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  1. Thank you so much. You just made my day!
  2. November 2012. Super excited! I know it's over a year away but I just know the time is going to fly by!
  3. I'm from Seattle as well! Getting married November 2012 in the process of confirming with Riu in Cabo. I'm hoping to get good input on what other ladies from the area are planning. Is anyone using a travel agent? I'm trying to find one so if anyone knows a good one please let me know! We're trying to get a discounted rate we are inviting about 150 people but hoping for only 50-60 hah we'll see how that goes! Hope to hear from you guys soon!
  4. Hi I need a good travel agent from Seattle. I'm planing on getting married November 2012 & I need someone to work their magic for the best rates for airfare & room rates. Flying to Cabo! Riu Palace. Suggestions Any input helps. Thanks!!
  5. When are you planning on getting married?
  6. OMG sand fleas? I didn't even think of that! Thanks for the info.
  7. I'm planning on getting married November 2012 and was hoping to have a beach wedding. I don't want to wear flip flops and I know that the heels will just sink into the sand so I think thinking bearfoot jewelry but is the sand going to be too hot ?? I think we're going to be having a 4pm wedding. Any input would help! Thanks
  8. I'm planning on getting married next November 2012. Can you e-mail me the info sedrosa@gmail.com thanks!
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