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  1. We did have a rehearsal dinner but we did it off site. We did a Sunset Dinner Cruise ($70 per person) but the best steak we had there! Tons of fun...dancing, open bar and dinner. We went on the Caboret. Check it out. Good idea to bring decorations..cheaper that way. Also we did not get charged extra for booze it was included in meal price per person.
  2. Hi there I do not know the name of my DJ....I never even saw him until the wedding day. I was charged $640 for DJ and lighting pkg?? I did not tell my WC about the DJ bc she was no where to be found! In fact I didnt see her after the photographer left or maybe even before that. Intresting huh? You have to pay for the whole thing when you meet with the WC the day before the wedding. You pay in one whole sum, they do break it down for you but no I was not given an estimate before hand. I did my own based on checklist and I was pretty close. I liked the Baja Norte alot dont get me wrong...it is beautiful at night. I would stay there with your reception since a large group. Plus the food at San Jose is Mexican and you get enough of that. I wanna say I pd $5 per person for extra cake but I only did it for 20 pp and we had 30 pp. Not everyone will eat cake. THey did pass out champange for everyone but the bar is right there near the Baja Norte (kinda like your own private bar) and pp hardly drank the sparkling wine. I brought down my own vases and then used my BM bouquets for the centerpieces. It worked great. Otherwise it was going to cost me $75 per table!!! I did not want to pay that for just a centerpiece. Two of the vases however broke in travel so I had to rent 2 from the florist (who is great!) and it was only $15 to rent 2. I would suggest doing something like that! Cuts cost! I can send you pictures if you give me your email of gazebo, reception and etc. No worries about questions ...trust me I had tons!
  3. It ranged from $ 35-65 per person depending if they ordered steak or chicken. That included open bar too. It comes with dessert and I had in my pkg a cake for 15 so I just uped my cake for 20 (not everyone eats cake especially with dessert already) and there was plenty! Our wedding including, everything (cake, flowers, DJ, lighting, dinner, open bar, ceremony, etc) It was roughly $7000 total.
  4. OK so their our 2 pools Baja Sur and Baja Norte. Baja Norte is on the other side from the San Jose Gazebo. The closet pool is Baja Sur if you were wanting to do it there. The steakhouse is where the lunch buffet is during the day so I didnt like that fact. I wanted the reception to be somewhere other than where we went for lunch everyday. It does get windy at night and a little cooler but when you are dancing its no problem I loved the fact that Baja Norte was private and we had plenty of room to dance. We had 30 or so people and we had plenty of rooms to dance in the middle. There is a space next to Baja Norte that they allow for dancing too. The only reason we didnt is bc our DJ (RIU DJ) was set up closer to the tables. SInce you are doing your own music you could set up there with plenty of dance space! The view at Baja Norte is very pretty (cool pics) but on the other side from GAzebo. I would rec San Jose terrace (if you can dance), beach or Baja Norte. Good luck!
  5. SHe was not good with us either. I too am planning on writing a review to her manager. We were very disappointed with her customer service. She was not personable, kind and never went over board to help us. I also felt on several occassions that she didnt know what was going on!
  6. Hello All I just returned from our wedding at the RIU Palace March 3 and I wanted to share some of my thoughts. I had been to Cabo many times before but had not been to the RIU. After seeing certain places at the RIU I might have changed my reception location on site to another location but overall was happy with my choices. We had a wonderful time and everything turned out great! We had our wedding at the San Jose Gazebo (gorgeous, private and very small for a small ceremony) There was a horse renting vendor with a blue tent right behind the gazebo!! I was worried about it showing but I think we hid it pretty well with the BM and flowers! Not a pretty sight! Our photographer (we used onsite) was awesome! She did a great job and we had lots of fun with her. In fact at the reception she is the one that kept me on a timeline, the WC was no where to be found. Very thankful we had her. The florist was also awesome to work with. She was prompt on emails and very professional. The flowers turned out GORGEOUS!! We had our reception at Baja Norte pool-side. It turned out very nice but if I would have know I would have had it at the San Jose (mexican resturant) terrace. San Jose is right by the Gazebo and very private with great views. Not sure about what is allowed for music??? We had a DJ at Baja Norte and he SUCKED! (sorry about wording but no other words describe him) It was not worth the money at all! We had to request every song....we wish we would have just got sound system and ipod! We were choosing music anyways. They dont do like American DJ....they dont announce toasts, cake cutting or anything! Very poor job! The worst part about the wedding and a very important part to us! Also my cake was incorrect (very yummy) but didnt have pink ribbon or pink flowers like asked for and paid for. Dinner was great however. We were impressed. We did steak and chicken. Overall RIU is very nice and very clean. Great for all-inclusive! Good luck and happy wedding planning!
  7. Laura That is so helpful thank you! I will just put them together when I get there then either take them to their rooms or maybe have a bridesmaid delivery them (or my FG just go with her) I have a few guests that are staying off the resort so I didnt plan on getting them one since i had intended for them to be in their rooms?!?! I like the idea of at the welcome dinner just we are too doing a dinner cruise. WHo did you book your cruise through? Transportation down to marina? Schedule of events in welcome bags? THanks for your help!
  8. Does anyone know if the RIU offers free transportation to the marina or downtown? I am leaving in 3 weeks and I am nervous that after talking with my WC that I am forgetting some details...I am not sure since I have never been married! hehe! I hope all goes well!
  9. I am wanting to give Welcome Bags for my guests however I am running into a delemia....most of them are arriving the same day we are on the same flight!! Any suggestions on how to assembly or get the bags into the guest rooms??? Is this a service RIU offers? Ideas!!! Thanks
  10. We are just using the RIU DJ. I am sure he is pretty good since he does all the weddings. You do have to pay outside vendor fee if you bring your own DJ. When is your wedding? Mine is March 3rd and I am getting so nervous!
  11. Hi there ladies! Our weddings are right around the corner! I am getting so nervous. I just started communicating with Kylene the coordinator but it has been minimal and long spans in between. The form that they send you to plan with is so general that I had so many questions. I am having the ceremony at the San Jose Gazebo at 4 and we rented the Baja Norte for our reception. We are doing per person dinner ($44/person) as well. I am nervous about the DJ, ceremony music and photographer bc in the states those are so important yet they have yet to be discussed. How is your planning coming along?
  12. Hi ladies. I am getting married at the RIU in March and have not heard from my WC yet which I am hearing is typical. However I did not get the checklist you all are talking about. Can someone send it to me please? Melody846@yahoo.com Thank you kindly
  13. Are you speaking about Memory Maker? The problem is we just want it for one hour during cocktail hour and there is a min. 2 hr plus set up! Are there any others offered to rent in Cabo?
  14. We are getting married at the RIU however I am looking to rent linens to add some splashes of color that the RIU does not offer? Any suggestions on linen rental companies in Cabo? Thank you
  15. Hi there. Can you send me pics of the Baja Norte I have a few but would love to see more since thats where we are having our reception. Also if you have flower info too. I want to do more flowers then I think is included so I would love more info on it. Do you ladies have any ideas about chair covers, tie backs, linens? Centerpieces? My email is Melody846@yahoo.com Thanks
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