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  1. Bump. We tired calling Javier...the line goes straight to voicemail. Amanda/Kym - I tried pm'g last week to arrange for sparklers. Are you no longer selling sparklers?
  2. I'm getting married at Pacifica and my WC from PB is slow in responding but accommodating. I don't think they permit outside WCs. You'll need to be patient and pro-active in dealing with the WC. Both Sunset and Pacifica are fantastic. Pacifica is shutting down the Fire Pit area and Air Terrace restaurant for cocktail hour and my reception.
  3. I was told that Fabiola was no longer working at PB by Jesus' supervisor. Jesus has been responsive so far. And I think we're almost there with the wedding contract...I just need to pick out the menu. I've already booked the photographer and dj (and paid deposits), so there's no backing out.
  4. I received an e-mail from the resort today that my WC is no longer with the resort. Her replacement (as stated in the e-mail) has yet to contact me. This is making me nervous...
  5. Hi! Did Lunas de Fuego close up shop? My e-mail to them got bounced back and now their website is no longer up (but it was up last month).
  6. Thanks, Floreria! I'll have my fiance call Javier. He speaks spanish fluently. Amanda/Kym - I'll pm you.
  7. The sparklers look amazing! I may do that but the hotel is charging $8 a pop for the long sparklers. It seems excessive, no?
  8. Thanks for the response! I'm actually interested in the semi-permanent lash extensions, not the falsies. She's a lot cheaper than what it would cost at home.
  9. OMG! That's amazing. I'm going to do invites myself as well. Did you use a rotary trimmer? If so, which one did you use?
  10. Hello Ladies! Does anyone know where I can purchase 20" sparklers in Cabo? The hotel has 39" sparklers and that's way too long (and dangerous) for my guests. Walmart?
  11. Mid-september of next year. We're in the midst of negotiating the wedding contract...which I'd like to finalize as soon as possible since I've already sent in my save-the-date deposit.
  12. Hi! My PB WC is Fabiola. Has anyone had any experience with her? While she is very nice over the e-mail and on the phone, she's not exactly stellar in the respond-in-a-timely-manner department when it comes to e-mails. It's getting frustrating. Has anyone had any experience with other PB WCs? I don't want to rack up the phone bill with calls to Cabo.
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