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  1. Tammi, I will be getting married in Cabo in November. We hired Karla Casillas as our wedding planner and I cannot say enough good things about her! We have been working with her and one of her planners, Cristina. They are amazing and worth every penny. When planning a destination wedding it is so important to feel like you are in good hands since you cant be there all the time.
  2. I'm tring to pick a spot for our rehersal dinner that is fun and not too expensive. My wedding planner suggested either Mi Casa or Baja Cantina. Does anyone have any feedback on either one??
  3. I am having my wedding there in November and we are trying to figure out the bar situation. Open bar is very expensive! we were thinking about doing it based on consumption, but I am worried they might cheat us and add more drinks on to the tap. How was your experience with this?
  4. we are using a Baja Romance wedding by Karla Casillas and they are awesome!
  5. I am hving my wedding at the sheraton in november and I have found that they definately do not budge on anything! We ended up having to block out 30 rooms to have the music until midnight. We were originally having our reception on the terrace of the de Cortez restaurant, but didn't realize in our contract that the music has to stop at 10:30 since its outside. Our only option was to rento ut the entire restaurant so we can have music until midnight inside. The minimum food and beverage to buy out the restaurant is $16,000. I was ok wiht that since we are expecting 100 people, but then they tell us since we are having the music later, we have to block out the 30 rooms behind the restauant! There was no negotiating and we had no other choice but to ad this into our contract. We thought about changin locations, but we had alrady signed our first contract and would loose alot of money if we cancelled. Moral of the story, read the fine print before you sign! Now that our guest are booking, they are charging more for rooms with more than 2 people. This is very frustrating since we are already having issues with guests booking packages through online travel sites!
  6. PCash, I am having my wedding at the Sheration in November and have also been working with Viviana. We got stuck with having to block out 30 rooms becasue we are having the music until midnight. That was a whole other story! I'm super stressed about filling the rooms because , like you, some of our guests are booking packages through other sites and it does not count through our room block. I email Jose Pineda who is in charge of the weddings there and asked if there is any way to have those rooms count towards our block and as I expected, the answer was basically no. They gave us garden vie for $140, ocean view $160 and ocean front $180. The rates are really low so depending on how much they get thier flights for, it's not that much cheaper. One other thing to keep in mind, the rates given are for 2 people per room. They charge extra for more than 2 people. I just found that out as people are booking rooms and will be sending Viviana an email to dispute than. For example, the $180 room went to $225 with 3 people in it and that was not in our contract!
  7. Hi Ladies I'm new to this site and need some help! I'm looking for a place to host our rehersal dinner that is no too expensive. I would like it to include dinner and drinks at a resonable price. Any suggestions or info will be greatly appreciated
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