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  1. There are some fantastic wedding photographers here in Los Cabos. The low end for photography is around $300/hour and the high end is around $800/hour depending on how many hours you book with the photographers, if you do a package, the season and if you do a week day vs. a weekend. We have a list of preferred vendors based on their quality, client experiences, style, accountability and reliability. Photographers have become a dime a dozen here in Los Cabos, so do your homework and find the perfect one for you, we have a some great one's no doubt!. ~Kym
  2. The Cabo church is about a 10 minute drive from the RIU and about a 4 minute drive from Capella. It is small and has a great charm about it. You must first go through all the regular requirements your own church requires. Then you need to contact the Cabo Church and submit your paperwork from the priest at your hometown church. There is a fee to pay and certain times of the day they allow you to perform your wedding. I hope this helps. ~Kym
  3. Hacienda Encantada definitely has a Mexican charm to it that is hard to find at other locations in Los Cabos. It is owned and designed by a family out of Guadalajara and they did a fantastic job. It is stunning for wedding photographs as well. It is one of the only hotels that has breath taking vies of the arch, is close to town but also not right in the heart of it so you have a nice relaxing resort. We have done many events at Hacienda Encantada and have our next one there in March so if you have any questions about it please feel free to ask away. Happy planning! ~Kym
  4. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Suzane Morel is definitely worth it. If you find she isn't providing your with all of your needs then I would recommend contacting Neysa Berman at Blanc Salon as well. We work with both companies and both do a fantastic job. One thing to understand is that May is the busiest wedding month of the year in Los Cabos so in order to provide clients with their full needs they need to have some guidelines that apply to events, hence the 4 services per day rule. Best of luck planning and know that you are in good hands with both Suzanne and/or Neysa. ~Kym
  5. Yes, The Memory Maker- a really fun addition to your event! I do not know of any photo booth offering services for less than 2 hours. Have you chosen your photographer? Maybe Dino can put a package together for you to include both... best wishes!
  6. We have them stocked also, feel free to contact us... Amanda & Kym www.blissloscabos.com
  7. This is the most popular photo booth, and Dino Gomez is wonderful and very reliable.
  8. Finding the right wedding coordinator is the key to a successful destination wedding Best wishes and happy planning!
  9. Congratulations on 13 years and now getting married. Cabo is a fantastic place to get married. There are not tons of all inclusive's here but they are Gran Faro, Barcelo, Dreams, Zoetry Casa Del Mar, Melia Cabo Real & the RIU. You will also find that Hacienda Encantada which is a beautiful newer property in town offers an all inclusive but it is a limited type all inclusive. They allow you to order off all the menu's for the program but you are not allowed to order alcohol to your rooms and some of the bars are only open part time during the day. We have planned a few weddings there if you have any questions. Congrats and happy planning!
  10. We work with both Suzanne Morel and Neysa and they both do a great job! As a wedding coordinator in town, I would not recommend just anyone and they are the two we recommend. Their operations are both run very differently but at the end of the day they are the top two vendors for hair and make-up. It is very rare that we run in to issues with either of them and if we do they are very small. I do always recommend to bridal parties to speak up when getting your hair & make-up done so that they know if you like the direction they are going or if you prefer to do something else. Better then not saying anything and then not being happy. We give them both a thumbs up!
  11. Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. June is a great time of year to get married in Los Cabos and there are so many options. This forum has some great information and reviews. Happy planning!
  12. Hey MPeter, great running in to you on here. David is right, bug spray will not be needed in October. Honestly if you are at a beach front resort you normally do not need to worry about it. Summer months are really the only time you should consider bug spray but it isn't really necessary.
  13. There are a lot of great options to host the rehearsal dinner. What part of town are you staying in, San Jose, the corridor or San Lucas? That will determine recommendations. Also, do you have a preference for the type of food?
  14. SDML is a beautiful place to get married and so many guests are blown away by the views and how different it is. The food is fantastic and weddings there are stunning. The prices come out to about the same as doing them at so many resorts in town. Yes, you can get packages at resorts that include some things like flowers, photographers, etc but it depends on what your budget it and what things are important to you. I do not always recommend the packages and find it best to bring in other local vendors for things. If you do side by side pricing comparison and fore go the packages you normally are paying about the same. By booking a block of rooms at a resort, normally they do not charge location fee's for your event and there is not need to buy the packages. You are not always saving by purchasing the packages. I have pricing information on SDML if you need it and have done weddings and events there so know it well.
  15. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! The sand in November is not going to be hot and is not something you need to worry about. Living here 5 years and being an event planner, I have never had any run ins with san fleas in Los Cabos nor heard of someone else having an issue with them. Regarding shoes or going barefoot, flip flops for sure will throw sand up in the air. Going barefoot will be no problem and I think is great for beach weddings. Another option is to get a runner, something like a coconut runner that you can walk on in any type of shoes. They are very common here and used a lot for beach weddings. Happy planning!
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