few pictures that show how beautiful it is at Martoca. It is great how they have an open space that allows for them to set up each wedding however the bride and groom wants. No need to worry about space constraints or anything. I just received a drawing plan of how everything will be set-up the day of my wedding. I am just at 3 months until wedding now and can't wait. I am working out final details with Odette and I couldn't be happier with how easy it is to correspond with her!
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